My Guardian Angel News for 08-27-2018

An IMPROVED Piexon Guardian Angel

Your Guide to Guardian Angels…

When you first enter this world, the spirits of your past ancestors help to guide your soul into the physical world where you are accompanied by your guardian ‘angel’ and spirit guide. Your guardian angel is like a special friend that always knows how to comfort you and what words to use to help you to feel better and uplift you. Your guardian angel is the shoulder that is available at any time for you to lean on, and the ear that is always listening when you need to get something off of your chest. Before you are even born into this world, your guardian angel is assigned to watch over you and to care for you. Your guardian angels come in a gentle way so as not to disturb or interrupt your life or day to day tasks. 

Your guardian angel will normally speak to you through your own internal voice, almost like a soft whisper that you hear in your mind that allows you act. Although your guardian angel is meant to help and protect you, they can only be of service if we listen to the messages they send to us. Heaven, and our angels have given us ‘free will’ and no guardian angel can overstep this. Whenever any of us are doing wrong, our guardian angel is trying everything possible to stop us, but they cannot overstep the boundaries of free will. Part of your guardian angel’s job is recording all of the life decisions that you make, and also all of your life events, so when you make your transition to the other side you will be able to see what lessons you learned and why everything will suddenly make sense. 

You are the most important person in this world to your guardian angel. If you have not felt the presence of your guardian angels with you, then start each morning by waking up and saying ‘hello’ to them. 

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3rd Cavalry Regiment troopers conduct guardian angel training, enhance readiness

FORT HOOD, Texas- Squadrons from throughout the 3rd Cavalry Regiment conducted guardian angel training April 2-6, 2018. Now, instead of continuing to hone force-on-force training, the troopers of the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen are adjusting fire to take on a new advise and assist role as guardian angels. With an advise and assist mission, the Brave Rifles troopers take on a non-combat role for the U.S. military, allowing the advisors of the host nation to conduct their own business while the troopers provide security. Guardian angel training is more than just providing security and protection. 

Troopers also have to learn about mannerisms and indicators of when something is not going well while maintaining their situational awareness. The troopers were mentally and physically challenged as they learned to respond to a myriad of situations that they might come across. Training ranged from room clearing and evacuation procedures to convoy and counter- improvised explosive devise operations. Commanders planning the training had to make sure that their troopers had plenty of different scenarios to work through. Capt. 

Andrew Teruya the commander with Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, stated that the purpose of the guardian angels is to make sure that someone is always watching the other’s back and maintaining situational awareness to protect advisors. 

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After scary ABC Supply 500 incident, Hunter-Reay’s son reveals ‘guardian angel’

Her husband, Andretti Autosport driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, was involved in the crash that sent Robert Wickens’ car high into the catch fence. As it ricocheted off the fence, the bottom of Wickens’ No. 6 Lucas Oil SPM Honda came dangerously close to Hunter-Reay, knocking the camera from atop the roll hoop of his No. 28 DHL Honda. While Wickens remains hospitalized with orthopedic injuries, the rest of the drivers were cleared from the Pocono Raceway medical center. Ryden came up to me after the crash & handed me this Guardian Angel. Wickens, a rookie, was awake and alert before being transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

He was admitted to the hospital and is undergoing further evaluation. 

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GA Project – The Guardian Angels Quest for Zero Power Sensor Systems

The GA Consortium is composed of 66 partners: 29 universities, 16 research organisations, and 21 industrial companies. Cooperation between the GA Project and other initiatives has been developed, such as with ENIAC, EPOSS and other European projects. Coordination with global initiatives such as Greentouch and One Mind for Research has been initiated. 

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Guardian Angel Program

The Guardian Angel Program is a no charge service to owners who require assistance. These veterinary services are provided to all animals, if required. Again, when the animal is returned to the owner, they are returned with no bill. We would not be able to operate this program with out the generousity of our supporters. 

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Guardian Angels Homecare

Living confidently and aging gracefully are values we all share. A little assistance can help you to bathe safely, dress, dine, and take medications accurately. At Guardian Angels, we remove burdens and obstacles by providing care in your home, so you can be your own person on your own terms. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-19-2018

Guardian Angel

Invite Your Guardian Angels Into Your Life

A Guardian Angel Prayer is in its simplest sense is a request for help from your Guardian Angels. The specific Guardian Angel Prayer I’m about to share will you will help you to invoke the presence, help and guidance of your Guardian Angels right here and now. The truth is that you have Guardian Angels supporting you, guiding you, and protecting you from behind the scenes in the realms of spirit. Guardian Angels are powerful angelic beings, and there are so many ways they can support you in your life But you must ask for their assistance because angels don’t often interfere in your reality without your permission, or without your requesting their guidance, help and protection. To invite the incredible help and presence of your Guardian Angels, begin by focusing your awareness within. 

This first step of surrounding yourself with love and light isn’t required for a Guardian Angel prayer, but taking this moment to consciously raise your vibration, and to tune into love makes it easier for you to tune into the presence of your Angels when you invite them in through your prayer. Please protect me energetically, cleansing my energy of any lower vibrational forces and helping me to connect with the highest levels of divine love, light. Please help bring me into alignment with the opportunities, with the possibilities, with the blessings for my life here and now that will most serve me and help me to be a beacon of light in this world, to create a positive ripple out beyond me in every moment. Thank you for connecting with me, helping me, protecting me, comforting me and loving me. Connect with your guardian angels on an even deeper level so you can start leveraging the help of your guardian angels to manifest blessings in your life! 

Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD’s provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. If you liked this message, you’re going to love the Angel Solution membership program… Learn more about how you can access every premium Meditation and Angelic Activation now! 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-18-2018

Guardian Angel is a fictitious corporation that offers a broad range of highly personalized services in exchange for extreme personal surveillance. An overlay on the projection of ‘comforting’ marketing slogans from Guardian Angel reminding prospective members of the advantages of membership. A page from Guardian Angel’s web-site requesting information about potential members’ concerns regarding the privacy of their personal data and offering examples of its services. Guardian Angel is an attempt to take one baby-step into the future Most of the services this fictional corporation offers are already available from various disparate sources. The Guardian Angel Society is a philanthropic group of individuals that provides sustaining support to abused children served by the Center for Child Protection. 

Guardian Angels pledge to donate a specified amount every year for a period of three years to the Center for Child Protection. Guardian Angels’ attempt to meet with Mayor was denied. Our Guardian Angel Program offers you the opportunity to honor a doctor, nurse or other caregiver who has touched your life in an important way. Your Guardian Angel will receive a special card informing them of your thoughtful gift, and their name will be displayed below and in hospital publications as a Guardian Angel. Once a year each Guardian Angel will receive a special lapel pin to wear proudly. 

Guardian Angel Investigations Private Investigators Reading, PA. With many years of experience in the investigation and surveillance industry, we specialize in a wide variety of services ranging from corporate investigations to private surveillance. With state of the art equipment, renowned experts, and innovating surveillance techniques, Guardian Angel Investigations is at the top of the surveillance industry. 

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Guardian Angels Hitting The Streets Of Rio Linda « CBS Sacramento

RIO LINDA – Neighbors in Rio Linda fed up with crime in their community are looking to the Guardian Angels for help. Back in 1980s, the Guardian Angels became known as crime-fighting vigilantes in New York. The group held a community meeting Wednesday night to recruit members. The turnout was small but Roberts says they’re just getting started. They fight crime by practicing martial arts and communication techniques. 

Derick Roberts recently made a desperate call to the Angels. He’s concerned about an increase in crime and transients in his area. His own life was altered forever at a stoplight near his home seven years ago. He’s asked the Guardian Angels to be the visual deterrent he says his neighborhood needs to move people along who are up to no good. Over at Rio’s Vintage Marketplace, owner Alisa Cumbra says she could use some Angels looking out for her business. 

The group dates back to 1979 when it started in Bronx, New York. They encourage anyone interested in keeping the peace to reach out to them about how they can work together. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-18-2018

Never Shop Online Without Your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a fictitious corporation that offers a broad range of highly personalized services in exchange for extreme personal surveillance. A video projection of a live, fairly invasive video surveillance system observing the street corner outside the gallery and tracking the heads of passers-by. An overlay on the projection of ‘comforting’ marketing slogans from Guardian Angel reminding prospective members of the advantages of membership. A page from Guardian Angel’s web-site requesting information about potential members’ concerns regarding the privacy of their personal data and offering examples of its services. I have been using surveillance cameras and other monitoring systems in my work for many years. 

Any interactive system requires some level of surveillance. Surveillance clearly constitutes some sort of invasion of privacy. The city of London has an enormous network of surveillance cameras deployed for the purposes of public security. There is much research being done in Britain to automate the analyses of these surveillance images to detect suspicious activities algorithmically so that law-enforcement agents can get to the scene before anything happens. The internet is an ideal surveillance system, since all the data is already conveniently in digital format. 

Guardian Angel is an attempt to take one baby-step into the future Most of the services this fictional corporation offers are already available from various disparate sources. As a single corporate entity, a diverse mega-corporation does not have to share your personal data with any other entity to take full advantage of it. 

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Center for Child Protection

The Guardian Angel Society is a philanthropic group of individuals that provides sustaining support to abused children served by the Center for Child Protection. The funds and awareness created through this group of donors provide child victims of abuse an opportunity to be heard and give them a chance to heal in a place free of pain and full of possibility. Guardian Angels pledge to donate a specified amount every year for a period of three years to the Center for Child Protection. Pledge amounts range from $1,000 per year to $10,000 per year or more. Membership is active for three years from the date on the pledge form. 

Contributions toward your pledge can be made in a number of ways. Monthly, quarterly or annual installments can be automatically drafted or paid at your convenience via check, online, stock transfer or over the phone. You can also utilize employee matching by giving through your employer. Consider increasing your pledge amount if your employer matches! If you’re a current member and would like to make an online contribution toward your existing pledge, click the pledge contribution link below. 

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Guardian Angels’ attempt to meet with Mayor was denied

A meeting at the Mayor’s request was canceled earlier this week, because of what Sliwa said about Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s appointment of Eric Hawkins. Pending common council approval, he will leave his post in Southfield, Michigan to serve as Albany’s police chief. While Sliwa was leaving a message with the Mayor’s office, half a mile away at the library, pastors and community leaders had a roundtable discussion on how to address the violence plaguing their communities. There are others like Ashley Tavares, who appreciates the Angel’s work. She carries a knife with her at all times after an attack on Clinton Avenue forced her move away from Albany to Watervliet. 

Sliwa was back at the Greyhound bus station Thursday night, training recruits and adding the cancellation by Shea was childish. He also addressed claims made by some that the media is giving him too much attention. 

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Carroll Hospital Center

If you have ever been a patient at Carroll Hospital, then you may have encountered a doctor, nurse, technician or volunteer, who strengthened you, or cared for you, in a time of need. Our Guardian Angel Program offers you the opportunity to honor a doctor, nurse or other caregiver who has touched your life in an important way. Pay tribute to a caregiver who has enriched your life, while helping to provide essential resources for a healthier tomorrow. Your Guardian Angel will receive a special card informing them of your thoughtful gift, and their name will be displayed below and in hospital publications as a Guardian Angel. Once a year each Guardian Angel will receive a special lapel pin to wear proudly. 

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Supporting Alzheimer’s Research

With a dedicated staff and lots of help from volunteers, we have over 26,000 square feet of thrift goods, including clothes, ornaments, collectibles, books, furniture, dishes and more. Your purchases and donations help us fund Alzheimer’s Research. As a society we all know someone in your family, a friend’s family, church family or work family who struggle with this awful disease. There may be as many as 5.3 million people in the United States living with Alzheimer’s disease. Together our little dime could be the break that helps find a cure. 

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Guardian Angel Investigations Private Investigators Reading, PA

With many years of experience in the investigation and surveillance industry, we specialize in a wide variety of services ranging from corporate investigations to private surveillance. We outperform other firms by securing more effective evidence that reveals fraudulent and exaggerated claims. With state of the art equipment, renowned experts, and innovating surveillance techniques, Guardian Angel Investigations is at the top of the surveillance industry. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-13-2018


Subtle Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near

Your guardian angels are lovingly aware of this need and therefore enjoy giving you subtle signs to alert you of their presence and of their help. If you need confirmation that your guardian angels are around you, here are some common signs of their presence …. Subtle Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near. Your guardian angels are aware of your unique perspectives and attributes and will always surround you with signs of their presence in ways that you can understand and relate to. There are many subtle signs your guardian angel is near. 

Feathers, especially white feathers are a very common sign that your guardian angels are around you. Some people may find big fluffy feathers, while others smaller plumes; but each is your guardian angel’s calling cards of love. Your guardian angels enjoy showering you with small tokens of their affection. These small presents are simple reminders that your guardian angels love and appreciate you. Your guardian angels love to let you know that there are around you by arranging small heavenly coincidences that spark joy in your heart. 

Commonly reported fragrances associated with guardian angels or floral scents such as roses, honeysuckle, Jasmine, as well as other scents such as sandalwood or vanilla. If you suddenly smell overpowering but beautiful fragrances around you, it could be a sign that your guardian Angel is covering you with the fragrance of their love. Your guardian angels truly love you and are here to support you in every way. 

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Self-Acceptance with your Guardian Angel Angel EFT

Self-Acceptance with your Guardian Angel: Our guardian angel helps us to reach our highest potential and can guide us with anything we need guidance for. Our guardian angel has been with us since before birth and always loves us no matter what. We can work with our guardian angel in offering ourselves this kind of unconditional love and acceptance, which helps us to move forward and thrive. Who we are, as a Divine spiritual being on this earth is seen every day by our angels. Our guardian angel constantly whispers to us our full potential and divine blueprint. 

When we work with our angels we come to receive these encouraging messages and have more faith about who we are and why we are here. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung spoke about the shadow self and the importance of meeting it in ourselves;. Being open to our limiting beliefs and behaviours, and like in mindfulness, noticing this without judgement, is a way of meeting our shadow self and embracing it. Asking your guardian angel to assist you in this will support you and make it easier. If we listen we can work with the shadow self in order to heal and progress. 

You can visualise yourself bringing light into your shadow self with the loving assistance of your guardian angel, just allowing you to gain insights at a pace that is helpful and ideal for you. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery. 

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Guardian Angel WINS Groove Awards 2018 Artiste of the Year – Let Music Preach

The 13th annual Groove Awards went down on Saturday at the Kasarani indoor arena. It encourages a spirit of togetherness highlighting the importance of all in working towards the end goal of shaping culture. Jabidii, Timeless Noel and Hype Ochi were the biggest winners of the night mainly because of the hit song Odi Dance that saw them walk away with four awards – Song of the Year, Collabo of the Year, Dance Style of the Year and Skiza Ringback Tune. Jabidii also won in the categories Breakthrough artist of the Year and Reggae/Ragga song of the Year for his song Shoot Satan while Timeless Noel also walked away with the award for Hypeman/MC of the Year. A winner’s concert is slated for next month on 8th July 2018 at The Embu Municipal Council Stadium and will see all winners meeting their fans to celebrate their wins whilst appreciating their support during the nomination and voting process. 

Since 2004, Groove Awards with Safaricom has celebrated excellence in gospel music in Kenya and across Africa. The awards, entering their 13th year in Kenya, are this nation’s most prestigious and recognized Gospel music awards, enjoying regional resonance and relevance. Groove Awards has seen over 1,800 artists/groups nominated and almost 400 Groove statuettes presented to gospel musicians in Kenya and beyond. 

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Guardian Angels: They Watch Over Us! Psychic Elements Blog

There are many people who will categorically affirm the existence of angels, and there are many who will similarly deny any possibility that angels are among us. There are stories that stretch reality to its limits and certainly suggest the likelihood of helpful spirits, or guardian angels. Donna Ferguson certainly believes her guardian angel saved her life when she was woken by a calm but persistent voice after giving birth earlier in the day. Doreen Virtue, a self-styled angel guru, says that angels are messengers between humans and the Creator. He says that the angels have the power to transform circumstances and, as well as your angel, there are angels for every need. 

Other people eschew the notion of having to perform rituals and say angels simply need to be made aware of a call for help. Lorna, who claims to have seen angels since her birth, describes guardian angels as the ‘gatekeepers to the soul. ‘ Lorna Byrne says that our angel loves us and that we are precious to them. No problem, large or small, is beyond the scope of angels. Your guardian angel can help you out of difficulties of any kind. First of all, it is helpful, though not necessary, to read about the qualities and attributes of the angels. 

If you meditate, try a guided angel meditation to meet your angel. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-13-2018

Cyberwave Orchestra – Guardian Angel

GUARDIAN ANGELS PARISH Parish Office: 1310 Westport road Kansas City, MO 64111 931-4351 phone 531-6396 fax ATTENTION VISITORS Regardless of where you are from, your occupation, your family, your marital status, your personal history, your age, background, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, gender, or gender identification, we are happy you are here with us today to worship! We invite you to learn more about our parish and its activities by contacting our office, website or simply by mingling with our parishioners after mass. RCIA Parish Financial Support The RCIA process is for anyone who is curious or wants to know exactly what it means to be Catholic. If you think you might be interested, please call Deacon Tyrone in the parish office for additional information. What Catholics Believe Thursday nights – Parish Hall – 6:30pm to 7:45pm August 29th will be the opening night pot-luck. 

The Altar & Rosary Society or ARS for short, does some amazing things around the parish that often go unnoticed. Blessings, Deacon Tyrone Procedures, Sacraments and Information for Guardian Angels Parish Baptism Contact the parish office after your baby is born, in order to schedule the baptismal class and the date of the baptism. Funeral Contact the parish office at the time of the death. Penance Saturday afternoon between 3:15 and 3:45 pm and by appointment at the parish office. Call Sr. 

Linda Barringer at the parish office for After reporting to the aforementioned law information on this process. Parish Hall Rental The Diocese has a sincere commitment to providing care Parishioners who have been registered for one year or and healing resources to victims of sexual abuse and their more, should contact the parish office for rental families. Contact the parish office for availability and cost. Bulletin Announcements Items to be included in the bulletin need to be sent to Kate Riha in the parish office no later than Monday before that Sunday’s intended inclusion date. 

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6 Tips for Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

When I was growing up, visits by angels and spirits were considered a natural part of life, so it was not particularly unusual when, as a young adult, I delved into a deeper relationship with my guardian angel. Guardian angels are ever-present gifts from God sent to assist us in life’s challenges. It’s totally worth it to learn a little more about your angel and to understand how you can foster a beautiful relationship. No matter who you are, or what your belief system is, each of us has a guardian angel who stays with us for our entire lifetime. This angel is overflowing with unconditional love for us. 

It takes a moment of quiet focus, but connecting with an angel is as easy as talking to a dear friend – and life changes completely when we make friends with our angels. Here are a few tips for connecting with your angel: 1. Your guardian angel is here for the sole purpose of assisting you, but he or she will never interfere with your free will. You can talk with your guardian angel in an uncensored way-as you would talk to your best friend-about anything and everything, silently or out loud. You don’t directly communicate with someone else’s angel, but you can ask your angel to enlist their angel’s help in healing, in sorting out a problem between you, in helping them with their lives or their health today. 

Then after the help has been received or the support given, thank your angel for the assistance. As you go about your day today, know that the time is always right to renew your relationship with your guardian angel. 

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First Communion Dresses on Sale

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We stocks thousands of First Communion Dresses in sizes 4-16 and plus sizes and we always feature new styles. We ship our first communion apparel worldwide via US Postal Service and our knowledgeable customer service staff is always available to assist you with sizing or any other questions or concerns. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-02-2018


A Study Of Angels

As Christians over the years have told it, angels have their counterparts on the ‘dark side’: demons. Angels are a very different thing from the so-called ‘spirit guides’. People from many times and cultures insist that angels have another task: that of being a guardian for specific people. Jesus speaks of children as having their own angels. In their guardian roles, angels are in no way dainty, Precious Moments-like creampuffs. 

In an emergency role, guardian angels can be like a divinely-sent first responder. There are some writers who have done a lot of hard thinking about the way the Bible itself sometimes acts as if there are angels and demons working on societies, institutions, group identities, and neighborhoods. The Bible refuses to do that, instead stressing that the group itself is changed by God’s work – sometimes with the help of angels – through humans who are working for the group’s sake. Even today, the Internet is full of talk about supposed angels with names that are made up to sound vaguely biblical. The main Roman Catholic angel tradition goes back to the fifth century and Pseudo-Dionysius’ study on angels, *The Celestial Hierarchy*. 

The truth is, the realm of divine angels is simply beyond us. Angels cannot repair our broken relationship with God. 

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Guardian Angel Cross

Various lines of thought have been generated and a Guardian Angel is generally understood to be the particular angel who looks over each of us; from the day we are born to the day we die. There are lots of us, billions in fact, and assuming a one-to-one relationship, there must be an awful lot of Guardian Angels out there, waiting for our prayers and act as interface with God. These guys tend to be the guardian angels for nations, and their numbers run into the hundreds rather than the billions. The angel wings remain in art, literature and of course, movies. We’re narrowing the topic down even further to talk about just the Guardian Angel Cross. 

Angels are spirits, and unlike Jesus, they have never been nailed to a cross – indeed, they have never been human. Therefore depicting an angel on a cross is nonsensical. Angels are not to be worshipped and the Angel Cross could easily become an idol. So whilst not revering them, people might have a Guardian Angel Cross to remind them of their Guardian Angel. Life is not all a bed of roses and it’s not our Guardian Angel’s job to make it so. 

If Guardian Angels made sure life was all happiness and joy, this would take away the freewill. Guardian angels are there to guide us through our lives here on earth. 

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Search Guardian angel-Hadithi

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Guardians For Animals, a 501(c)(3)

GFA is dedicated to helping rescues and sanctuaries save the lives of abused, neglected and homeless animals. Last year GFA helped rescues to save over 3,300 death row shelter animals. GFA helps to support over 17 NO KILL Affiliate rescues who work closely with local shelters to save as many death row animals as possible. Without these dedicated rescues, thousands of animals right here in Michigan will never have a chance to survive. SIX to EIGHT MILLION animals enter U.S. 

Shelters each year. Please join our mission to save these innocent animals and help reach our goal of no animal left behind. GFA supports NO KILL rescues to save doomed animals in shelters. Please help us to save abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Your chip(s) will be donated to rescue animals awaiting adoption. 

Last year GFA helped our 20 affiliate rescues to save over 3,000 death row shelter animals. In honor of Angel and others like her, we invite you to become an Angel Guardian to the many animals who need your help in order to survive. Please help GFA and our affiliate rescues to continue to be the safe place for all the homeless animals in need. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-01-2018

7 Signs that Your Guardian Angel is Nearby – True Facts

Guardian Angels of America Foundation

Children spending their days at a hospital can be lonely. A simple toy can cheer them up and give them hope and inspiration to get well. That’s when Ms. Loi Herrera thought of starting a toy drive in 2002. Ms. 

Herrera was able to send at that time, two boxes of toys that she and her daughter Marisse solicited from friends and relatives. Another box of toys was added by then Forex Cargo CEO, Mac Carino, who agreed to sponsor the shipment of the boxes for free. Forex Cargo continued to sponsor the shipment of the toys through J.P. Carino-CEO. This time, Loi with her first volunteer, Marisse, personally went back home to see to it that the toys are actually reaching the hands of the sick and poor children in the Philippines. 

The toy drive project has grown from three balikbayan boxes in 2002 to ninety seven in 2010, in partnership with Forex Cargo. The toy collection has reached at the highest, 10,000 pieces that came from donations from Filipino-American community, purchases from thrift stores, purchases from garage sales and some donations from toy companies. That’s when Ms. Herrera thought that giving toys is not enough. Today, GAAF still thrive after 10 years of serving the sick & poor children in the Philippines. 

Ms. Herrera believes that angels exist; only sometimes they don’t have wings. They are called friends or partners and they are the reason that poor children experience the joy of having a toy at Christmas time. 

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AngelVision, Angel Power, Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirits, God, Hea

She balances life, nature & does feminine things in heaven! Pronounce the secret name correctly & you will have all your wishes granted by GOD! The CD / MP3 is programmed to command the 10 Angels Above to reveal the Secret Name to those that reach them! GODS SPECIAL GUARDIAN ANGELS. ANG-98 SHEKIN. 

ANG-99 BEELZEBUB. ANG-100 LILITH. Lilith gives you sexual freedom you never before experienced! She fulfills sexual fantasies and frequently joins in! Lilith is a hot, fiery beautiful naked woman Angel who grants. 

She was the first feminist because she refused to lie beneath. Lilith wanted to lie beside or astride Adam as his equal! When he said NO she went to live and make love with the. BIG NOTE…Copies of our script OR technical process information are never available to anyone for obvious business & competition reasons! You Wouldn’t Ask COCA COLA For the COKE Formula So… 

PLEASE DON’T ASK ME!(Your script of course is strictly confidential!). NOTE… For those of you who BELIEVE in the power of the mind, in magick, in metaphysics or spirituality… No Explanation of How These CD / MP3’s Work Is Necessary! For those of you who DO NOT BELIEVE … 

NO EXPLANATION IS POSSIBLE!Close minded people, agnostics & skeptics listen… Our CD / MP3’s are not for you! 

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In the month of November we celebrate the feast of the entire angelic host, which includes our closest friends in this world – our guardian angels. Although we cannot see the angels with our physical eyes, if we open the eyes of our hearts and minds, we will realize the great significance angels have in our lives. The first such beings to be created were the angels. Though the angels possessed a great deal of perfection, they were not absolutely perfect, and so were open to the influence of passions. Driven out from heaven by the bright angels and tormented by their own rage, they fell with the speed of lightning into the abyss of hell. 

The angels who had remained faithful to God now became absolutely perfect. The angels are like a model of the perfection and the majesty of God. The angels are also endowed with superior strength and might, by means of which they are able, in accordance with Gods will, to act upon bodies and the physical world. As much as the bright angels are perfect and blissful, so the fallen angels, together with their leader Satan, are horrible and evil. The angels are the friends and brothers of the people on earth. 

Truly, in the words of King David, man is a being who is only slightly lower than the angels. The angels love us and participate wholeheartedly in our salvation, which is just as precious to them as their own holiness. 

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How To Talk To Angels And Hear Their Voices

Angels were created to guide and help those of us on earth! The block in angel communication is not that angels are not talking to us, but people do not know how to talk to them! So learning to talk to them is important. When you want to know how to talk to angels, you need to understand that they are always with you. Ironically, most people think that Guardian Angels are the highest angels in the angel hierarchy. 

The truth is, Guardian Angels and Archangels, are the lowest on the hierarchy in the angel realms. There are several other types of angels that are higher in the angel hierarchy. Your Angels can help you and guide you with anything that you need help or guidance on. There are a few things that are important to understand when you want to know how to talk to angels. So the technique I’m going to teach you, is going to open you to the different ways that angels can talk to you. 

The truth is, your angels will talk to you using your own inner voice. Silently talk to your angels, telling them your problem or situation, and let them know you would like their help or guidance on it.6. Learning how to talk to angels can be accomplished with practice and patience. If you practice and use the above method on a daily basis, you will know how to talk to angels, and you will also know how to hear them when they talk back to you! 

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My Guardian Angel News for 07-22-2018


Free definitions by Babylon

Heavenly creature whose job it is to guard over a human being. A guardian angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. An angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual guardian spirit angel genius loci. 

Guardian Angel Christian term for the various classes of dhyanis which guard the worlds, races, nations, and mankind pertaining to them. The five middle human principles are the essence of the sixfold dhyani-chohans and of the pitris. The personal quality that pervades so much of Christianity represents them as special to each individual, which is true enough in a sense; and they may be anything from a ray of divine light from the core of our being, to the kind of karmic heirloom designated as one’s lucky star. As a matter of fact, there is for each human individual an ever watching, forever guiding and stimulating spiritual power within himself, his own spiritual ego which, when allowed by the brain-mind, infills the individual with its strength, wisdom, and peace. 

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Source: angel/English

Your Guardian Angel

Many people in the Christian tradition believe that every baby gets assigned a guardian angel at birth. In it, Hermas wrote of his personal angel-shepherd who acted as his guardian angel and helped him on a daily basis. Moving forward almost 1,900 years, Pope Pius XI said that he prayed to his guardian angel every morning and evening. When he had to speak to someone who was opposed to him, he asked his guardian angel to communicate with the other person’s guardian angel first, to eliminate any potential problems. We all have a guardian angel that watches over us, and tries to help us in subtle ways. 

She attributed her lucky escape to her guardian angel. Small children often believe in guardian angels, but often lose faith as they grow into adulthood. Regardless of your beliefs, your guardian angel continues to communicate with you in thoughts and dreams intended to inspire, help and counsel you. Your guardian angel will never interfere with your free will. You will gradually realise that your guardian angel is with you all the time, and is willing to help you in everything you do. 

Your guardian angel is your own personal guide and teacher. As you accept your guardian angel’s presence your life will gradually improve. 

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Coffee on the Porch with Me: Guardian Angel?

Friday evening came with complete and total exhaustion. We drove past a farm that seemed to have every kind of animal – cows, goats, sheeps, horses, and a llama. Stop the car! I needed to spend some time animal watching. Every animal seemed totally contented, eating grass, and none of them were making a sound. 

I took a picture of some of the animals, including the llama. It saw our car and heard me talking, and it came closer and closer and closer. Here is a succession of pictures of the Guardian Llama, clearly on the job. It had no qualms about getting closer to our vehicle. If you are not familiar with the concept of a guardian animal, many farmers use llamas as protection for their sheep or other livestock as llamas will alert livestock to a predator, such as a coyote. 

This llama didn’t seem particularly aggressive, more curious. And time, is a consideration, so presently it is two cats. I am toying with the idea of having a small flock of chickens again. 

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Guardian Home & Community Services

Guardian Home & Community Services is rooted throughout Pennsylvania and is known as a trusted leader in the field of health care. The Guardian Family has over twelve years of experience caring for our communities. Providing care in the home is about offering choices, empowering people to utilize healthcare options that fit their needs. Home is where we can offer the choice of comfort and the ability to be around family and friends. When home is where your heart is after recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, we are here to make your choice a reality. 

The Pennsylvania Homecare Association in partnership with Pa Dept of aging, office of Long Term Living and Long Term Training Institute, announces 27 free, online video courses for direct care workers and family care givers. The courses cover a whole range of topics that will help improve in-home care and support. 

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Your Guardian Angel (cover) [HD]

My Guardian Angel News for 07-11-2018

So I pray to my holy guardian angelCome what may, to my holy guardian angelSo I pray to my holy guardian angelIn the witching hour. So I pray to my holy guardian angelAt the end of the day, to my holy guardian angelSo I pray to my holy guardian angelIn the witching hour. So I pray to my holy guardian angelAt the end of the day, to my holy guardian angelSo I pray to my holy guardian angelIn the witching hourIn the witching hour. Holy guardian angelHoly guardian angelHoly guardian angelIn the witching hour. Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1926 at the corner of Mayfield and Hayes in northeast Detroit. 

Three years later, the church established a parochial school, with the first wing of School of the Guardian Angels being completed in 1929. Historic pictures are from the Guardian Angels Alumni Facebook page. Contact Us. If you would like to directly support the care of one or more of our shelter animals, the Guardian Angels program is for you. Your annual, tax-deductible Guardian Angels contribution will help underwrite the costs we incur to provide food, medical care, treatment, and enrichment for our animals. 

As a Guardian Angel, you can select a specific animal you see on our website or Facebook page or you can designate your donation for general use. You will be recognized in the shelter, on our website, and in our newsletter as a special Guardian Angels participant. This is a story of what I believe was my baby’s guardian angel. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 07-09-2018

Presently 38% of the student body receives Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Scholarships. To inquire about a Guardian Angel Scholarship contact Lori Schaub at. Financial assistance scholarship forms are available and made possible by the Guardian Angel Scholarship fund. The Jesuits established the Mission of the Guardian Angel at Chicago in 1696. This is probably where the Mission of the Guardian Angel was located. 

Angel NameDescriptionCrystal ColorAbdizuel Guardian of the Twelfth Mansion of the Moon and is associated with Leo Dk Turquoise Abrinael Guardian of the Twenty-Fourth Mansion of the Moon and is associated with Aquarius. Cassiel is also the Angel of Temperence, the Angel of Solitude, and the Angel of Tears. Gabriel is also the Angel of Pregnancies/Child Birth, the Angel of the North Wind, Creativity, and Truth. Clear Haniel Haniel or Hanael is known as the Victory Angel, the Tree of Life, the Angel of Friday, Venus, and is the Governor of the sign of Capricorn. GUARDIAN ANGELS OF THE SIGN OF TAURUS.:April 21 to 25: ACHAIAH – the angel of patience April 26 to 30: CAHETEL – One of 8 seraphim; rules over agricultural May 1 to 5: HAZIEL – A cherub invoked to obtain the pity of God. 

June 2 to July 6: NELCHAEL – Appears to be a fallen angel, teaches astronomy, July 7 to 11: YEIAYEL – One of the angels of the zodiac. The Angel of January – The January angel takes our hand as we seek glean understanding from our lessons of the past year. 

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INTRODUCTION to ANGELS & ARCHANGELS Angels: Angels are God’s helpers, and messengers of Divine wisdom. Angels love to help us with anything that we ask for and are always by our sides no matter what. For us to receive Angelic help we only need to ask for it, and be willing to allow them to help. Guardian Angels: Every person is born with at least 2 guardian angels, which stand by your side from birth to the time we depart. One angel is there to help you awaken; it’s constantly reminding you of your highest self, and life purpose, and encouraging you forward. 

The other guardian angel is there to comfort and love you, nurturing you, calling forth your best. Angelic Assistance Team: Your Angelic Assistance Team is made up of: your two guardian angels, archangels assigned to you, based on needs of the moment, ascended masters whos expertise match your soul’s path, and spirit guides, which includes deceased ancestors from our maternal and paternal bloodlines. Can also include special angels and guides as requested by you, called up for specific problems, or to learn, or improve a skill or quality. Whatever your issue, whatever your need, call upon God and the angels for support, and it will come. Michael: King of all angels, cleanses fears and lower level energies, helps with life purpose guidance. 

Metatron: Cleansing chakras, balancing energy, life purpose helping children. Sandalphon: Music angel, brings joy, increased vitality. 

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Personal Crisis Response

Guardian Angel has been that to many clients, providing a 24/7 service. You are heard, you are not alone and your Guardian Angel will be at your side. Life carries on beyond 9-5 and so does Guardian Angel, offering the help, support and service that you need. Harmonise you energetically to make you feel better and remove panic. This is not a matter of pep talk or advice but energetic calm which is instant once Guardian Angel shifts your energy in real time on the spot. 

Provide remote and direct healing throughout to remove any spiritual or physical damage done. Act directly in person as your Guardian Angel Companion to help deal with the emergency. Be there on call throughout this period until the emergency has passed, providing not just one person but an entire team for you. Spiritually and energetically manipulate your reality and of those around you to vastly reduce the likelyhood of the emergency coming to pass. Sense out and provide real-time feedback and information on what is going on as the emergency manifests, helping you to feel more on top and in control of the situation. 

Further to the above, provide guidance to ensure you make the correct decisions at the correct times in the correct ways. On occasions when you must make the right decisions and have no margin for error, Guardian Angel will help navigate you through the pathway of potential futures to greatly increase your chances of the best outcome. 

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My Guardian Angel

Free Download Guardian Angels Software

1 My Guardian Angel Everyone has a Guardian Angel assigned to him at birth. Everyone has a Guardian Angel assigned to him at birth. Each angel comes with a different emotional strength and pledges to watch over it’s … Design outfits for the Custard ‘n Jelly G.A.R.D. … Size: 10.0 MB, Price: Free, License: Freeware, Author: Optimum Drama, Inc. 3 Coconut Oracle – Lite Obi is used to ask œYes or œNo questions to the Orishas, Spirits and Guardian Angels in the Yoruba based religions. 

Comprehensive information …. Size: 2.3 MB, Price: Free, License: Freeware, Author: Alis App 4 A Chorus of Angels Images of angels can be found from pre-dynastic Egypt to modern times, and throughout the far east. Images … Size: 4.4 MB, Price: USD $11.00 , License: Time-limited trial, Author: Pixel Paradox Angel, Angel Harp, Angels, Archangel, Archangels, Avenging Angel, Celestial Host, Cherub, Chorus, Guardian Angel, Seriphim 5 In the Presence of Angels by Jan Yoxall This inspirational meditation recording By Jan Yoxall is a simple and yet extremely effective introduction to the word of Angels and in particular to help you make the connection with your own Guardian Angel. 6 Angels and Fairies Screensaver Beautiful angels and fairies wallpapers in a slideshow set to soft music. Fourteen beautiful images of angels and fairies in a slideshow set to soft music. 

Size: 1.2 MB, Price: USD $9.99 , License: Shareware, Author: Patti Olsen Angels And Fairies, Slideshow 7 Beautiful Angel Screensaver Have a pleasant visit of angels in your desktop, feel the peace and quiet around you. Have a pleasant visit of angels in your desktop, feel the peace and quiet around you. 40 pictures of angels to decorate your screen while you’re not busy. Stop the menacing Aliens by destroying all the bricks and recovering your Angels from there nasty grip. Fragile Butterflies and birds fill the air as our Church Angels practice their musical instruments, write letters, and even play on a nearby … Size: 4.2 MB, Price: Free, License: Freeware, Author: Electronic Cigarette Angel, Angels, Animated, Bible, Cartoon, Catholic, Christian, Christmas, Church, Cross, God, Holy, Jesus, Lord, Pray, Prayer, Religious, Screensaver, Theme, Verse 23 free software spambotguardian Spambot Guardian – Stop Spammers Grabbing Your Email Address Most webmasters include their email address on the web site, so visitors can contact them. 

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A Guardian Angel By Phoenix Williams READ ONLINE If searching for a book by Phoenix Williams A Guardian Angel in pdf form, then you’ve come to the faithful site. You can reading A Guardian Angel online by Phoenix Williams either downloading. So if want to load A Guardian Angel pdf by Phoenix Williams, then you have come on to right site. We own A Guardian Angel PDF, ePub, txt, DjVu, doc formats. He is haunted by the things he s Guardian Angel Home Care in Phoenix, AZ Guardian Angel Home Care’s, Phoenix, AZ listing in the home health care directory. 

Guardian Angel Driving Service – Sober Ride in Guardian Angel DS of Arizona is an independently owned and operated company; we are a patron-friendly transportation service. Guardian Angel DS Northern Arizona Healthcare – Guardian Air Guardian Air is owned and operated by Northern Arizona Healthcare and we live in the communities we serve. Our patients are our neighbors and friends and their well Guardian Bell manufacturers of the Guardian Give a Guardian Bell and share the Legend of Good Luck it offers to a motorcycle and its rider! Arizona Animal Rescue Dogs, Cats & More Arizona Animal Rescue: Phoenix, AZ 85046 HALO Animal Rescue 602-971-9222 East County Animal Guardian Angels, Inc. 928-785-3242 A Guardian Angel by Phoenix Williams – Sweeties A Guardian Angel is the story of Andy Winter, a hitman who is hired by a seedy corporation to tie up loose ends around the globe. A Guardian Angel is a new novel by Phoenix Williams. 

Phoenix Williams Phoenix Williams is the author of A Guardian Angel and Alfred Arnold’s Great Adventure of No Dire Tattoo shop in Mesa, AZ. Professional tattoos and Premier tattoo shop in Mesa, AZ which offers professional tattoos and piercings in a sterile environment. NET provides detailed descriptions, pictures, and directions to local estate sales, tag sales, and auctions in the Phoenix area as well as the entire Guardian Angel I m hoping my guardian angel is out there! THANK YOU !!! Ad Reference ID: 13655b68c951fc05. 

He is haunted by the things he s Guardian Angels – Official Site The Guardian Angels remains a volunteer-based organization made up of dedicated individuals who generously donate their time and energy to help protect communities .. 

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Guardian Angel

A Guardian Angel is a benevolent supernatural entity, whose main function is to protect and guide a person. The bad angels, too, originated from the same concept, as it was commonly believed, though non-canon, that there is a fallen angel following around people as well, as the fallen angels seem to attempt to recreate the celestial hierarchy. Guardian angels, generally speaking, do not have as much power, they typically work in subtle ways and often act as a conscience. Zoroastrism has similar entities called Holy Guardian Angels. In fiction, the role of guardian angel is sometimes held by a dead person, who may or may not have known the person they’re guarding when they were alive, instead of by an actual angel. 

Expect God Was My Copilot, as usually the person is not even aware that the guardian angel influenced anything or is even there. Early on in Digimon Adventure, Patamon asks Takeru/T.K. what an angel is after seeing a painting of one and Takeru explains it as something special that watches over them, comparing angels like the Digimon. The Bishop’s Wife features Cary Grant as a guardian angel sent to help the bishop, Rev. Henry Brougham, who is stressed out with family and work problems mainly having to do with raising funds to build a grand new cathedral. 

Later, in heaven, Liliom sees the knife sharpener again and is told that he’s Liliom’s guardian angel. Things get confusing later when actual Guardian Angels appear. The Latinoamerican Telenovela Un Angel Llamado Azul was about a little girl’s guardian angel who falls in love with her teacher. In El Goonish Shive, Nanase gets a spell with this as its name which transforms her into the form of an angel and gives her the abilities needed to protect Ellen from Abraham… In And Shine Heaven Now, by the time of the climactic Battle of London, Jeeves and Wooster have been guardian angels for years, Bertie takes Sir Penwood as an apprentice one, and, in an Ironic Hell, Father Maxwell became one of these as ‘community service’ to get out of going to hell, but he has to protect Protestants-namely, Integra’s dhampyr son. 

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