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Guardian Angels Or The ‘Third Man Factor’?

Writer John Geiger chronicles the phenomenon of the phantom companion in his new book, The Third Man Factor: Surviving the Impossible. As Geiger explains, the Third Man is an unseen being that intervenes at a critical moment – when people are in great stress or in a life-and-death struggle – to give comfort, aid or support. Geiger spent five years tracking down the stories of people who’ve experienced the Third Man phenomenon. A man of deep religious conviction, he attributes it to a divine intervention. To a man or woman, they report that at a critical point they were joined by an additional, unexplained friend who lent them the power to overcome the most dire circumstances. 

There is a name for the phenomenon: it’s called the Third Man Factor. Some say the Third Man is proof of the existence of guardian angels. The stories only grew more astonishing, and I began to realize that I had a kind of natural history of adventure in the making, a record of all the disasters that can befall man on ice, mountain, sea, land, air, and space, all linked by the mysterious appearance of a Third Man. Together, they help to explain the onset of the Third Man Factor. Over the years, various theories have been proposed to explain the Third Man, and running concurrently with these, interspersed among the chapters of the book, are accounts of the search for an explanation. 

Whether any of these explanations is, finally, enough to account for the Third Man mystery you will have to wait and see. The Third Man represents a real and potent force for survival, and the ability to access this power is a factor, perhaps the most important factor, in determining who will succeed against seemingly insurmountable odds, and who will not. 

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Are there evil faces in Lindberg’s guardian angel…

It is impossible to tell if a detail was purposely added to a painting or if it exists solely through the imagination of the viewer. My girlfriend’s parents have this painting and it does look like a devil figure. He loved to paint but wasn’t very good at it and he saw many people making good money from painting. He said to the man sure but you have to paint what I say and add what I want you to add… well the man agreed. 

The paintings that this man was to paint was was to give false hope. Upside down crosses , faces of the devil, and of a goat … now I haven’t seen this painting in many years so I cant exactly show you where they are but I know they are there. If any one has a painting of this in there home I urge that you do your research of angels in the bible and please take this picture or figurines out of your home. I had a friend several years ago to point me out 3 skull faces in this painting, they were plain as day! 

It spooked me somewhat, also the picture to me, it may mean well or whatever, I don’t know, but from the images my friend pointed out, I seen 3 skulls, one was in the Angel’s hair, but also other stuff in it that looked satanic. We knew nothing of the hidden images in this picture. Somehow my parents ended up finding out about this picture and they took it out of our house and burned it but i got curious and started looking for it. I haven’t seen everything because i cant find a picture big enough to really see everything all i can see is the Mary with horns praying but i know of other people who have seen the other things that are hidden this picture. After dealing with the evil presents of the devil and his followers and seeing them. 

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Guardian Angels

The history of Guardian Angels Parish goes back almost 100 years. In January of 1920 the Archdiocese of Detroit designated Clawson as a mission of a parish which was later to become known as Holy Name Parish in Birmingham. In 1923 the mission was identified as Guardian Angels Parish and soon thereafter our current property on 14 Mile Road was purchased. In 1929 the Pare Street basement church was destroyed by fire and plans were made to erect a new church. With the time and labor of the men of the parish, our second church building was completed a year later. 

The basement of this church was later remodeled to accommodate parish social events after a severe storm destroyed the parish hall on Pare Street. Early in the next decade, as the result of the rapid growth of the suburbs and in the number of parish families, two additions to the school and a convent building were constructed. The finishing touches of the school building were made and the construction of a new, our third, church was completed adjacent to the school building in the fall of 1957. In 1961 it was agreed together with St. Dennis Parish to construct a Catholic high school in the Clawson/Madison Heights area. 

Over the past 30 years there have been a number of renovations and upgrades of the parish church and other facilities. It is important to note that in recent times many new programs have been instituted for the development of our youth, to be of service to the local community, for the spiritual growth of the parish community, and in the implementation of our Holy Father’s call for evangelization. Today the Guardian Angels Catholic Church is a spiritually strong and financially solvent community. 

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