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Guardian Angel Music

Explore The Guardian Angel WebsiteHomeTestimonialsBuy Guardian AngelAbout UsContact Us Welcome, Dear Traveler!Are you looking for a proven way to relax, sleep better, or melt away stress? If you stop and think about it, would you say that today’s cares and tensions leave you feeling anxious, tired or sad? Now that you’re here, you may find that Guardian Angel Music will work for you. Perhaps you’re feeling physical or emotional pain. Free Guardian Angel Music Mp3s. Try the one and three-minute samples below. Close your eyes …You’ll begin to feel something right away. Remember, the more you listen, the better you’ll feel. You can also download the same music files here:Guardian-Angel-Music-1-minute. Try listening with stereo headphones to fully and deeply feel the sparkling 3-D sounds inside the music. Stop Searching …Start Your Journey This anti-stress music could end your searching. The secret is in the sound: Angelic harmonies ascend through sparkling sonic textures. These beautiful sounds reflect harmonic ratios found throughout creation. Music Therapy Whenever You Need It If you’re already listening to the sample music, we hope it’s helping you begin relaxing right now. Because the more you listen …. Or why not feel this wonderful whenever you want; wherever you are?Order today to have your own CD. Go to the order desk …. The Guardian Angel Music CD is 60 minutes of sonic splendor. This high-quality recording is perfect for music therapy and more. Fill your heart, head and home with healing, serene music that will add sparkle to your life! “I feel as though I am literally in Heaven!”Paulette J,. Ohio. “I’m happy for the first time in ten years. This music makes me see the world in a whole new light”G. Mason, Florida.

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ABOUT US – Guardian Angels

With her dedicated Board of Directors, employees and volunteers; together, we are unleashing the incredible power of service dogs. Guardian Angels utilizes a positive-reinforcement training method and has a team of staff and volunteers that work incredibly hard to ensure that each applicant is carefully considered, each recipient has the tools they need to be successful with their service dog, and each dog is matched to the right recipient. No matter the disability, Guardian Angels strives to assist as many people as we can through the healing power of service dogs. We train medical service dogs to mitigate the challenges associated with several disabilities, including: PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, seizure disorders, glucose imbalance, mobility issues, hearing impairment and more. We do not train guide dogs, due to the length of their very specialized training. Guardian Angels is proud to have paired more than 200 individually trained medical service dogs with deserving recipients since our beginning in 2010. At Guardian Angels, no recipient is ever charged for their service dog. Join us in continuing to save and change lives through the healing power a service dog can provide. Rescuing, raising, and training the highest caliber medical service/assistance dogs. Pairing highly trained dogs with individuals afflicted by disabilities, including a focus on veterans with combat wounds. Building/restoring independence and improving quality of life, for both the recipient and the dog, while minimizing reliance on government, communities, caregivers, and families. Advancing successful service dog training practices by promoting appropriate trainer education and contributing to related research studies. Pursuing increased public awareness and education regarding current disability laws and contributing to new/enhanced laws regarding service dogs.

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About the Angels and the Guardian Angel

The angels were created as part of the “Heavens”, above. All angels chose to follow of not follow Lucifer when he revolted against God. Angels are not, in the strictest sense of the word, “Bodiless”. Angels were created, and according to the Fathers, have a very fine body, which we cannot perceive with our eyes of flesh. In the prayers for the making of a catechumen, we pray “Yoke unto his/her life a radiant angel” From this point onwards, we certainly have a guardian angel who protects us in ways we cannot fully understand. If you feel sweetness or compunction at some word of your prayer, dwell on it; for then our guardian angel is praying with us. In the presence of an invisible spirit, the body becomes afraid; but in the presence of an angel, the soul of the humble is filled with joy. The angel who is always near us is by nothing so distressed and made indignant as when, without being constrained by some necessity, we deprive ourselves of the ministration of the Holy Mysteries and of reception of Holy Communion, which grants remission of sins. The Cherubim, the Seraphim, and the angels stand with great awe, fear, and joy. When you close the doors to your dwelling and are alone you should know that there is present with you the angel whom God has appointed for each man…This angel, who is sleepless and cannot be deceived, is always present with you; he sees all things and is not hindered by darkness. There is a prayer to the guardian angel in the morning prayers. All help ultimately comes from God, but He enables men and angels to help others according to His will. The “Four bows” have a prayer to the guardian angel. 2 Most Holy Theotokos, save us.3 Holy Saint , pray to God for me.4 Holy Angel of God, my guardian, pray to God for me. A great article about the ranks of the angels is in the Menologion program.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-16-2018

St. Patrick’s Guild

Many believers find comfort in the protection provided by guardian angels. Guardian angels often provide peace of mind in knowing that one is not ever truly alone, even during the toughest of times. St. Patrick’s Guild offers an extensive selection of unique guardian angel figures with which to decorate your home or to give to a loved one. Our guardian angel gifts come in all different sizes, styles, and materials, so you’re sure to find the perfect match to fit your needs. Our stunning bronze guardian angel figurines add a touch of elegance to any home with sleek and understated designs. Our vibrant acrylic birthstone guardian angels add a pop of color to any desk, shelf, or mantle, serving as a subtle reminder that there is always someone watching. Further, our variety of polymer constructed guardian angels are beautifully painted and crafted to withstand minor knocks and tumbles, ensuring you or your loved one will benefit from the protective properties the angel brings for years to come. A guardian angel from St. Patrick’s Guild makes a wonderful gift for religious holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasions. Your friend or family member will be filled with instant joy as they open up their gift and see the thoughtful symbol of faith you’ve generously provided. To best ensure you find just what you’re looking for, St. Patrick’s guild proudly supplies guardian angel gifts for friends at an affordable price you’ll love and appreciate. Guardian angel presents are beloved by children and adults of all ages, especially those enduring a particularly tough moment in their lives. Give the gift of protection and piece of mind by purchasing a guardian angel from St. Patrick’s Guild. Browse our inventory today to find the perfect guardian angel figurine, ornament, plaque, or bracelet to suit your unique needs.

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How to Contact My Guardian Angel?

What Does a Guardian Angel Do? Guardian angels are with us since birth. Guardian angels do not have the ability to automatically make things happen. In terms of how soon your guardian angels can grant your wish, well, some requests take much longer to happen. What’s more, in order to make contact with your guardian angel, it’s important that you find some quiet time for meditation. Now let me share with you some simple steps on how you can make contact with your guardian angels. The first thing you have to know to contact your guardian angel is to know who your angel is. Pay attention to symbols and names that appear in your head. Better yet, consult a trusted psychic so he can tell you the names of your guardian angels. You need to use angel affirmations to reinforce your connection with your guardian angel. Say a Special Angel Mantra to Communicate with Them.You can also use a special mantra to help you connect with your guardian angel. There are specific prayers you can learn and use in order to contact specific angels, but you can also write your own to your guardian angel. For you to have a greater chance of contacting your guardian angel, you may set a specific time each day to meditate and communicate with your angel. Let your guardian angel know what problems are bothering you, and humbly ask for guidance. You can ask your angel to help you relax and become more positive by helping you let go of your negative emotions, and your guardian angel will help you focus on your blessings, thus giving you a more positive attitude and outlook in life. Learning to make contact with your guardian angels can be accomplished with repeated practice. By learning how to communicate your guardian angels, you’ll be able to establish a more intimate relationship with them, and this will help you live a happier and more meaningful life.

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Guardian Angels VolunteersGuardian Angels Volunteers

The Guardian Angel Program was organized by San Diego County Supervisors Dianne Jacobs and Pam Slater-Price to reduce the isolation of seniors residing in long-term care facilities. The Guardian Angel Program to date has served nearly 100,000 seniors throughout all San Diego County regions. With the dedication of GGG/AFC to seniors affected by memory impairment diseases, volunteers are trained and educated about various senior related issues they may face. The Guardian Angel volunteers are trained to adapt to the needs of the seniors they visit. Each volunteer is interviewed, fingerprinted, TB tested and attend a 4 hour orientation before being placed in any facility. Potential placements include: skilled nursing facilities, assisted living/memory care facilities, convalescent homes, adult day programs, board and cares. Each volunteer must agree to a short-term commitment of 6 months to the program and a minimum of 3 hours/2 visits per month. This will ensure consistency of engagement/interaction, giving the resident monthly visits to look forward to. One-On-One Support: Visit with a senior, engage in conversation, embark on a social stroll, present various activities or just be an active listener. Activity Support: Engage seniors in a game of bingo, bridge, bocce ball, “Name that tune” and much more. Facilities are always looking for energetic volunteers willing to lend their creativity. Pet/Music & Art Therapy: If you have a therapy certified pet or special music/art talent you can engage seniors through a guided class or with your furry companion. Community Outreach: Support program growth by attending health fairs, community fairs and/or help recruitment in your social network. Memory Cafe Volunteer: Providing support for a group concerned about memory loss. Engage in social interaction with attendees, present feedback and engage in activities.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-16-2018

Memorial of the Guardian Angels

Perhaps no aspect of Catholic piety is as comforting to parents as the belief that an angel protects their little ones from dangers real and imagined. Their role is to represent individuals before God, to watch over them always, to aid their prayer and to present their souls to God at death. The concept of an angel assigned to guide and nurture each human being is a development of Catholic doctrine and piety based on Scripture but not directly drawn from it. Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:10 best support the belief: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.” Devotion to the angels began to develop with the birth of the monastic tradition. St. Benedict gave it impetus and Bernard of Clairvaux, the great 12th-century reformer, was such an eloquent spokesman for the guardian angels that angelic devotion assumed its current form in his day. A feast in honor of the guardian angels was first observed in the 16th century. Catholics believe in the existence of angels and in the participation of angels in God’s plan of salvation. Throughout the Scriptures, angels have played an important role in God’s revelation to humanity. An angel is a pure spirit created by God who constantly praises and glorifies God. Unlike saints, angels were never human and living on earth. The word angel means “Messenger” and as messengers of God, angels can be seen as spiritual beings who communicate God’s love and presence to us on earth. Angels also guard and protect us – these angels are known as “Guardian angels.” Each human being, each church, and each country has a Guardian Angel. The 2nd triad:Powers, Virtues and Dominations:
Known as the “Angels of creation” because they concern themselves with the ordering of the universe and a plurality of causes.

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Litany to a Guardian Angel-Aleteia

While we may know that God has appointed a Guardian Angel to watch over us, their particular mission is not always evident. The Angel of God prayer asks our angel to “Ever this day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide,” but what does that mean? The Catechism of the Catholic Church best summarizes the role of our Guardian Angel by explaining, “From its beginning until death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession. ‘Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life'”. This two-fold role of protector and shepherd is further elaborated in the traditional Litany to a Guardian Angel. It is an older prayer passed on through the generations that expands on the Church’s definition by giving our Guardian Angel more particular titles. The litany is a great aid in increasing a person’s relationship with his/her Guardian Angel and opens up the doors to a lifelong friendship with the spiritual being that accompanies us wherever we go. LITANY TO A GUARDIAN ANGEL. Lord, have mercy on us, Christ, have mercy on us. God, the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us. Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord!Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord!Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us! That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Let us pray-Almighty, everlasting God, who in the counsel of Your ineffable goodness have appointed to all the faithful, from their mother’s womb, a special Angel Guardian of their body and soul; grant, that I may so love and honor him whom You have so mercifully given me, that protected by the bounty of Your grace and by his assistance, I may merit to behold, with him and all the angelic host, the glory of Your countenance in the heavenly country.

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Guardian Angels for Good Luck from Luck Factory

12.00(Click on Image for Bigger Picture) Guardian Angels are common in the U.S.A. today in TV shows, magazines, birthday cards, etc. Their guidance is thought to help us attain a better future. The attributes of the guardian angel are an amalgam of various religious writings, traditions, and interpretations. It is not too hard to imagine primitive people coming to believe there were supernatural entities that could protect one from the dangerous vagaries of life. Major religions pre-dating Christianity had elements of guardian angels in multi-theistic worship and in specific references to personal gods and minor fairies, elves, etc. Zoroastrianism, the religion of ancient Persia which still survives today, has the concept of guardian angels that is familiar to Westerners. Believers select a guardian angel to protect them throughout their lives. Similar beliefs have grown around angels in various guises which are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Much effort has gone into explaining their powers and roles without creating a range of sub-deities that should be worshiped for their own powers. Angel hierarchies and roles have been detailed and laid out in interpretive works of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Much of this occurred during the renaissance as master painters portrayed attractive winged angels in their beautiful creations, a vision much different then biblical literalism. Modern psychoanalysis says these beliefs help us explain and understand when something in our subconscious warns us from danger. Whatever their origin, having a cute angel in our corner can’t hurt. Today we look at much of this and create a series of adorable guides to help us face the rough spots of life. It’s a comfort to think that someone is watching out for us, helping us to avoid danger and bringing us good luck and good fortune.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-15-2018

Angel Series Part 3

This is Part 3 of our Angel series which is all about Guardian Angels. If you missed the first two you can find the first one on Angels Q & A and then the second part was on Archangels. These are angels that are specifically assigned to God’s children. At what age will my guardian angels be assigned to me? You must remember that God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb He already knows your purpose; therefore, your angels are there to guard your way to get you to your destiny. “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”. “The angel of the Lord. encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.” “No harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you. to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.” In order for the angels to be guarding you in all of your ways means that they are constantly with you. Since you are praying to God and He is the one that is telling the angels what to do then it is not important for you to know the name of your angels. If you think of your life – from birth you have some angels assigned to you, may have more after you receive Jesus as your Savior because you will be under a greater spiritual attack, then have even more assigned to you once you start your ministry, get even more angels once you start traveling and preaching. You would definitely need to have more angels due to your calling and the size of your ministry in the spirit. Just think about the Elijah’s ministry, when he was surrounded by the enemy army God sent countless angels to help him. So you don’t need to be concerned with how many angels you have or their names. In our next post we will share some Prayer for Angels.

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Animal Protection

The Guardian Angels Animal Protection program is moving ahead, full speed. Started by Nancy Regula Esq., a cat colony caretaker for over 10 years in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, this program was started to help some of the most vulnerable and voiceless members of our society – animals. Study after study has shown that those who abuse animals are more likely to abuse people. So one of the earliest ways to combat the rise of crime in society against people is to stop abuse against animals. Animal Protection is a natural extension of the Guardian Angels philosophy – WE NOT ME. This slogan recognizes that individuals acting alone cannot provide a lasting, effective solution. The first program initiated by Guardian Angels Animal Protection was building outdoor housing to give to those caring for cat colonies. Providing shelter to cats during winter months reduces stress & illness, helping cats live longer. One of the greatest stressors on cats is inclement weather. Compared to domesticated cats that lives on average to 14 yrs. A colony is managed by a “Caretaker” – a dedicated individual who spays/neuters the cats, feeds them daily and provides shelter for inclement weather. Cats are a great way of keeping rat and mice populations in check; just the scent of cats increase stress levels in rodents to the point of infertility. In New York City, the Javitz Center employs feral cats to control the rodent population. In Chicago the Cats at Work program has proven to be 100% effective at repelling rodents! In cities throughout the United States, rats are out of control! Colony caretakers are responsible for getting cats spayed & neutered. Caring for colony cats is also a way to teach children empathy toward living creatures, particularly a problem for children whose parents are from 3rd. world countries where animals are viewed more akin to property.

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10919 Norris Ave, Pacoima, Pacoima, CA

At the top of your Chrome window, near the web address, click the green lock labeled Secure. You’re good to go! Reload this Yelp page and try your search again. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. At the top of your Opera window, near the web address, you should see a gray location pin. In the window that pops up, click Clear This Setting You’re good to go! Reload this Yelp page and try your search again. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. Click Safari in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, then Preferences. Back in the Privacy dialog, Click Manage Website Data… and type into the search bar. Click the entry and click Remove. You’re good to go! Close the Settings tab, reload this Yelp page, and try your search again. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. At the top of your Firefox window, to the left of the web address, you should see a green lock. You’re good to go! Refresh this Yelp page and try your search again. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. Click the gear in the upper-right hand corner of the window, then Internet options. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. Oops! We don’t recognize the web browser you’re currently using. Try checking the browser’s help menu, or searching the Web for instructions to turn on HTML5 Geolocation for your browser. Try again later, or search near a city, place, or address instead. We couldn’t find you quickly enough! Try again later, or search near a city, place, or address instead. We couldn’t find an accurate position.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-15-2018

Guardian Angel Foods

Read all our latest news Christmas Yule Logs.Now available! Our delicious Chocolate Yule Log is available in Metro, IGA and most of our retail sales outlets. Our Maple Yule Log is available in Metro and most of our retail sales oultets. They will also both be available in Toronto at the Specialty Shop of the Sick Kids Hospital. Christmas Advent Calendar If you have food allergies, chances are you’ve never been able to have a real Advent calendar with peanut free, nut free, egg free and dairy free chocolates. This year, for the very first time, Guardian Angel Foods produced a wonderful calendar to wait for Christmas with your child. It is now available through our online store, as well as in selected Proxim pharmacies. In the Montreal’s Gazette, Mike King signed a wonderful article about Guardian Angel Foods: “Guardian Angel Foods, the Boucherville-based manufacturer of specialty desserts for people with food allergies, is expanding its market to serve observant Jews, vegetarians and vegans.”Read this article New certification. Guardian Angel Food’s products are now Kosher-Pareve. Look for the MK-Pareve label on our cakes, cookies, muffins, bread and chocolates!See all of our products Guardian Angel Foods in restaurants. Great news! Our delicious Apple Temptation is now available in all St-Hubert restaurants! Like all of our products, it is without peanuts, nuts, dairy or eggs. How long has is it been since you had a real dessert in a restaurant? Bring Guardian Angel Foods to you !Would you like to help us?Are there restaurants, daycare centers, schools, amusement centers, day camps, hospitals, convention centers, groceries, etc. Where you would like our products to be available? An increasing number of locations have Guardian Angel Foods snacks and desserts available to their customers. Ask them to carry Guardian Angel Foods products with this letter.

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Guardian Angel Pendant

An angel spoke to Mary, and Joseph and the shepherds during the time of Christ’s nativity. Angels ministered to Christ during his temptation in the wilderness and while He agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane before his Crucifixion. Angel was said to have rolled the stone from the tomb when Christ rose from the dead. We hear primarily of only three Archangels in the hierarchy of angels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Archangel Michael Saint Michael, said to be the leader of the angels or Commander in Chief of the Army of God. The ‘fallen angels’, more often called ‘demons’, are those angels who fell under the command of Satan, those beings who did not return God’s love and as a result were expelled from heaven by the order of God and at the hand of Michael the Archangel. Saint Gabriel is known as the announcer or messenger of God. He is believed to have been the angel who spoke to the Virgin Mary and also to the shepherds at the time of Christ’s birth. The mirror signifies his mystery and closeness to God. Saint Uriel meaning ‘fire of God’ is pictured holding a fiery flame in his left hand while he holds a sword against the Persians in his right hand. Seatiel, the ‘Intercessor of God’ is pictured with his face and eyes lowered folding his arms across his chest in prayer. Barachiel means ‘Blessing of God’ He holds a white rose against his breast. Jeremiel ‘God’s Exaltation’ is praised as an inspirer of the thoughts each person raises toward god. Some beliefs only include the first seven of the angels. The Roman Catholic Church venerates the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael on September 29th. This was traditionally the feast of Saint Michael alone and therefore is often referred to as ‘Michaelmas’. Most Protestant churches recognize only Michael, Gabriel and Raphael as angels who have been given names and are therefore considered to be ‘archangels’.

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Guardian Angels Reviews

Includes scripture verse: “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Psalms 91:11. The card reads: “Angel on my Shoulder A Guardian Angel to watch over me.” Made in the USA. 6 reviews, 4.67 stars. A classic print of a guardian angel watching over children, this image is one that continues to be a Catholic favorite. Pewter Guardian Angel visor clip with motorists prayer “Guardian Angel Protect me, my passengers and all who I pass by with a steady hand and a watchful eye.” Pewter Angel visor clip, “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly”. Classic image of a guardian angel watching over children, as they cross over a bridge. These cute little Guardian Angel Earrings are 1/2″ in diameter and hang approx. Open these pages to meet the glorious angels as they were known by the Church’s greatest saints and theologians: Origen and Eusebius, and Sts. Basil, Ambrose, Methodius, Gregory of Nyssa, Clement of Alexandria, and John Chrysostom. Too, will find yourself on familiar terms with the angels, and they’ll begin to play in your life the larger role that God intends them to play. A Year With The Angels invites you to discover the authority and strength of the Heavenly Host. We can’t see them, but Guardian Angels are a very important part of our lives, and wonderful gifts from God. A Guardian Angel is holding a baby is her arms and looking down lovingly, on this prayer card. This well known Guardian Angel image has two children crossing over a broken wooden bridge with a guardian angel watching over them. Guardian Angel Pocket Token is approximately 1 inch in size, with a guardian angel on one side and prayer on the other. Prayer reads: Guardian Angel Protect us all, Giving Strength when we might fall, Watching, guiding, Lighting the Way, Thru the night and every day.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-14-2018

Guardian Angels Home Health Senior Care Bucks, Mercer County

Is a home health care agency that has been providing seniors quality home health care for over 45 years. We help your loved ones live independently, in their own home, for as long as possible. With our home health care services, your loved ones can enjoy the comfort of their own home, while our home health caregivers prepare lunch, share a laugh or assist in housekeeping. Guardian Angels of Home Health can provide certified nurse’s aides, well-trained and certified home health aides, and companions for as little as two hours per day or as much as twenty-four hours per day / seven days per week. Our office is located in Bucks County at 311 West Trenton Avenue. If you are a Veteran or a surviving spouse, and need home health care, we may be able to help you! There is a little known pension benefit called “Aid & Attendance.” Qualifying applicants may be able to get home health care in the comfort of their own home, while waiting for approval, with no out of pocket costs. Assistance with complicated VA application process; Access to quality home care with no up-front costs, and without waiting for pension payments to begin; The comfort of remaining in your own home and living with dignity. M. ore than 45 years ago, when I first started this business, I was considered to be a pioneer in Home Health Care. At Guardian Angels of Home Health, we understand that affording long-term care is a challenge for most families. While cost is definitely not everything, we still manage to make sure our rates are among the most competitive. Guardian Angels also has no long-term contracts to sign for home health care. Knowing our rates is not the same as knowing how much home health care will cost. First, you need a plan of care that provides the right type of service at the optimal schedule. To get started, please contact Guardian Angels Home Health for a FREE, No Obligation, in-home assessment, now.

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Guardian Angel Births

Birth of a Woman, Birth of a Mother, Birth of a Baby,.Birth of a Family, Birth of a Spiritual New You! Professional services for young girls, women and families in. I have over 16 years of experience in developing my skills of professional, comprehensive and evidence based education as well as nurturing and intuitive advocacy and care. I’ve worked with over 250 families before, during and after their births! I also help prepare our young daughters for their milestones of womanhood! I am honored to act as your guardian, if you will, and help guide you on your journey while offering information, inspiration, support and encouragement to you from a Holistic perspective, as you enter into and embrace your womanhood and motherhood! I believe that our bodies were created intricately by God to function perfectly at each unique stage of life! I believe that these are key life experiences that should be remembered positively, and that womanhood & motherhood should be embraced with confidence. Women deserve deep respect, honor, and lots of support through these challenging yet beautiful milestones. Women themselves also need to have a deep respect and understanding of their bodies starting at a young age so they can fully prepare themselves and allow their body to function as it was designed. My goals are to Educate and Empower families to make Confident, Safe, and Informed Decisions regarding their health. I hope to help give you the Knowledge for you to Understand and Trust in your unique design and needs and to realize YOUR Goals and Dreams. Emphasis is placed on the family unit, a healthy lifestyle, effective and positive communication skills, evidenced based education, avoidance of unnecessary medical interventions and other factors that influence our bodies negatively. I am also a Christian so I can offer perspective and resources from a biblical perspective IF that is your desire!

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CatholicSaints.Info » Blog Archive » Guardian Angels

The term guardian angels refers to the belief that each person has an angel who is available to shepherd their soul through life, and help bring them to God. Belief in the reality of angels, their mission as messengers of God, and man’s interaction with them, goes back to the earliest times. Cherubim kept Adam and Eve from slipping back into Eden; angels saved Lot and helped destroy the cities of the plains; in Exodous Moses follows an angel, and at one point an angel is appointed leader of Israel. Michael is mentioned at several points, Raphael figures large in the story of Tobit, and Gabriel delivered the Annunciation of the coming of Christ. The concept of each soul having a personal guardian angel, is also an ancient one, and long accepted by the Church. See that you despise not one of these little ones [children]: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. How great the dignity of the soul, since each one has from his birth an angel commissioned to guard it. Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister for them, who shall receive the inheritance of salvation? – Hebrews 1:14. The feast celebrating the angels who helped bring us to God began in many local calendars centuries ago, and was widely known by the 16th century. Pope Paul V placed a feast venerating the angels on the general calendar on 27 September 1608. Initially placed after the feast of Michael the Archangel, it was seen as a kind of supplement to that date. Pope Clement X elevated the feast, celebrated 2 October, to an obligatory double for the whole Church. On 5 April 1883, Pope Leo XIII raised the feast to the rank of a double major. Since thou the power receivest my soul to guard, cease never to cover it with thy wings. Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-14-2018

Guardian Angels Church History

In the 1850s the Benedictine Fathers made frequent visits to our area, mostly to the German communities along the Minnesota River, to determine when a community was large enough to support a church. During that year the Benedictines decided that the Chaska community was large enough to support a church. This new church was completed by the year 1860 and was a simple, small brick building with planks on blocks of wood that served as pews. She chose the picture of the Guardian Angel, and so the church was named Guardian Angels Catholic Church. By 1864, rapid growth in the area saw the need for a larger church and work began on a new building in 1868. This new church served the community’s needs until 1885 when construction began on the present church. On October 7, 1902 disaster struck when an early morning fire destroyed the church exterior and toppled the steeple onto a neighboring house. Showing resiliency, within one year the parish reconstructed the church into the building that it is today. The changes did not compromise the architecture of the church, or the tradition of its people. The Franciscans had been part of Guardian Angels for 117 years but left to pursue other challenges with their limited number of priests. During his tenure at GA, the “Resolve to Restore” Renovation Committee, Pastoral Council, Finance Board and Father Tim accepted the challenge to renew and redecorate the church without destroying the integrity of the structure. In spring of 2017, Guardian Angels welcomed Father William Deziel, the current priest. Our history is celebrated and our roots run deep as a traditional Catholic Church. Today Guardian Angels is a parish community in a small town setting comprised of people from a suburban and a rural agricultural environment with a significant Hispanic population. Our church history of strength, resilience, love of God and man will continue through the lessons taught us by our forefathers.

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A man told: “Padre Pio often, stopped in the sacristy greeting his spiritual children and friends by kissing them. I looked with holy envy on those so fortunate and I thought:”Blessed him! If I were him! Blessed! Blessed him! On Christmas 1958, I knelt, in front of Padre Pio for confession. I looked at him and while full of emotion I asked him: “Father, today is the Christmas day, can I wish you Merry Christmas by giving you a kiss? And he, with a sweetness that I am not able to describe with the pen, smile at me and said:”Hurry up, my child, don’t make me waste time”! He also embraced me. I kissed him and as a bird, joyful, I went toward the exit full of celestial delights. What can I say about some slaps on the head? Every time, before leaving from St. Giovanni Rotondo, I desired father Pio gave me a sign of particular predilection. In fact I also wanted two small slaps on the head as two fatherly caresses. I have to underline that he never refused me anything I wanted to receive from him. One day, there were a lot of people in the sacristy of the small church and father Vincenzo exhorted, with his usual severity: “don’t push, don’t shake Padre Pio’s hands go back”! I sadly thought: “This time I will leave without having the blows on the head.” I didn’t want to resign me and I begged my Guardian Angel to become a messenger and to repeat these words to Padre Pio: “Father I desire the benediction and the two blows on the head, as usual, one for me and the other for my wife”. Padre Vincenzo was still repeating “don’t push Padre Pio…stay far from him!” when Padre Pio started walking. I looked at him but I was sad. Suddenly Padre Pio came to me, he smiled and he gave me two taps and it made me also kiss his hand, “I would like to give you a lot of slaps…a lot of slaps, ” he told me the first time that I asked him for the small slaps.

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Zion’s North Guardian Angel

North Guardian Angel towering to the south of the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead and just across the Left Fork of North Creek, and a bit further south lies the prominent sandstone mountain, South Guardian Angel. South Guardian Angel provides the adventurer with the sense of route-finding and the satisfaction of a true backcountry experience. At a GlancePhoto Album: South Guardian Angel Pictures Map: South Guardian Angel MapDay Hike: Yes, but you will need an early start for this one. Map; North Guardian Angel 7.5′ USGS topo, sunscreen, appropriate clothing for season. Wildcat Canyon Trailhead – The trailhead for South Guardian Angel begins at the same trailhead as The Subway. Northgate Peaks Trail – The hike begins by following the Wildcat Canyon Trail for about 1 mile as it bears eastward through the pine forest. North Guardian Angel – The trail ends on a basalt buttress overlooking the valley below encompassed by the Northgate Peaks and North Guardian Angel. The goal is to arrive at the eastern shoulder of the North Guardian Angel. Guardian Arch – From the eastern shoulder a slickrock bowl falls away to the east. Be sure to glance to the right occasionally and look for the freestanding arch, Guardian Arch, where the slot canyon deepens to the west. Arriving at the Subway, is refreshing and is a good place to take on water for the beginning of the long ascent to South Guardian Angel. Summit of South Guardian Angel- Continue up the steep draw, and follow the wash to the left and over a boulder to arrive at a trail that will switchback and eventually arrive at a ridge top. From here set sights to the hoodoos above as the terrain will soon begin to ease and the white sandstone of South Guardian Angel will present itself. Trail History North and South Guardian Angels were named as guardians of the Kolob section of the park. The Northgate trail leading to the peaks is a new addition to the park trail system.

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Q’s and A’s on the Guardian Angels

The existence of angels is a dogma of Faith, and the existence of guardian angels is clear from holy scripture and tradition; but whether or not every human being is given a guardian angel is a question that lies in the realm of opinion. The guardian angel cannot force his trust to cooperate with grace, otherwise the will would not be free, but he acts as a channel of actual grace, working with God’s providential designs, to bring the person he is guarding in contact with outside occasions of grace: good Catholics, religious and lay, good books, a good teacher, good words and examples. Guardian angels also have the power to help our imagination in meditation. The conversion of a sinner gives great joy to their guardian angel, indeed to all the angels. When she found it, how great was her joy! Our Lord then gives the meaning of the parable, equating the lost coin to a sinner, whose “Finding” is a conversion, and the joy of the woman is that of the angels: “There shall be more joy before the angels of God upon one sinner doing penance”. After death the guardian angel’s work of guarding is over. The guardian angels of those who die in grace work to procure a peaceful death and ward off the demons from any final assault. Or, if God permits a final temptation, to increase the merit of the just, the guardian angels assist in the battle. Of those who face the last hour in sin, the guardian angels work by infusing holy images or providing a last occasion of grace by the exhortations of a good friend, or relative, nurse, or chaplain. The guardian angel rests for all eternity in the joy of the Lord. If we are saved, our guardian angels will always thank God for our salvation. The guardian angel never loses the beatific vision of God even while on their earthly assignment. No guardian angel “Fails”; they all do a good job. Can a guardian angel be assigned to be another human’s guardian? There are plenty of guardian angels for the employ of each and every man.

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Guardian Angel School

The first purpose of Guardian Angel Catholic School is to form the students into disciples of Jesus Christ. You have asked us to collaborate with you as parents in forming your child into a disciple of Jesus. This flows from our understanding that you, as the parents, are the first teachers of the faith to your children. This means that what we teach as Christian Values must be supported at home, and what it is to be Catholic is lived out and practiced by the family. As a Catholic School, we have the expectation that the family will allow us to accomplish what you have asked of us, to be collaborators with you in forming your child into a disciple of Jesus. Besides abiding by the school rules and policies, parents must be practicing Catholics. This means that the family attends Sunday Mass at Guardian Angel, and this is recorded by way of the Sunday donation envelope that you deposit in the collection basket at a given Mass. Sunday attendance of Mass is central to our lives as a Baptized Catholics. If you come to us from another parish, then the assumption is that you are attending Mass there, thus not able to qualify for tuition parish rate. It is also essential that as Catholic parents you participate in on going formation in the Faith offered through Guardian Angel Parish Nights of Formation. This equips parents to have an ongoing knowledge of the Catholic Faith so as to be those better, first teachers of their children. These nights are offered in English on Monday evenings and in Spanish on Thursday evenings. Part of this participation is your financial responsibility in paying tuition, Sunday offering envelopes, and selling of Parish Fiesta Tickets. Your participation is essential in order for us to maintain the mission of Guardian Angel Catholic School. If we cannot fulfill our mission then we cannot exist. I pray that together we can build up the Kingdom of God right here in Pacoima as we grow in our faith and knowledge of God.

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Vintage photos show New York’s Guardian Angels in crime-ridden 1980s

The Guardian Angels gained fame in the 1980s as they fought against rampant crime that was synonymous with New York City until recently. The Guardian Angels, an anti-crime vigilante group that came to prominence during the 1980s in New York, has returned to Central Park. Above, a Guardian Angel watches a passing subway car. The Guardian Angel, formed in 1979, stopped patrolling Central Park in the 1990s after a increase in policing around the time Mayor Rudy Giuliani took office. Beyond working to stop crimes as they progressed on the subway and park, the Guardian Angels also demonstrated self-defense techniques such as karate. Above, a Guardian Angel father teaches his son some basic karate moves. Some New Yorkers have been surprised at the return of the Angels. WHO ARE THE GUARDIAN ANGELS? The Guardian Angels began in 1979 and quickly expanded to other cities, welcomed by some people as a tough-minded neighborhood watch – but derided by others as loose-cannon, publicity-seeking vigilantes. The Guardian Angels endured and evolved: By 2006, they had a $200,000 New York state grant to do online safety education. In New York, Guardian Angels still patrol parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx regularly. Above, a Guardian Angel rides a subway car covered in graffiti. Above, a Guardian Angel aboard the 5 train in 1980.Sliwa said that the return to the park was also prompted by incidents he heard about in the Rambles, a heavily-forested area of the park without much police presence. Above, a Guardian angel in 1980.’Time warp,’ a jogger said when she saw the red hats and jackets in Central Park.’I didn’t even know they were still in business,’ a Harlem resident said. The subway was one of the most common spots to see Guardian Angels members in the 1980s. The Guardian Angels founder says that he received calls about incidents in the Rambles, and is pushing for more lights in the area from the Central Park Conservancy.

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Angel Communication, Oracle Readings & Spiritual Development

After asking your angel for assistance, watch for repetition of words you see, hear or think. Notice patterns like repeatedly hearing a song, seeing a bumper sticker or having a friend unknowingly repeat the very same message your angel gave you. Put out the intention that you want only your guardian angel to come through as a messenger of Divinity. Remain open to messages from your angel at all times. If someone, say your boss or a coworker, is making life more difficult than you think is fair, ask their guardian angel to have them be nicer to you or leave you alone altogether. If you are having problems with a loved one, plead your case to their guardian angel and ask for their help to bring peace into the situation. Like humans, each angel has it’s own unique energy and purpose. The angel names, especially those that end with “El” were actually given to these beings by humans. The “El” angel names have Judeo origins that this ancient group of people assigned and that angels still come through with today. The names your angels, fairies and guides give to you or a reader will have a special significance for you even if their name in the spiritual realm is unintelligible to our 3D existence. Many people are disappointed if they don’t get what they consider a glamorous name such as Morningstar, Singing Wolf or only want a familiar angel like Archangel Michael or a Goddess like Cerridwen to be their guardian. While there are well-known beings that are very much involved with guiding all of us and often come through in readings, there are literally billions of angels and spiritual guides out there. If your earth’s purpose includes impacting a lot of people, you probably have a guardian angel from one of the higher level hierarchies. Guardian Angel Reading $99. by email only. Find out who your guardian angel is, why a specific angel is your guardian during this lifetime, how you can communicate with your angel and how your guardian angel can help you.

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Elder and Senior Services

Guardian Angel Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Jane A. Pronovost. Ms. Pronovost has been a Professional Guardian since 1997 when a longtime elderly neighbor became ill. Before long it was apparent that her neighbor would require someone to make some medical decisions and manage his affairs “Legally”. After being informed a “Professional guardian” would be appointed to make those decisions for her neighbor, she promptly took the course to learn the responsibilities that would be delegated to that person. Shortly after taking the course, the instructor called and asked for Ms. Pronovost to take a case which was the beginning of a new, and often challenging, but rewarding career. Ms. Pronovost had the honor of serving as the President of the Central Florida State Guardianship Association for three years. During her leadership as President, the Chapter was presented with the “Most Active Chapter” award from the Florida State Guardianship Association. Ms. Pronovost also served as a Director of the Florida State Guardianship Association and earned the designation of “Registered Guardian” with the National Guardianship Association. In addition to serving as a professional guardian for seniors, developmentally disabled, minors and other individuals, Ms. Pronovost teaches both the Professional 40 Hour Basic Guardianship Course and the 8 Hour Guardianship Training. In September of 2007, Ms. Pronovost developed an Eight Hour Family Guardian Couse which was approved by the Chief Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit. Her company, Guardian Angel Services, is also named an approved court provider for the course. The course was presented to Chief Judge Walsh in Volusia County where the course received approval and is taught at Daytona Beach College where Ms. Pronovost serves as an adjunct instructor. Please call our office at 407-331-9010 or send us an email at guardian.

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Diocese of El Paso

Guardian Angel Church was built in 1908 on what was then considered the northern slopes of El Paso. In 1912, Guardian Angel School opened under Rev. Aloysius Blanchard with the Sisters of Loretto as the faculty. Originally called Holy Angels School, the name was changed to match the parish when a new school building was completed in 1919. In February 1918, Guardian Angel was turned over to the Mexican Jesuits. Guardian Angel also administered several missions throughout its history including Our Lady of Guadalupe, San Juan Bautista, St. Francis Xavier, Nuestra Señora de la Luz, and El Calvario, all of which eventually became parishes. The Jesuit Fathers continued to administer the parish until 1932 when a swap occurred between the Dioceses of El Paso and San Antonio. On July 24, 1932, the Jesuits of New Orleans assumed the administration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in San Antonio and San Antonio sent the Claretian Fathers to take care of Guardian Angel and its missions. The Claretians continued to administer Guardian Angel until August 1984. In September of that year, the parish was transferred to the Order of Augustinian Recollects with Father Antonio Lasheras as Superior and first pastor. Guardian Angel School closed in 1973 although the building continued being used for religious education classes and parish meetings until 1991. In June 2008, the centennial of the parish, the Parochial Center was opened on the site of the old school. From its beginnings, Guardian Angel has emphasized evangelization and pastoral care both by its clergy and its lay ministers. The parish began conducting a Nocturnal Adoration on the fourth Saturday of each month in 1956. Today, Guardian Angel has 1,200 parishioners and remains under the care of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. Many city leaders were parishioners at Guardian Angel in their youth and remember the many cultural, drama, and musical events that were part of this active parish.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-12-2018

Guardian Angel

We all have at least one Guardian Angel, in many cases we typically have more than one Guardian Angel. The most important advice one can know in contacting your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides is to trust your intuition through feeling your emotions. Does it feel wonderful, good and so forth? This is your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides helping you in making your decision. Spirit Guides are with you helping you on your soul journey through your life here on Earth. At the point of entering this dimension you made an agreement with your Spirit Guide about what mission and lessons you plan on learning during this incarnation. Spirit Guides never interfere with what we decide to do, they only guide us and present options that we may not have even been aware of. Spirit Guides often present a path with completely different circumstances to achieve your heart felt desires. We are shown signs from our Spirit Guides every day, these can range from something a friend says in passing, a time on the clock, an advert on the radio, car signage passing you at just the right time you were thinking of something important, a bird flies by, a knowing inside yourself, you suddenly get a very good feeling, you imagine something in your imagination that is totally out of the blue but makes sense. If you remain constantly aware, take time out each day to be with your guides and invite them into your dreams at night, your Spirit Guides will come. Usually our master guide and a secondary one and usually more. You will attract a Spirit Guide or have contracted them to help you during certain times in your life. Perhaps you learn a musical instrument and a Spirit Guide that was an accomplished musician here on Earth may help and Guide you. Or, you suffered a tragic vehicle collision and a Spirit Guide comes to keep your hopes up and guide you through your recovery. All the while your Master Guide over seeing and helping you in every way. Angels and Spirit Guides work together and only want what is best for you.

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The Baltimore Guardian Angels

It’s not easy making a difference in communities that are touched by crime. The first step to a better way of life is made easier when you have friends beside you. Getting to know your neighbor, your local police officer, the pastor from the church down the street, or the businessowner of the corner grocery store can help make you feel that you are not alone. Our hope is getting to know your Baltimore Guardian Angels will help too. The Baltimore Chapter is constantly growing and adding to our team of concerned citizens. Whether it be a concerned citizen wanting to rid her neighborhood of drug dealers, a young man who has turned his life around and now serves as a role model for at-risk-youth, a Dad who wishes he could sit on his front step and watch his children play without fear, or a business owner who worries how the recent increase in crime will affect his livelihood, all of us are committed to serving the City of Baltimore. When we ask ourselves what we can do to help make a difference, we have a chance to create positive change. When we ask our neighbor how we can help, we have a chance to create positive change. When we come together and speak out against those things that concern our neighborhoods, we have a chance to create positive change. Communities that communicate – neighbor to neighbor, citizen to police officer, neighborhood group to elected official – have started on the path towards a better future. So we encourage everyone in Baltimore to start walking down the road together, to start talking and taking part. We encourage everyone to get out there, introduce yourself, and stand up for safer streets, safer schools, and safer communities. Know that a team of Guardian Angels will be with the communities of Baltimore City every step of the way. Listed below is an ongoing series of articles introducing the key players of the Baltimore Chapter of the Alliance of Guardian Angels. Check back in the coming months to meet more of your Baltimore Guardian Angels.

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Guardian Angels Home Health Care

Hi, My name is Sharee Youssef, I am the owner and founder of Guardian Angels Home Health Care. I started Guardian Angels in April 2005 with my daughter Lami Powlesland. We have vowed to make this the best in-home care agency available in our community. We started Guardian Angels Home Health Care because of my mother Helen Youssef who had 7 very loving children, all of which would have loved to have her come live with them when the time came. My mother had made it very clear that she did NOT want to the leave her home of 47+ years, the home she raised her children and felt so comfortable and safe in. She wanted us to know that when the time came, we were to hire help to come in and care for her. I thought if my mother would want and need that kind of service then many other people would want and need it as well…thus came. August 23, 2012, we have expanded with a new service called Guardian Angels Senior Home Services. We offer a free referral service to aid families with advice for those who cannot reasonably stay home any longer. Guardian Angels Senior Home Services mission is to assist clients in finding the best senior community for them, researching available living communities in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan, and taking the anxiety out of this often long and difficult process. Mission Statement: Our mission, with the help of friendly, honest, and responsible employees, is to make a positive difference in the living conditions of our clients. We focus on enabling people to live healthier, happier, and more rewarding lives by providing assisted care to our clients in the safety of their own home. Guardian Angels Home Health Care stands on the principals of leadership, respect, and the integrity of our company, our employees and our clients. Sadly, in May of 2009, my mother lost her battle with her illness and passed away in the comfort of her home, alongside her loving family. We all miss her and she will live in our hearts forever!

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