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In the realm of the invisible, where your Soul resides there is a Presence that you can bring into your conscious awareness that is your Guardian Angel. To begin to open your mind and your heart to a greater and more conscious awareness of the Presence of your Soul starts you on a journey of living within the full scope of your being with your Soul a part of your conscious everyday awareness. One of the benefits and blessings that come with this relationship with your Soul is that you can begin to be aware of, and access more of, the invisible world that exists beyond the material world of spirit. Within the dominion of the Soul are the angelic beings that are, like your Soul, connected with and supportive of your life. Perhaps one of the most significant of these is your Guardian Angel. 

You can connect with and develop a relationship with your Soul through Meditation by the act of invitation and invocation. You can also open your heart and your mind to the impressions and guidance of your Guardian Angel. The nature of your Soul is Love and as you develop a conscious relationship with your Soul that Love and that Healing Presence becomes ever more available to your conscious mind and awareness. Your Guardian Angel made a commitment to you, to your life, and whether or not you ever choose to become aware of that Presence consciously or not, it is there for you. In this way, your Soul Presence and your Guardian Angel are alike. 

The full extent of this incredible nature of unconditional love is beyond the typical experience of our human consciousness. It reveals the truth that God is Love, and on some level may explain some of the mystery of how God demonstrates and expresses Love to us through the emissary of your Soul and your Guardian Angel…. Continue reading. 

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Artisans Boutique: German Guardian Angel Art

Many of my favorite flea market finds in Germany were guardian angel art prints. There were many different artists in Germany who painted guardian angel art, and many of the works were copies of previous paintings. Bernhard Plockhorst is probably one of the most know German painters and graphic artists known for his guardian angels and religious art. Plockhorst’s painting The Guardian Angel, showing an angel and two little children close to an abyss, was reproduced as a color lithography in thousands of copies and greatly influenced the later pictures of guardian angels. Follow me on Instagram Hans Zatzka who painted under the name of H. 

Zabateri, originally painted children on a bridge with a guardian angel. The Guardian was painted by H. Zabateri as a postcard. Lindberg copied the orginal painting and used brighter colors, detail changes, and simpler figures. There are pages of prints for sale on the internet by H. 

Zabateri. According to online biographies; he spent many years dedicating his painting to the churches and other known establishments of Austria. Aware of the popularity of his women, Zatzka combined his love of painting women into great paintings which were in turn reproduced into postcards. Hans Zatzka’s original work sells for thousands of dollars, where as no original Zabateri work has ever shown up at a major auction house. Now after cleaning and restoring my collection of 37 guardian angel art prints they are on display at the Artists Boutique Gallery in Tremonton, Utah. 

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Learn the Exact Name of your Guardian Angel

1 only for Immediate Download of 1 Angel Chapter Alternatively: purchase the book ANGEL SIGNS at Under angelic guidance, you can Increase Your innate Intellectual and Spiritual Powers, to be Living a FULL LIFE in the 21st Century – the era of quantum physics, quantum computing, high speed long distance communication, multiverse cosmologies and fast accelerating Spiritual evolution. The book Angel Signs is based on decades of research and discoveries by the authors in fundamental linguistics and celestial symbolism. To validate the information often distorted when presented in shallow translations in various books- the authors rely on the original Hebrew text in the Ancient Testament-Torah where 72 Angel Names are purposefully encrypted. The authors broke the code anew, like many sages did in the past, and therefore bring to your contemporary mind the exact pristine names of 72 Guardian Angels, and the profoundly meaningful meanings delivered concomitantly to the pronunciation of each name. 

Reading/Vocalizing the Exact Name of an Angel will Open a Direct Chanel. THE SACRED TEN, a philosophical novel, an illumining-transforming discovery-initiation journey through time-space. The authors invite you to meet and dialog with the great sages of the past to enlighten the paths of the future seekers of truth. 

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Guardian-angel Synonyms, Guardian-angel Antonyms

So each one has his devil to exorcise and his guardian-angel to watch over him. You have called me, too, your guardian-angel; Oh suffer me to call you mine! It would seem as if some guardian-angel shielded them from desecration. She is more than my daughter; she is the guardian-angel of the house. They have been kept entirely at a distance since you became my guardian-angel! 

The population of Pillau venerate her as something holy, and the seamen look upon her as their guardian-angel. I ain’t crazy to go, for that matter; but I don’t know as I relish this guardian-angel stunt you’re playing. We have the manifestations at our own house, and the Spirit of our father is our guardian-angel now. At last a woman, named Eugenia, the guardian-angel of this wilderness, ran to open. Inwardly she thanked her guardian-angel for the fortuitous miracle by which intervening waiters formed a screen. 

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