My Guardian Angel News for 08-26-2018

Stephen Bohr – Israel’s Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels

HART periodically rescues neglected, injured, or seriously ill cats and kittens. While the shelter’s general fund finances intake exams and typical medical necessities, that fund cannot also afford to cover extraordinary and expensive medical interventions. Help our Guardian Angel program all year round by becoming a Guardian Angel member today. HART’s Gift Shop for Cat Lovers-or call the shelter to order one. Below are stories of just a few of the many cats whose medical care was paid for by the Guardian Angel Fund. 

Arrived at HART needing dental and medical interventions to treat mouth lesions and bad teeth. The GA fund paid for multiple vet visits and medications to correct the conditions. Thanks to GA funding, Rufus received a full-mouth extraction and recovered nicely. Guardian Angels paid for the beneficial surgery, and now Honey is happily settled in a caring home, often acting as official greeter when friends come to the door. At that point, GA stepped in to fund lab work and medications. 

The kittens soon began to prosper and, when ready for adoption, each found a new home. Thank You from HART and the many cats and kittens who received medical treatment paid for by donations to the Guardian Angel Fund. 

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Our Guardian Angels

The K2 Equestrian Center is so fortunate to have dedicated volunteers and friends who support us and our mission. We’d like to recognize two people, who in our eyes, are our Guardian Angels, Kathy and Gary Kuntz. They have helped us with many projects around the ranch – the largest was providing the funding and construction of the gazebo which overlooks our riding arena and pastures. It’s a quiet place to sit, contemplate and absorb the beauty of nature that surrounds the ranch. We received the following note from Kathy after the passing of Gary. 

Gary is greatly missed, but his giving spirit lives on as a K2 Guardian Angel. All special needs children need a safe place to learn skills, care for animals and be allowed to shine and show off all they have learned. That is what the K2 Equestrian Center is for – and what it does for these children. We feel so blessed to have Kathy Kuntz as our Guardian Angel. She has devoted her life as an educator of special needs children and Gary was a Spokane Police officer who worked to keep the community safe. 

Each day someone walks into the gazebo that they help build. The guardian angel prayer is beholden to the structure. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 08-08-2018

As youngsters, Syden had beaten Michael at a game of angel ball and Michael had carried a grudge ever since. Tabris, a guardian angel has committed an unforgivable crime. One woman in England escaped a machete attack all because of her own furry angel! A 20-year-old woman in England who lives alone has a reason to hug her loyal dog even tighter. That’s when God sent a special angel to save her! 

The woman’s faithful dog came bounding into the room, barking at the men who’d barged their way in. As terrifying as the ordeal was, it surely would have been much worse if the young woman’s furry guardian angel hadn’t been there to protect her. God surely has his angels everywhere, even the four-legged kind! So Jeremiel is one of those angels who is less known than Uriel, Gabriel, and Michael. He is one of those angels that gets overlooked by the casual angel observer. 

For me, Jeremiel is the angel of second chances and lost causes. Being a long, lost cause myself, this ingratiated me to the particular angel. I will have to ask my angel buddy, Jethro, about that. He has always been a bit sensitive about being a guardian angel, the lowest in the divine order. 

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Guardian Angels: 7 Interesting Facts

To name a person or thing is to denote authority over the person or thing And we do not have authority over our Guardian Angel. Also their name has with it their task and we dare not presume to know what God has named them. The Magisterium has forbidden the naming of our guardian angel. Our Angels are far more powerful and superior to us in intelligence and will. Their humility is a testament to their love for God and us. 

Endearing or otherwise when/if we name/nickname them, we risk seeing them on the same level as humans and they are not. We should respect their superiority and humble obedience to God so far as they light, guard, rule and guide us as asked by the Father. They are not our pets, servants or fellow humans etc. We must not name/nickname them out of respect for and love of them and God.Blessings! 

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Guardian Angels

As the city of Albany responds to its bloodiest summer in years, local law enforcement leaders are renewing calls for the community to cooperate in ongoing investigations. Earlier this summer, Mayor Kathy Sheehan and outgoing Police Chief Robert Sears urged residents to dial a local hotline with information as part of the CrimeStoppers program. The Democrat spoke Friday with WAMC’s Ian Pickus about one recent case, the return of the Guardian Angels, and more. 

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