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Guardian Angel Part 1 of 5

The Christian Community in North America

Picturing angels as having wings is an artistic way of saying that angels, too, are not bound to the earthly. Angels take things in, into a awareness that is broader, brighter, clearer, purer and more transparent than human consciousness. The lowest of the nine angelic choirs , the angels, are the ones closest to the human realm. Angels are intimately connected with individual human beings. We each have an angel assigned to us, a guardian angel, who accompanies us along our paths through lifetimes. 

Our angel’s ‘wings’ give it the overview that it is not possible for us earthbound human beings to have. To the guardian angels themselves this connection with the human realm is not a matter of indifference; for the guardian angels have bound their destiny to ours. Human truth, beauty and goodness, as well as human passion and darkness reach up into the spiritual world through our angel. Each of the nine angelic choirs, starting with the angels, continuously makes their own offering of love and devotion, which streams upward to join with those beings above them toward the Lamb. The result is that during the Act of Consecration of Man, human beings are strengthened by the approach of their angel. 

The individual’s guardian angel itself becomes stronger, more radiant through what lives in the human being during the sacrament. As individuals we can open not only to our own guardian angel but also to the angel of the community. 

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What Does the Bible Say about Guardian Angels?

The theology and doctrine of angels is an often neglected area of Christian theology and study. A common idea in many segments of Christianity and even in some non-Christian New Age teaching is that everyone has a guardian angel assigned to them for life. The Roman Catholic Church, for example, has taught the doctrine of guardian angels since its earliest days. Most teaching on guardian angels comes from just a couple of passages of Scripture. A second passage of Scripture that is often used to create a theology of guardian angels is from Psalm 91:9-12. 

The writer goes on to say that Christ is also superior to the angels since He was the One who created them. While the angels are powerful spiritual beings, the author to the Hebrews makes clear that they are created beings that God has given tasks to. There are many other passages in the Bible that discuss angels and their ministry. There are none that explicitly define a doctrine that every Christian or every person has a guardian angel. This does not mean that angels do not have a place in the world or that they are not active. 

As the pages of Scripture show over and over again, God’s angels are working behind the scenes protecting and serving God’s people. Only eternity will reveal the important role that God’s angels have played in all of our lives. 

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San Antonio Guardian Angels

San Antonio Guardian Angels is a rescue devoted to saving the lives of puppies and expectant moms. We do occasionally take in other animals as the need arises. Since we are in San Antonio, the home of a city animal shelter that still euthanizes, there is a constant need. Our goal is to open a facility south of San Antonio on 5 acres in the next 2 years. Welcome to San Antonio, Texas where we still euthanize in the city pound. 

We put our overflow dogs in a facility that has extremely limited access to rescues and is closed to the general public. Brooks babies don’t have a chance of being found by their families. Being put in the Brooks City Base facility is a death sentence for these poor animals. Research Brooks babies, Brooks City Base facility, ACS and Brooks….they can’t hide the truth much longer. We in rescue pray that our city and those responsible for the death of so many innocent souls will someday be held accountable. 12/3/2013 UPDATE Brooks is reportedly to be used as a quarantine facility only effective immediately. 

All in rescue are watching closely to see if that’s what actually happens. 

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The Directory For Guardian Angles

The history allows you to see who are all your creditors and your information. If you see something that is not yours, then that can be eliminated by sending them a letter, and I recommend that it be by certified mail, to have proof of the date they received it, demanding that they remove it from your report. They have 30 days to verify that with the creditor if not, they have to remove it. If the creditor answers 60 days later and it turns out that the debt is yours that goes back to your credit report. There are creditors in your credit report that you may not recognize because they are debt collectors or buyers and even if you do not know them, You owe them if they check your debt. 

Before sending the letter, call them and ask them why they appear on your credit report. If they prove to you that it is an old debt, then try to negotiate, but pay them as soon as possible. Continue to soak up financial education, and without a doubt, you will get out of debt and your credit will improve. 

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