My Guardian Angel News for 08-22-2018

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This Guardian Angel Bleeds Red

Since the red beret immediately marks someone who is ready for physical confrontation, Sebastian can’t wear it in public. Months after graduating from high school in 1982, Sebastian met a female Guardian Angel from Portland who was in Canada trying to start a Vancouver chapter. Sebastian’s personality helped him tolerate the Angels’ space, above a porno theater in Times Square. Sebastian believes the Angels attract two kinds of people: crime fighters and peacekeepers. Of the four Guardian Angels walking Colfax, Sebastian isn’t the oldest. 

As the Angels approach a bus stop at Lincoln and Colfax and begin handing out fliers, Sebastian eyes potential members, but not as hard as some of the people at the bus stop are looking at him. Before the heart surgery, Doc says, Sebastian was one of the best recruiters the Angels had. But while the words used to roll right off his tongue, these days he struggles for them. The Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade had already become a Guardian Angel tradition when Shauna Strecker met Sebastian there in 2001. 

Shauna loved Sebastian’s ethic, his heroics and his willingness to do anything to keep the Angels strong. An Angels power struggle erupted during Sebastian’s absence. In early 2007, after returning from Vancouver, Sebastian decided it was time for him to return to the Angels to help rebuild. Like the impact he had a dozen years ago on the kid who fell off the skateboard that Sebastian hopes will be Denver’s newest Angel. 

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Pascagoula MS funeral home and cremation

Guardian Angels Funeral Home is now open and ready to ensure that your love ones are taken care of in your time of need. We, at Guardian Angels Funeral Home, pride ourselves in being the first bilingual funeral home on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to assist with English and Spanish languages. We are an upper echelon funeral home that offers quality, professional, and elite services, as well as budget funerals to fit every family needs. We provide services that are set above the bar, with every family in mind at the moment of celebration. Our team at Guardian Angels Funeral Home believes that every family should be served with compassion, care, dignity, and respect, and that quality should be known and expected not perceived. 

That’s why we aim to offer affordable traditional funerals and cremation services customized to fit each family’s specific needs. Our goal at Guardian Angels Funeral Home is to provide you and your family with the highest level of professionalism, quality, ethical, and courteous service that will help make your loved one’s final tribute one that is meaningful and memorable. We offer packages that are affordable, modern, and personalized. We are equipped with a 6 passenger golf cart for cemetery transporting back and forth to your vehicles without cost. Our facility is equipped with a celebration of life center that comfortably seats 75.. 

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Guardian Angel

A ten-year-old girl went to the dentist to have a filling replaced. Since a nerve was exposed in her tooth, the dentist put in a temporary filling. In those days, dentistry wasn’t very evolved, and the filling wasn’t very good. Over the weekend when the dentist’s office was closed, the girl’s temporary filling fell out. The exposed nerve caused the girl such great pain that she just lay in bed and cried and cried. 

That night, long after her mother had gone to bed, the girl felt someone take her hand and just hold it. When she woke up the next morning, the pain in her tooth was gone. She was able to get through the rest of the weekend and see the dentist on Monday. The girl later became an ECK initiate and remembered that event. As a young girl she had believed that a guardian angel had come to her and held her hand, but now she realized it was the ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs. 

There won’t always be someone to take your troubles away. It will be either a man or woman, and you can call this individual a guardian angel. 

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Guardian Angel « Humane Society of Catawba County

Caring individuals can have a positive impact on the life of a Humane Society of Catawba County cat or dog. Although you are unable to take every animal homeyou CAN sponsor a homeless dog or cat from rescue to adoption! Guardian Angel Sponsor $225. Offsets costs for medical exam and any treatments, vaccinations, testing, spay / neuter, microchip, food and care for average stay of 4-8 weeks. Guardian Angel sponsorships especially help us afford these longer term residents. 

Will offset the costs of testing, vaccinating and microchipping a newly rescued dog or cat. Will offset the costs of testing, vaccinating, microchipping AND spaying or neutering a newly rescued dog or cat. 

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Guardian Angel School

Thank you very much for your continued support of Guardian Angel School. For a number of years we have attempted to reach out and keep in touch with as many graduates as possible. Many of you have called, attended school functions or even stopped in when visiting the neighborhood. It is always wonderful to talk to Alumni and hear the wonderful stories of growing up within Guardian Angel Parish. Stay connected with Guardian Angel School by signing up for our alumni mailing list through the Catholic Alumni Partnership. 

Guardian Angel is a participating school in this wonderful program which sends periodic updates to alumni and offers ways that you can help support our school. 

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