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We All Have Our Own Special Guardian Angel

We All Have Our Own Special Guardian Angel by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. There are few aspects of the Christian faith that are more satisfying to the human spirit than to know that each one of us has our own personal guardian angel. Devotion to the guardian angels is part of the Church’s liturgy. 

There are feasts in honor of the guardian angels and the saints, especially St. Thomas Aquinas, have written extensively on the existence and activity of the guardian spirits in our daily lives. According to St. Basil, no one can deny that an angel is present to everyone of the faithful. For Christians, the function of the angel is primarily to lead the soul to heaven; his guardianship therefore, is directly supernatural in purpose and correspondingly positive. 

The role of the guardian angels for the baptized is directly related to eternal life. The first of these ministrations of the guardian angels is to bring us peace. Our guardian angels are also angels of peace because they are sent by God to tell us what is the will of God in our lives. The last title by which most people would call their guardian angel is to speak of him as the angel of penance. This is where our guardian angel is our constant reminder, or shall I call him warner, that, having sinned we must do penance. 

Our angel is also an angel of penance in reminding us, dare I say every moment of the day, that the most effective penance we can perform is to make reparation for our failures in loving God by loving Him more deeply, more generously, more patiently than we would ever have done had we not sinned. There is another profound sense in which our guardian angels are the angels of prayer. 

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Guardian Angels

We’ve all heard about Guardian Angels and most Judeo-Christians believe they have one. The plurals for the word genius are geniuses and genii, which comes from Roman mythology meaning a tutelary deity or guardian spirit of a person or place. The Romans plural the word genius into genii to mean a deity or spirit and the Muslims spell genii as jinni or djinni, which is pluralized for those words jinn or djinn. In some Islamic beliefs, the djinn or jinn are any of a class of spirits lower than the angels and are capable of appearing in human or animal forms and influencing humankind. According to the Holy Qur’an, Iblis refused to bow to Adam when Allah ordered the angels and djinn to do so. 

Djinn are frequently mentioned in the Qur’an and are similar to humans in that djinn have freewill allowing them to do as they choose, even follow any religion or none at all. Djinn are pretty much what we Westerners think of as demons, shadow people, and other nonhuman spirits. Typical of many modern beliefs, house spirits are usually labeled are guardian spirits that watch over us or in some cases cause mischief. Some Islamics believe a djinni is assigned as a guardian spirit for every person born, whereas many Christians believe an angel is assigned as a guardian. The bible tells us there are spirits, in fact it tells us directly and also implies in several cases that there are many kinds of spirits. 

As explained in the book excerpt above, the Djinn are also creations of God, made after the Angels and before Humans. They were made from smokeless fire as the Angels were made from spirit and humans were made from clay. 

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