My Guardian Angel News for 08-13-2018


Subtle Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near

Your guardian angels are lovingly aware of this need and therefore enjoy giving you subtle signs to alert you of their presence and of their help. If you need confirmation that your guardian angels are around you, here are some common signs of their presence …. Subtle Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near. Your guardian angels are aware of your unique perspectives and attributes and will always surround you with signs of their presence in ways that you can understand and relate to. There are many subtle signs your guardian angel is near. 

Feathers, especially white feathers are a very common sign that your guardian angels are around you. Some people may find big fluffy feathers, while others smaller plumes; but each is your guardian angel’s calling cards of love. Your guardian angels enjoy showering you with small tokens of their affection. These small presents are simple reminders that your guardian angels love and appreciate you. Your guardian angels love to let you know that there are around you by arranging small heavenly coincidences that spark joy in your heart. 

Commonly reported fragrances associated with guardian angels or floral scents such as roses, honeysuckle, Jasmine, as well as other scents such as sandalwood or vanilla. If you suddenly smell overpowering but beautiful fragrances around you, it could be a sign that your guardian Angel is covering you with the fragrance of their love. Your guardian angels truly love you and are here to support you in every way. 

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Self-Acceptance with your Guardian Angel Angel EFT

Self-Acceptance with your Guardian Angel: Our guardian angel helps us to reach our highest potential and can guide us with anything we need guidance for. Our guardian angel has been with us since before birth and always loves us no matter what. We can work with our guardian angel in offering ourselves this kind of unconditional love and acceptance, which helps us to move forward and thrive. Who we are, as a Divine spiritual being on this earth is seen every day by our angels. Our guardian angel constantly whispers to us our full potential and divine blueprint. 

When we work with our angels we come to receive these encouraging messages and have more faith about who we are and why we are here. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung spoke about the shadow self and the importance of meeting it in ourselves;. Being open to our limiting beliefs and behaviours, and like in mindfulness, noticing this without judgement, is a way of meeting our shadow self and embracing it. Asking your guardian angel to assist you in this will support you and make it easier. If we listen we can work with the shadow self in order to heal and progress. 

You can visualise yourself bringing light into your shadow self with the loving assistance of your guardian angel, just allowing you to gain insights at a pace that is helpful and ideal for you. She is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ available from the Book Depository free worldwide delivery. 

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Guardian Angel WINS Groove Awards 2018 Artiste of the Year – Let Music Preach

The 13th annual Groove Awards went down on Saturday at the Kasarani indoor arena. It encourages a spirit of togetherness highlighting the importance of all in working towards the end goal of shaping culture. Jabidii, Timeless Noel and Hype Ochi were the biggest winners of the night mainly because of the hit song Odi Dance that saw them walk away with four awards – Song of the Year, Collabo of the Year, Dance Style of the Year and Skiza Ringback Tune. Jabidii also won in the categories Breakthrough artist of the Year and Reggae/Ragga song of the Year for his song Shoot Satan while Timeless Noel also walked away with the award for Hypeman/MC of the Year. A winner’s concert is slated for next month on 8th July 2018 at The Embu Municipal Council Stadium and will see all winners meeting their fans to celebrate their wins whilst appreciating their support during the nomination and voting process. 

Since 2004, Groove Awards with Safaricom has celebrated excellence in gospel music in Kenya and across Africa. The awards, entering their 13th year in Kenya, are this nation’s most prestigious and recognized Gospel music awards, enjoying regional resonance and relevance. Groove Awards has seen over 1,800 artists/groups nominated and almost 400 Groove statuettes presented to gospel musicians in Kenya and beyond. 

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Guardian Angels: They Watch Over Us! Psychic Elements Blog

There are many people who will categorically affirm the existence of angels, and there are many who will similarly deny any possibility that angels are among us. There are stories that stretch reality to its limits and certainly suggest the likelihood of helpful spirits, or guardian angels. Donna Ferguson certainly believes her guardian angel saved her life when she was woken by a calm but persistent voice after giving birth earlier in the day. Doreen Virtue, a self-styled angel guru, says that angels are messengers between humans and the Creator. He says that the angels have the power to transform circumstances and, as well as your angel, there are angels for every need. 

Other people eschew the notion of having to perform rituals and say angels simply need to be made aware of a call for help. Lorna, who claims to have seen angels since her birth, describes guardian angels as the ‘gatekeepers to the soul. ‘ Lorna Byrne says that our angel loves us and that we are precious to them. No problem, large or small, is beyond the scope of angels. Your guardian angel can help you out of difficulties of any kind. First of all, it is helpful, though not necessary, to read about the qualities and attributes of the angels. 

If you meditate, try a guided angel meditation to meet your angel. 

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