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The Frozen Autumn – Guardian Angel

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Sammy Sparrow written and illustrated by Tracy Ahrens received the title of �2017 Book of the Year Award� in the Kids Books category during the 2017 Creative Child Magazine Awards Program. Sloth the Lazy Dragon by Regan W.H. Macaulay and illustrated by Alex Zgud has won the SEAL OF APPROVAL from Literary Classics. Literary Classics has given the CLC 2016 GOLD AWARD for The Veterans’ Clubhouse winning the Faith Based Early Reader category and also the CLC 2016 SEAL OF APPROVAL. This Cedar Breaks® My Dog Video has also taken First Place in the Best Musical category in the short film portion of the Hollywood International Family Film Festival in November 2015! 

The songs for both music videos are also featured in books; My Dog, published by Guardian Angel Publishing, and the book Light published by Empath Media LLC won Best Director in Music Video. Congrats to our Guardian Angel amazing songwriters/ authors/playwrights Dixie and Sharon Phillips! Our artist/author Susann Batson’s GILLY THE SEASICK FISH will be featured as a prop in Ireland’s animated series LITTLE ROY. Little Roy is seen in 8 northern Euro countries. The book and cover will be shown and read the first line to Little Roy by his Father. 

Colorado Authors League has selected My Brother is my Best Friend by Nicole Weaver and illustrator Clara Batton-Smith, as a Finalist in the Children’s category. 

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Celtic Lucky Sterling Silver Guardian Angel April Birthstone Pendant in Crystal

This beautiful Guardian Angel has been entirely crafted of 925 Sterling Silver and features the Birthstone Crystal for those born in April. Over the centuries leading astrologers have assigned gemstones of certain colours and properties to the twelve months of the year to help people influence the planets in their favour and to bring them luck, love, health and fortune. The Gemstone Crystal is not only the Birthstone for April but is also believed to have protective and healing powers and is said to help you think clearly whilst balancing your body. Guardian angels are said to be angels or spirits that are sent by God to watch over and protect a particular person and feature within the Bible and so are often used as a personal good luck charm. This practice of carrying around a Guardian Angel Amulet dates back to medieval and renaissance periods in Europe. 

This beautiful piece of Celtic styled jewellery makes both a perfect gift and your very own Guardian Angel to travel with you. The Pendant comes with a 16″ Sterling Silver chain, and is delivered complete in a quality black and gold jewellery presentation box. The pendant is approximately 20.5 x 23mm in size. 

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Guardian Demons

A close friend of mine and myself were working a Ouija Board. My Demon is not a Goetic demon and I had some trouble finding his Sigil, but I found it and did the same. We don’t have to have tattoos to get in touch with our Guardian Demons. We don’t have to have another person working a Ouija Board with us. Another method of finding out who your Guardian Demon is, is to use a pendulum. 

The pendulum will start to circle, then stop, then circle again, then stop and again make circles until it completely stops. Count the number of times it makes circles and here you will have the number of letters in your Demon’s name. Dangle the pendulum, holding it between your thumb and index finger in the glass jar, keeping your hand outside of and directly over the jar. Begin with the first letter and ask the pendulum if it is A, B, C and so on. Using a Ouija Board is also an excellent way of establishing contact and getting answers, especially for those who are new to Satanism. 

Those of us who are experienced normally communicate with our Demons telepathically. Our Guardian Demons can help us in our magick and spirituality. 

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Guardian Angel Red String Bracelet

Every person is given at least one guardian angel at birth. That angel chooses to walk by you, guard, and protect you all the days of your life. This beautiful Guardian Angel Red String Bracelet is for seekers of spiritual connection and Angelic Protection. Combining the Red String and the symbols specifically designed to harness the magic and power of the angels, this bracelet can become a talisman charged with the energies of your personal Guardian Angel to serve as a bringer of good fortune and extra protection against whatever chaos our modern world may throw your way. 

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The Guardian Angels

A little booklet that reveals the secrets of angels and how they guide and govern the world. It explains the many services these blessed spirits perform for us, mostly without our realizing it – protecting souls and bodies in a way that can be both ordinary and miraculous. Fascinating examples from the lives of our holiest saints: how they defend us, how they form at Mass, how they defeat demons! 

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