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The Guardian Angel of Guatemala: Profiles by VICE

Padre Pio The Mystic

Not everyone listens attentively to their guardian angel as he seeks to enlighten them through the voice of conscience to avoid sin, or gives them good inspirations to the love and service of God and neighbor. Certainly Padre Pio was one who did, from the earliest years of life, so that God granted him the vision not only of his own guardian angel but those of others. Many times it was through the guardian angel of a person that their need was brought to Padre Pio’s attention, who then prayed for that person. Since the angel can do nothing contrary to the will of God, God Himself must have desired it, as well. The following story is related in Send Me Your Guardian Angel, a book on Padre Pio’s relations with the angels by Fr. 

Alessio Parente, OFM Cap. God had given him the light to see his spiritual child in danger of death and, as usual, he sent his Guardian Angel to assure his prayers and protection. On several occasions Padre Pio expounded further on the role of the angel in his ministry and in our lives, in this case to his spiritual daughter Raffaelina Cerase. Well, your good Guardian Angel sometimes transmits these necessities of yours and then I, in my unworthiness, always do my duty with Jesus, recommending you to his Fatherly goodness. Offer to the glory of His Divine Majesty the rest you are about to take, and never forget the Guardian Angel who is always with you, never leaving you for whatever wrong you might do. 

Oh, the ineffable goodness of this our good Guardian Angel! How many times, alas!, I have made him cry for not having wanted to comply with his wishes, which were also God’s. Know, oh Raffaelina, that this good Angel prays for you; offers to God all the good works you accomplish; your holy and pure desires. Oh what a holy and salutary thought it is to want to see this our good Angel. 

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Built in 1871 in the Prospect Hill area of Janesville, Wisconsin, the Richardson Hamilton House became a prominent feature of southcentral Wisconsin. Styled after Italian mansions and using Cream City brick, the home currently houses the Guardian Angel Bed and Breakfast. Carol Larson is your hostess for an overnight, weekend or extended stay with a mix of Victorian charm and simple elegance. Lush gardens and quiet surroundings whisk you away from life’s business. Located less than an hour from Madison, Wisconsin or Rockford, Illinois, the Guardian Angel is an ideal resting spot for busy travelers or business professionals alike. 

Due to the consideration of other guests no children under 18 years old nor pets of any kind. The Guardian Angel is on the National Historic Register and is easily located from Interstate 90 and Wisconsin Route 26 near downtown Janesville. Fountain,pond and lush gardens on 1.5 acre setting. Wine, cheese and chocolate in beautiful candlelight setting 4-5PM. Custom motor cycle tours available Cable TV with 50 inch screen A large video libraryHigh speed wireless internet access. 

Short or long term stays available in executive furnished large apartmentLarge pro-golfer installed Putting Green. Truly a remarkable experience with warm personal service. For reservations, availability and more information about the Guardian Angel. 

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Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Honor Your Guardian Angel Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation’s Guardian Angel program gives you and your family the opportunity to support patient services and programs at Presbyterian while recognizing the excellent care you received in our hospitals and clinics. Donations to Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation directly impact programs and services throughout Presbyterian and help to ensure the future of outstanding healthcare in our community. We invite you to make a donation in honor of your physician, nurse, housekeeper, or other Presbyterian employee who made a difference during your visit or stay. Because of your support, your Angel will receive special recognition – we will share the story behind your gift with your Angel during a special presentation where they will receive a certificate and a lapel pin to wear proudly. See how the Guardian Angel program works and how you can make a difference. 

Donate online in honor of your Guardian Angel and to the many programs that need your support Give Now. Print, fill it out, and mail in to the address provided, the Guardian Angel brochure. If you need more information about the Guardian Angel Program and how you can help, please call 505-724-7003. They are very professional, knowledgeable, caring, and show the utmost friendliness and courtesy. 

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St. Boniface School

Guardian Angel – St. Boniface School is dedicated to nurturing children in their spiritual growth and fostering their full academic potential, while promoting individual responsibility and respect for themselves and others within a Catholic learning environment. Guardian Angel – St. Boniface embraces its primary responsibility to teach our children about the existence of God’s love through education, faith and prayer. The purpose of Catholic education is to educate the whole child based in Christian values and Catholic faith tradition. 

We believe parents have the primary responsibility for the education and Christian formation of their children. Teachers facilitate the academic, physical, social, spiritual and moral potential of each child. In providing an emotionally, physically and spiritually safe environment for the children entrusted to our care. That faith is a divine gift to be celebrated and nurtured. Every person is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore has the right to be treated with respect, kindness and dignity. 

In educating for cultural and global awareness and in educating the child to lead a life of justice. We believe in preparing our students for life as active and responsible members of family, church, community and society. 

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