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She graduated in 1944 from Anoka High School and moved to Minneapolis to attend Minneapolis Business College, where she earned a degree in Accounting. In 1954 they moved to New Ulm where Bob worked for Nicklasson Athletics and in 1957 Marlys began working in an accounting office. The following year they established their own public accounting business where they worked together for 48 years. Marlys was an active member of the Minnesota Association of Public Accountants, and other professional and service organizations including the New Ulm Kiwanis Club. Marlys was an active Girl Scout leader in New Ulm, with a troop that included her two daughters. 

The troop undertook a wide range of activities, but the girls’ most vivid memories involve four epic bus trips to Washington, DC, where Marlys and her co-leaders skillfully guided their experience of the nation’s capitol. Marlys enjoyed traveling and was always eager to see new places and meet new people. She explored her family’s history and discovered some Irish ancestors, a fact that delighted her and led to a memorable trip around Ireland with Bob and the Wendinger Brothers’ tour company. After Bob’s passing in 2006, Marlys moved to Elk River, Minnesota, near her daughter Virginia’s home. Her move to Elk River also brought her closer to her parents’ and grandparents’ farms. 

Marlys was preceded in death by her parents and her brother Tyrus Eidem. The family suggests that memorial contributions be made to Oak Hills Living Center in New Ulm or Guardian Angels Care Center in Elk River. 

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Heaven Help Us! The Benefits of Befriending Your Guardian Angel

One powerful personal story from Father’s book, EWTN Publishing’s newest offering, centers around a devout wife, who found herself abandoned and eventually divorced by her philandering husband. Despite her husband’s behavior, the faithful wife not only visited her husband in the hospital, she brought in their now adult children to reconcile with their father. The man refused the sacrament during their marriage and he refused it every time Father Horgan offered it to him even though he knew he was dying. She told Fr. Horgan she had been praying to her own guardian angel and to her husband’s, and she was confident the man would be baptized before his death. 

One Sunday morning, Father swung by the man’s room. In the book, Father says what he most remembers was the look in his wife’s eyes when he later relayed the news. Immediately after the husband died, Father called in the on-duty nurse, who was a fallen away Catholic. Father said the experience had an impact on the nurse. Father says, if we ask, the angels can teach us how to praise and adore God. 

Father Horgan says it is a tradition in the Church that every angel gets to be a Guardian Angel only once – and our Guardian Angels become, in a special way, our companion in heaven. In his book, Father says he speaks about the power of silence in prayer as well as the importance of praying when we least feel like it. Father says it was, perhaps, St. Veronica’s guardian angel who prompted her to wipe the blood and mud from the face of Jesus. 

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Define Guardian at

A person who is entrusted by law with the care of the person or property, or both, of another, as a minor or someone legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs. SynonymsSee more synonyms on Is occasionally pronounced with two syllables and with stress on the final syllable: [gahr-deen. This pronunciation is now most characteristic of older, less educated speakers. Examples from the Web for guardian Contemporary Examples According to a ticket seller who spoke to The Guardian. 

The site still receives only 10 visitors a day, on average. Down 29 percent since 2005, according to a Guardian. Historical ExamplesLet me beseech you, Madam, to be the guardian. John Gilman, is engaged to marry my sister Eileen. Not knowing what else to do with me, sent me abroad.British Dictionary definitions for guardiannoun. 

Someone legally appointed to manage the affairs of a person incapable of acting for himself, as a minor or person of unsound mind. In England) a local authority, or person accepted by it, named under the Mental Health Act 1983 as having the powers to require a mentally disordered person to live at a specified place, attend for treatment, and be accessible to a doctor or social worker…(often capital) another word for custos. 

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DonateLife Week: How organ donation has brought two families together.

Vicki Denniss and Elena Reed have an incredible bond. Her son Nicholas received a new liver when he was six months old. Current laws in Australia prevent donor families and recipient families from being put in touch with each other. Denniss has never met the people who received Jess’s organs. Reed has never met the family who donated their child’s liver to Nicholas. 

A few months later, Denniss received a letter from the woman who had received Jess’s heart. Denniss would love to be able to meet the recipients. As for Reed, she says she started thinking about the donor family as soon as Nicholas had received his liver transplant, in early 2017. Watch: Sylvia Jeffreys on why we need opt-out organ donation. It took her two weeks to put what she wanted to say into words. 

Reed was able to work out who the family were, from the timing of when the liver was donated. Denniss and Reed would like the laws in Australia to be changed to allow donor and recipient families to meet up, if both of them want it. 

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