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Angela the Tarot-Reading Angel-Whisperer Fixes My Future

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For some reason the archangel Michael had invited him and Syden to join him. The archangel Michael and Syden weren’t exactly best buddies. As youngsters, Syden had beaten Michael at a game of angel ball and Michael had carried a grudge ever since. Michael conjured up three mugs of ambrosia for them. Like Death, Syden appreciated good music, not just the holy church stuff they were forced to listen to every now and then. 

When Syden and Death were these guys’ ages, they were already trained warriors and fighters in the Lord’s army. Once again, the spotlight landed on the door and another male cupid appeared that Death did not know, but apparently Michael did. To protect him, Michael had left him with the bishops in Rome. Michael had bound them together as he had done Syden and Jaelyn. Death and Syden followed Michael out of the VIP section, down to the stage. 

He caught Six, Syden caught Jaelyn and Michael had Gracien in his arms. Michael reached out and touched one of Gracien’s curls. 

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Can angels harm us?

Tabris, a guardian angel has committed an unforgivable crime. A crime that deserved banishment from God’s presence forever. God has chosen to give him one more chance to make things right. Angry that he would do something so unforgivable to the child he was responsible for; amazed at God’s grace. They do not want to accept Tabris back in their midst and they do not trust him. 

In the meanwhile Tabris is plaqued by guilt and is tempted by Satan to forsake God. He makes a friend however, someone who bears pain for his sake. Who doesn’t back down even when Tabris rejects him. With his friendship and God’s love, Tabris is able to forgive himself and accept God’s forgiveness. It provides reassurance of the protection God offers them. 

The theme of friendship and selflessness is emphasized. It can be recommended for young teens, but also for old people like me, who just want an easy nice read. I also found a nice website on the emotions of angels which can be accessed here. 

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Woman Survives A Machete Attack Thanks To Her Furry Guardian Angel

One woman in England escaped a machete attack all because of her own furry angel! A 20-year-old woman in England who lives alone has a reason to hug her loyal dog even tighter. Late on a Friday night, the single woman went to her back door. The intruders pushed their way in and knocked the young woman down to the ground. The men also had a machete with them, which they used to threaten the poor girl. 

She didn’t stand a chance, especially considering the gang was armed with a machete. That’s when God sent a special angel to save her! The woman’s faithful dog came bounding into the room, barking at the men who’d barged their way in. The intruders were able to escape without being caught. Thankfully, the woman’s dog escaped safely, too. 

As terrifying as the ordeal was, it surely would have been much worse if the young woman’s furry guardian angel hadn’t been there to protect her. God surely has his angels everywhere, even the four-legged kind! 

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Angels and Demons – Jeremiel

So Jeremiel is one of those angels who is less known than Uriel, Gabriel, and Michael. He is one of those angels that gets overlooked by the casual angel observer. He is also very popular in angelic tarot card decks. For me, Jeremiel is the angel of second chances and lost causes. Being a long, lost cause myself, this ingratiated me to the particular angel. 

Like his better known compatriots, Jeremiel is low on the totem pole of the Hierarchy of immortal divinity. Of course, being at the bottom is the only reason these angels get to talk to us at all. It seems Gabriel should have risen to Throne at least. I will have to ask my angel buddy, Jethro, about that. He has always been a bit sensitive about being a guardian angel, the lowest in the divine order. 

I have often wondered who Jethro pissed off to be saddled with me. I stuffed him into the body of a female pug recently, and I am not sure that went over well with him at all. 

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Angels, Creating Jewelry that Inspires the World

Gabriel sounds his horn, announcing his messages while choir after choir of white winged beings sing and strum harps. In the Book of Mormon, concourses of singing angels line the paths of heaven. Hindu religious law says that angels sing to celebrate every instance where women are treated with respect and honor. In Judeo-Christian traditions, Sandalphon is known as heaven’s musical director and the patron of music for people on earth. In the Jewish Hadith, it is said that Moses knew what time it was by when the choirs of singing angels changed shifts. 

Zoroastrian ahuras might sing or play tambourines, while Buddhist devas could contemplate the music of the spheres. Music and angelic beings have gone hand-in-hand for millennia, with the harp and the trumpet being the most popular instruments in their hands. 

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