My Guardian Angel News for 08-06-2018


7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Warning You Of Danger – Awareness Act

We all have guardian angels and sometimes they try to communicate with us. If something or someone intends to do you harm, your guardian angel will send you signals. Far too often we forget to pay attention to the things going on around us. Sometimes we do not notice the small things, but we really need to stop and try to do so. Your guardian angel will send many different kinds of signals to you when you need to be aware of something. 

These signals can sometimes be small things and sometimes big things, it just depends on the situation before you. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that your guardian angel might be trying to let you know about some kind of danger. Sometimes our angels will really push us to feel something in order to get us out of a specific situation. Things really begin distracting you from ‘important’ situations. Your guardian angel will do anything he or she can do to distract you. 

Your guardian angel doesn’t want you to be on time because something bad is going to happen that you need to avoid. Your guardian angel will speak to you in your dreams. 

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Guardian Angels Animal Support

Here is an easy way to make a massive difference for our animals, and the best bit is that it won’t cost you a penny or hours of your time. Next time you are shopping on the internet, please spare a thought for us and register your details at EasyFundraising. Go to EasyFundraising and click ‘Create an account’ followed by ‘I want to support a good cause’. DONE! Now every time you shop online, simply do so through your account on EasyFundraising. 

From their website, find the retailer you’re looking for and do your shopping as normal. Once you have made your purchase, the retailer’s cash donation is automatically processed and passed on to Guardian Angels Animal Support. With EasyFundraising, you can shop online with over 600 UK retailers; they will pay us a percentage of the total amount you spend with them, ranging from 1-15%. Every little helps, and we are extremely grateful for any help we receive. Many thanks from Guardian Angels Animal Support and all your furry friends! 

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Guardian Angels

Your gift helps CatholicTV deliver the Good News into millions of homes across the country. Only with your support can we continue to offer faith-filled, inspiring programs that deepen our faith and connect people with the Church. Anytime you shop on using our affiliate link, you help support the important work of this network. Just shop conveniently online and support your favorite Catholic television station at the same time! Get CatholicTV. 

Here’s a unique way to support CatholicTV! If you, a family member, neighbor or friend in another part of the nation do not have The CatholicTV Network on your cable/satellite system, help bring the network to that neck of the woods! Many viewers say they wish they could do more for CatholicTV, but they are on a fixed income and cannot afford to give more than they already are. By naming CatholicTV in your will, you can make a truly lasting gift and gain financial and tax benefits. 

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Film Score Click Track

In my entryway, a framed, bronze, first-day-issue Newman postage stamp welcomes visitors. Oddly enough for my favorite film composer, I don’t listen to Newman’s scores that much. There is something within Newman’s music that commands my attention. There is something indefinable and the emotional currents caused by his music run astray somewhere on the path from the brain to the cursor. There’s also something intimidating about Newman. 

When I listen to Newman’s music, I keep hoping just a fraction of that magical pixie dust rubs off. Dog toys take up precious, scattered, trippable real estate on the floor. Watson’s fur bunnies tumbling across the dusty hardwood floors. With my eyes closed, there’s nothing cluttered about my life, thank you very much! If there’s any composer I worship, it’s Newman. 

He never wore wings and, from all accounts, he was far from an angel. If I don’t always live up to his standards, that’s okay. 

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Guardian Angel Coloring Poster

His house is burning and falling down around him, but this innocent boy is protected by his guardian angel. The designs are very detailed, providing many opportunities for color variety, and so that you are guaranteed several hours of coloring fun. The artist’s line-work is very clean, with sharp edges and high contrast; giving you more room to play with shading and coloring ideas. We print in the USA on heavy-weight, bright white cardstock that is great for framing and hanging your beatiful artwork on any wall in your home. 

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Maileg, Guardian Angel Mouse

Look who has just flown into the Burrow, it’s Guardian Mouse, and she is here to help us get ready for Christmas this year. She loves making lots of lovely Christmas decorations like snow flakes for the windows, threading popcorn for the tree and drying orange slices to hang in the hall. Guardian Mouse comes wearing shiny gold wings, a removable pink tutu and comes with a pink suitcase with gold starts and angle wings on the front to sleep in – but she wont get much sleep until your house is full with Christmas cheer! 

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