My Guardian Angel News for 08-05-2018

ASMR Guardian Angel Heals your Soul (whispered personal attention)

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In high school some friends and I discovered what you might call an advanced sex ed book, stashed in the school library. It was thin and softcover, like a workbook, and had lots of graphic ink-wash illustrations of naked women and sexual positions. We spent a lunch period giggling over it and then re-hid it inside a larger book we figured no one would ever open, a Native American history book. A few days later I returned alone to the library with the intention of smuggling out this book. This was before the advent of easily-available pornography on the internet, and while all things considered the book was probably pretty tame, by my sheltered 15-year-old virgin standards it was plenty titillating. 

I got down the history book and, when no one was looking, covertly transferred the sex book to my backpack. Then I sat at a table pretending to read something while I gathered my nerve to head for the exit. As far as I knew, with the book safely hidden in my backpack I was scott-free… but there was something nagging at my subconscious, something that told me I shouldn’t try leaving the library with that book. She was tall and had long curly blond hair and pale eyes; in spite of this being a small rural school where pretty much everybody knew everybody, I didn’t recognize her, and anyway she seemed a bit too old to be a high school student. 

Her expression, from what I could make out through the blurriness, seemed intense, and as I stared at her, she seemed to slowly shake her head no. Sure enough, the sex book was not, as I had been assuming, someone’s misplaced personal stash, but an official school library book, and on the inside of the back cover was a white circuit sticker, the kind that sets off anti-theft alarms. I returned the book to its hiding place and then hightailed it out of there, shaky and relieved. 

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Join the CAN-DO Guardian Angel Program

Amy Povah of the CAN-DO Foundation launched the Guardian Angel program to assign volunteers with prisoners seeking mercy through clemency. This program pairs good samaritans who want to get involved with those who desperately need someone to be their voice, eyes and ears on social media, outreach, and to keep them informed with regard to new laws, criminal justice reform efforts, and rapid responders when something goes wrong in the life of an incarcerated individual. We advocate for their freedom, with an emphasis on seeking justice through clemency because they everyone deserves to enhance their chances of reuniting with their families and moving past the stigma of their darkest hour. Guardian Angels Paired with Clemency Applicants:You can find the profiles of each clemency recipient in red on our NOW FREE page. All Angels must join Facebook so we can communicate on a private Facebook Page that will keep everyone informed and provide instructions, advice and answer questions. 

We still have applicants who need a Guardian Angel if you want to volunteer, or know someone who does. You will need to communicate with the clemency applicant using email and/or phone and/or text – please review our Guardian Angel Task Sheet. Executive Director of the program is CAN-DO Founder, Amy Povah. Due to the overwhelming demands to provide these applicants with the tools they need to be successful, Amy realized she needed an army to assist CAN-DO with the herculean task of securing freedom. The response to assist has been overwhelming and we want to thank each and ever Guardian Angel who has accepted this challenge. 

She talked about the Guardian Angel program and the station encouraged people to get involved! If you don’t have time to be a Guardian Angel but want to help with the cause in some other way, we are open to suggestions. 

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Are There Guardian Angels?

I agree that guardian angels does not appear to be a biblical doctrine. I am trying to show the various myths surrounding angels. This has become a difficult task because our church has been viewing a video series about Angels and Demons. I won’t say who the author of the series is, but only that the series is steeped in tradition, and teachings of man, and unfortunately the author of this series is a highly respected theologian of the reformed doctrines of sovereign grace. Since a messenger can be either human being or spirit being, the context would determine which. 13:1-2 should be translated human because we never know when we might be showing hospitality and the goodness of God to those who are the elect of God, but have not yet come to saving grace. 

Tony Warren has an excellent article on these particular verses. I want to show that any apparent, supernatural angelic visit coming after the last of the apostles, or the completion of the Bible can only be from Satan and his demonic forces. I would like to prove that God no longer brings messages through angel visitation. Dave, I have a pretty early King James translation which translates Heb. This translation better proves that angels do appear to have some role in watching over, or keeping safe those who will become saved. 

This is such a touchy feely doctrine, and emotions run high when trying to dispute unbiblical doctrines concerning these messengers sent from God. 

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