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A Study Of Angels

As Christians over the years have told it, angels have their counterparts on the ‘dark side’: demons. Angels are a very different thing from the so-called ‘spirit guides’. People from many times and cultures insist that angels have another task: that of being a guardian for specific people. Jesus speaks of children as having their own angels. In their guardian roles, angels are in no way dainty, Precious Moments-like creampuffs. 

In an emergency role, guardian angels can be like a divinely-sent first responder. There are some writers who have done a lot of hard thinking about the way the Bible itself sometimes acts as if there are angels and demons working on societies, institutions, group identities, and neighborhoods. The Bible refuses to do that, instead stressing that the group itself is changed by God’s work – sometimes with the help of angels – through humans who are working for the group’s sake. Even today, the Internet is full of talk about supposed angels with names that are made up to sound vaguely biblical. The main Roman Catholic angel tradition goes back to the fifth century and Pseudo-Dionysius’ study on angels, *The Celestial Hierarchy*. 

The truth is, the realm of divine angels is simply beyond us. Angels cannot repair our broken relationship with God. 

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Guardian Angel Cross

Various lines of thought have been generated and a Guardian Angel is generally understood to be the particular angel who looks over each of us; from the day we are born to the day we die. There are lots of us, billions in fact, and assuming a one-to-one relationship, there must be an awful lot of Guardian Angels out there, waiting for our prayers and act as interface with God. These guys tend to be the guardian angels for nations, and their numbers run into the hundreds rather than the billions. The angel wings remain in art, literature and of course, movies. We’re narrowing the topic down even further to talk about just the Guardian Angel Cross. 

Angels are spirits, and unlike Jesus, they have never been nailed to a cross – indeed, they have never been human. Therefore depicting an angel on a cross is nonsensical. Angels are not to be worshipped and the Angel Cross could easily become an idol. So whilst not revering them, people might have a Guardian Angel Cross to remind them of their Guardian Angel. Life is not all a bed of roses and it’s not our Guardian Angel’s job to make it so. 

If Guardian Angels made sure life was all happiness and joy, this would take away the freewill. Guardian angels are there to guide us through our lives here on earth. 

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Search Guardian angel-Hadithi

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Guardians For Animals, a 501(c)(3)

GFA is dedicated to helping rescues and sanctuaries save the lives of abused, neglected and homeless animals. Last year GFA helped rescues to save over 3,300 death row shelter animals. GFA helps to support over 17 NO KILL Affiliate rescues who work closely with local shelters to save as many death row animals as possible. Without these dedicated rescues, thousands of animals right here in Michigan will never have a chance to survive. SIX to EIGHT MILLION animals enter U.S. 

Shelters each year. Please join our mission to save these innocent animals and help reach our goal of no animal left behind. GFA supports NO KILL rescues to save doomed animals in shelters. Please help us to save abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Your chip(s) will be donated to rescue animals awaiting adoption. 

Last year GFA helped our 20 affiliate rescues to save over 3,000 death row shelter animals. In honor of Angel and others like her, we invite you to become an Angel Guardian to the many animals who need your help in order to survive. Please help GFA and our affiliate rescues to continue to be the safe place for all the homeless animals in need. 

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