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Here’s an Ancient Ritual for Contacting Your Holy Guardian Angel

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is a ritual for contacting one’s own Holy Guardian Angel. Considered the one supremely important magical ritual by Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn, it has deeply shaped modern occulture. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is a European Kabbalistic grimoire or book of magick that purports to be a method whereby an individual can make contact with their Holy Guardian Angel. The Book of Abramelin is regarded primarily as a guide for the conjuration of a Holy Guardian Angel or Spirit. Crowley himself performed the primary ritual of Abramelin twice. 

The second book, which was of primary interest to Hermetic scholars like Crowley, outlines the Abramelin Operation, a ritual process that lasts for 6 to 18 months. According to the text, when the ritual is undertaken properly, the process leads to communication with the Holy Guardian Angel or Spirit. Many modern Kabbalah practitioners believe that the initiates of the Abramelin era used the ritual as a tool to transform the mind into something more closely resembling the mind of God. Like some Tantric rituals from Tibetan Buddhism, the eventual visualization of the Holy Guardian Spirit may be more of a deeply meditative, transformative thought exercise than a literal summoning ritual. You’ll want to read the original text of the book in its entirety, particularly the sections on what should be considered before undertaking the process, and the ritual specifications for building an altar and other ceremonial objects. 

Ritual washing in the morning before sunrise, followed by a prayer for visitation from the Holy Guardian Angel, in a designated space with an open window and altar. Some take a fundamentalist approach, believing that the ritual actually achieves the conjuration of supernatural entities and the acquisition of divine powers. 

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A Guide to Spirit Guides & Angels

With you, walks your greatest and most loyal friends: Spirit Guides and Angels. A guardian Angel is not necessarily an angel at all, but your ‘Guardian’ or ‘Gatekeeper’ Spirit Guide. I could say this about other guides and angels as well, but I feel a difference between his energy and others, something I can’t explain in words. ANGELS. The angels that you’re most familiar with are in the last order. 

I long believed that angels were the same as spirit guides, and that they have been traditionally depicted with wings because they are not bound by the laws of gravity, being spiritual/non-physical beings. Someone who believed deeply in angels may tend to see guides from spirit with wings, while someone who was a UFO buff may have experiences of meeting with benign creatures from other planets. Sensing the presence of an angel from within involves the least amount of physical perception, it is like the spirit in the triad of mind, body and spirit. To physically experience an angel, either as another human being or through physical contact, correlates to the body of mind, body and spirit. Just as we on earth have our shamans, mystics, seers and healers, angels have the unique ability to travel between the worlds; they’re like shamans from the other side. 

It is said that the difference between humans and angels is that angels do not have free choice, their lives are dedicated to service. For some reason, Angels have more of an ability to intervene on Earth than Spirit Guides do. Working with your Spirit Guides and Angels can be a very beneficial experience for you. 

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This angel is from the order of the PrincipalitiesHere is the information about this God name. Aid when you have no agenda, give motivation for self interest, ulterior motives and hidden agendas, give way to pure acts of friendship, unconditional love and giving. Can take you out of the way for create true and loving friends, joy and fulfilment. This Psalm is divided into 22 equal parts, corresponding to the 22 Hebrew letters and to the 22 sacred names of God, which correspond to each of these letters, and which indicate the ladder by which wise men climb towards the contemplation of God. NuNuAEL Nanael – Governs the high sciences. 

Melancholy humor, avoids rest, meditation, well-versed in the abstract sciences. Degree up to the 265th degree inclusive, corresponding to the twenty seventh decade and to the angel called Chomme, under the influence of Saturn. This angel rules over the high sciences; he influences religious men, teachers, magistrates and men of law. The person born under this influence will possess a. melancholic demeanor; he will pursue a private life, rest and meditation, and he will distinguish himself through his knowledge of the abstract sciences. 

Meditate on this name for bring motivation of self-interest, ulterior motives, and hidden agendas give way to pure acts of friendship, unconditional love, and giving. When you take yourself out of the way, you create a space for true and loving friends, joy and fulfillment. The negative side of this angel rules over ignorance and all bad qualities of body and soul. 

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