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7 Signs that Your Guardian Angel is Nearby – True Facts

Guardian Angels of America Foundation

Children spending their days at a hospital can be lonely. A simple toy can cheer them up and give them hope and inspiration to get well. That’s when Ms. Loi Herrera thought of starting a toy drive in 2002. Ms. 

Herrera was able to send at that time, two boxes of toys that she and her daughter Marisse solicited from friends and relatives. Another box of toys was added by then Forex Cargo CEO, Mac Carino, who agreed to sponsor the shipment of the boxes for free. Forex Cargo continued to sponsor the shipment of the toys through J.P. Carino-CEO. This time, Loi with her first volunteer, Marisse, personally went back home to see to it that the toys are actually reaching the hands of the sick and poor children in the Philippines. 

The toy drive project has grown from three balikbayan boxes in 2002 to ninety seven in 2010, in partnership with Forex Cargo. The toy collection has reached at the highest, 10,000 pieces that came from donations from Filipino-American community, purchases from thrift stores, purchases from garage sales and some donations from toy companies. That’s when Ms. Herrera thought that giving toys is not enough. Today, GAAF still thrive after 10 years of serving the sick & poor children in the Philippines. 

Ms. Herrera believes that angels exist; only sometimes they don’t have wings. They are called friends or partners and they are the reason that poor children experience the joy of having a toy at Christmas time. 

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She balances life, nature & does feminine things in heaven! Pronounce the secret name correctly & you will have all your wishes granted by GOD! The CD / MP3 is programmed to command the 10 Angels Above to reveal the Secret Name to those that reach them! GODS SPECIAL GUARDIAN ANGELS. ANG-98 SHEKIN. 

ANG-99 BEELZEBUB. ANG-100 LILITH. Lilith gives you sexual freedom you never before experienced! She fulfills sexual fantasies and frequently joins in! Lilith is a hot, fiery beautiful naked woman Angel who grants. 

She was the first feminist because she refused to lie beneath. Lilith wanted to lie beside or astride Adam as his equal! When he said NO she went to live and make love with the. BIG NOTE…Copies of our script OR technical process information are never available to anyone for obvious business & competition reasons! You Wouldn’t Ask COCA COLA For the COKE Formula So… 

PLEASE DON’T ASK ME!(Your script of course is strictly confidential!). NOTE… For those of you who BELIEVE in the power of the mind, in magick, in metaphysics or spirituality… No Explanation of How These CD / MP3’s Work Is Necessary! For those of you who DO NOT BELIEVE … 

NO EXPLANATION IS POSSIBLE!Close minded people, agnostics & skeptics listen… Our CD / MP3’s are not for you! 

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In the month of November we celebrate the feast of the entire angelic host, which includes our closest friends in this world – our guardian angels. Although we cannot see the angels with our physical eyes, if we open the eyes of our hearts and minds, we will realize the great significance angels have in our lives. The first such beings to be created were the angels. Though the angels possessed a great deal of perfection, they were not absolutely perfect, and so were open to the influence of passions. Driven out from heaven by the bright angels and tormented by their own rage, they fell with the speed of lightning into the abyss of hell. 

The angels who had remained faithful to God now became absolutely perfect. The angels are like a model of the perfection and the majesty of God. The angels are also endowed with superior strength and might, by means of which they are able, in accordance with Gods will, to act upon bodies and the physical world. As much as the bright angels are perfect and blissful, so the fallen angels, together with their leader Satan, are horrible and evil. The angels are the friends and brothers of the people on earth. 

Truly, in the words of King David, man is a being who is only slightly lower than the angels. The angels love us and participate wholeheartedly in our salvation, which is just as precious to them as their own holiness. 

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How To Talk To Angels And Hear Their Voices

Angels were created to guide and help those of us on earth! The block in angel communication is not that angels are not talking to us, but people do not know how to talk to them! So learning to talk to them is important. When you want to know how to talk to angels, you need to understand that they are always with you. Ironically, most people think that Guardian Angels are the highest angels in the angel hierarchy. 

The truth is, Guardian Angels and Archangels, are the lowest on the hierarchy in the angel realms. There are several other types of angels that are higher in the angel hierarchy. Your Angels can help you and guide you with anything that you need help or guidance on. There are a few things that are important to understand when you want to know how to talk to angels. So the technique I’m going to teach you, is going to open you to the different ways that angels can talk to you. 

The truth is, your angels will talk to you using your own inner voice. Silently talk to your angels, telling them your problem or situation, and let them know you would like their help or guidance on it.6. Learning how to talk to angels can be accomplished with practice and patience. If you practice and use the above method on a daily basis, you will know how to talk to angels, and you will also know how to hear them when they talk back to you! 

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