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Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society

After studying at Yale and Notre Dame Universities, he began and continued his journey to the priesthood at seminaries in Rochester, New York. During 50 years of priestly ministry, Father Champlin served as pastor in three parishes within his Diocese including rector at St. Joseph’s Church of Camillus, New York, rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse, New York and sacramental priest at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Warners, New York. Father Champlin traveled more than two million miles here and abroad during these years lecturing on liturgical and pastoral matters as well as conducting retreats for priests and missions for parishes. For many years he authored a weekly column on the liturgy and worship distributed by the NC News Service and has also appeared in about a dozen videos and made numerous television appearances. 

Liturgical Press published a booklet by Father Champlin called: A Way of Life. In 2004, Alba House published From Time to Eternity and Back, a personalized account of Father’s struggle with Waldenstrom’s Disease, a rare form of bone marrow cancer. The last book was consistently at the top of bestselling Catholic Spanish books list for quite a while. In 1997, Father Champlin founded the Guardian Angel Society, a non-profit effort to assist children in the Central New York area from diverse, below poverty level homes with their education. His legacy lives on as the Guardian Angel Society continues to provide tuition assistance as well as mentor and tutor support to underprivileged children in the community who come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. 

Its goal as Father Champlin put in place is to equip these students with a strong educational foundation focused on solid values, so they may become productive citizens and break the cycle of poverty. Radio listeners worldwide heard Father Champlin offer his spiritual suggestions to de-stress life. Father Champlin’s Spiritual Suggestions cd is available for purchase. 

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Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are angels who are attached to a person from birth to death, providing constant guidance, protection, and companionship. The concept of GUARDIAN SPIRITS is ancient and universal; guardian angels are developed most in Christianity and are particularly prominent in Catholicism. Guardian angels are not expressly named so in the Bible, but the concept of personal angels is established in various passages. Some church fathers believed that the guardian angel was installed at baptism, whereas others, such as Aquinas, Jerome, and Anselm, believed that the guardian angel appears at birth. The guardian angel has also been called the Angel OF PRAYER, Angel OF PEACE, and Angel OF REPENTANCE. 

CATHOLIC TEACHINGS. The Catholic Church has taught from the Middle Ages on that every person has a guardian angel. Angels are joyful and happy to promote the welfare of human souls, for it is the will of God, and angels serve God. Feasts of the guardian angels are observed on October 2 and in some places on the first Sunday of September. Although angels manifest when necessary, such as their appearance to the shepherds at Bethlehem to announce the birth of Jesus, and their appearances at his tomb and after his Ascension, guardian angels influence us without being seen or heard. 

Descriptions speak of guardian angels who were not always cheerful, but capable of remonstration. Pio would tell people that whenever they were in need of his prayer, to address his guardian angel through their guardian angels. GUARDIAN Angels IN EASTERN ORTHODOXY. Guardian angels have a presence in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Guardian Angels of Stars and Nations People are not the only recipients of guardian angels; the early church fathers assigned a particular angel to the stars and everything in the heavens; to everything in the natural world; and to the elements. 

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Bound Guardian Angel Update

Because I’ve received so many question about when Trace’s book will be published, I thought I should write a Bound Guardian Angel update. I originally wanted to publish Bound Guardian Angel at the end of summer. I’ve had some professional obligations that reduced the amount of time I thought I would have to write, which greatly influenced finishing Bound Guardian Angel. The first draft of Bound Guardian Angel is finished and has been beta read. However, based on feedback, my character’s voices, and my own writer’s intuition, I need to do major revisions before the book is ready. 

The Strong Karma Trilogy is finally finished and all three books published, which means the AKM books are all talking again, including Bound Guardian Angel. If you’re interested in checking out Strong Karma, here are the Amazon links: Good Karma, book 1 – currently FREE. Coming Back To You, book 2. Thank God, because I’ve got a lot of AKM books to write. In the last couple of months, in preparation for revising Bound Guardian Angel, I reread all the AKM books, updated my series bible, reviewed all my notes, and began jotting down new notes. 

I began to see how Bound Guardian Angel’s first draft was really 3-5 stories in one and that Trace nor Cordray really got the attention they deserved or needed. I’ve begun creating a working outline for how I’m going to split out the material into the next 3-5 books and devote more of Bound Guardian Angel to the lucky couple. What I’m trying to do during the remainder of 2015 is redraft Bound Guardian Angel and draft the next few books. I hope this clears up the mystery and helps y’all understand where things stand with Bound Guardian Angel. 

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