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Ezra’s eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room, searching for and finally settling on the unconscious man sprawled on the hard floor. Finding someone who loved to hear himself talk and loved even more being listened to, Ezra had discovered the young man was an archaeologist kidnapped by the group to give them price estimates on the artifacts they had stolen. According to what the person introducing himself as Ezra had been able to impart, Daniel wasn’t being held for money. Ezra leaned casually against the wall appearing bored and uninterested, his eyes following the two men on either side of Daniel as they hurried the young man down the hall. Ezra had played on the man’s knowledge that the ATF was watching him and quickly convinced the leader, he could procure all types and quantities of supplies needed to run his compound. 

Ezra had done everything possible to prevent them getting a close look at him but he wasn’t fool-hearty enough to bet both his and Daniel’s life on the possibility they didn’t see him or wouldn’t recognize him. Finally winded, Ezra stopped and leaned his back against a tree, his hands on his knees, his green eyed gaze going to the young man beside him, realizing the scientist was in better shape than he thought. Daniel accepted the proffered hand, pushed to his feet and followed the other man, his expression thoughtful behind his frown as he studied Ezra’s back. Ezra could hear his teeth chattering and would have offered the scientist his ruined jacket but it was just as wet as what the man was wearing. Ezra choked back the laughter not wanting to embarrass the other man. 

In all fairness to Larabee, the circumstances of Ezra’s involvement didn’t lessen the man’s worry or make it any less valid. Daniel, hearing Ezra’s scream, automatically jerked around, grabbing for the falling agent with one hand and totally off balance, felt himself falling as well. 

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Guardian Angels Training, New York City

A few years back I had the opportunity of doing some martial arts training with the Guardian Angels. I knew who they were; they could be none other than the legendary Guardian Angels of New York City, those selfless men and women who patrol the city and help keep it safe. It was the summer of 2003 and I was in the USA to train at Karate College and here I get to meet some of the Angels. We got into a brief talk about martial arts training, krav maga,and the work they do in New York City. After telling them about my martial arts training they invited me to join them later that evening for their own street martial arts practice, how could I pass up such an offer. 

I joined them at their training center; a cluttered room in the Manhattan office. Not your typical workout area but then again, they are not training for a tournament; they are training for the street and this was the perfect environment. One of the best aspects of the training was learning about team work; working as a team, third party intervention, correct positioning of team members. Coming full circle I had the honor of training members of the Guardian Angels in Edmonton, Canada. November 24/08 – EDMONTON GUARDIAN ANGELS. 4 members of the Edmonton Guardian Angels, along with perhaps 50 or more other people, attended a Krav Maga seminar put on by Moshe D. 

Katz , 4th Dan Black Belt and Head Instructor with Israeli Krav International. We greatly appreciated Moshe D. Katz traveling from Israel, the opportunity to train with him, and also to speak at length with him after the seminar about this unique and very effective martial art. Moshe D. Katz is a supporter of the Guardian Angels and once patrolled and trained with them after seeing them on the streets of New York City. 

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Angels of the Bible children’s story

Some of the angels in the Bible that sent messages are: the angels that announced Jesus birth, they were at the tomb to tell Mary and Martha that Jesus was alive, and the angel, Gabriel, that told Mary she would have a son. So you can see angels are important, but they’re not more important than God, they serve God. Most of the angels chose to follow God and work for him and some of the angels went to work for the devil instead. It’s good to know there is a devil, just because he sometimes tries to trick us into thinking that bad things are fun or good. Keep in mind, God and his angels are much more powerful than the devil, after all the devil was an angel, but he began to think he was better than God. 

Another way angels are like us, is that they don’t know everything God knows. The Bible says that not even the angels know when he is going to come and take us to heaven. The Bible also says that angels never die in Luke 20:36. Remember that God made angels and He is the only one we should pray to, but its certainly okay to thank God for angels and to pray for them if you want. When people saw angels in Bible times they were often afraid at first. 

If you think about it, we don’t need a guardian angel, angels can’t be everywhere and know everything like God, and He is always with us. Some of the angels talked about in the Bible are Michael an archangel which means the prince of angels, and Gabriel is another angel named in the Bible and he was the angel that told Mary she would have a baby and to name him Jesus. One of the best things about angels is that whenever someone becomes a Christian they sing and rejoice, in other words they have a big party! One day we can look forward to singing to God with the angels someday in heaven. 

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