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Angels ۞ Whispering Worlds

Angels typically have wings, are delicately beautiful and either glow or are surrounded by an Aura. Archangel Gabriel, is described as having 140 pairs of wings!According to the Jewish faith, each child has 11,000 guardian angels at birth. Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing who is the friendliest and merriest of all the angels. There are nine orders, or groups, of angels that surround God. The angels in the first triad communicate directly with God, then pass their knowledge on to the second triad, who pass it on to the third triad, who pass it on to human beings. 

Angels closest to God who appear to humans with 6 wings and 4 heads. Angels who oversee other angels to make sure they do their duties. Among these are the guardian angels who are assigned to every human at birth. Hell’s angels are fallen angels, now the devils and demons of the underworld. Angels make music with their voices and by beating their wings. 

Angels speak all languages, and always know which ones humans will understand. Angel fever peaked in the 13th century, when angels were thought to move the stars and govern the planets, seasons, months, days, and hours. 

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Guardian Angel Samuel

Guardian Angel Samuel – also known as the angel of health. Guardian Angel Samuel is also known as the angel of the first hour of the day, followed by: Anael, Vequaniel, Vahrmiel, Sasquiel, Saniel, Barquiel, Osmadiel, Quabriel, Oriel, Bariel and Beratiel. Samuel, under the name Samuil, appears in Enoch II, 33. Guardian Angel Samuel is the divine angel of health. He is the patron of hospitals and alternative healing institutes. 

He is the patron of doctors, therapists, nurses and healers. He heals physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas. This beautiful angel shows you to importance of taking a break. Use this color on your altar to invoke this powerful angel. Visualize this color in your meditation sessions. 

It brings your body to the resonance of of Samuel’s healing energy. He will brings his army of healing angels to restore your health. 

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Do Guardian Angels Have Wings Wings? 2018

There are definitely two types of angels mentioned in the Bible that have wings: cherubim and seraphim. Cherubim and seraphim are two types of angels, possibly the two highest orders of angels. Other verses talk about angels flying, and we assume that the wings would be useful for that flight. I suspect that angels can move around without having to depend on wings. The belief in guardian angels has been around for a long time, but there is no explicit scriptural basis for it. 

The angel in the scene is without wings, but other figures on the sarcophagus do have wings, suggesting that the time it was carved-around A.D. 359-saw a general shift in the perceptions about what angels look like. By the end of the century, angels were firmly associated with the appearance of winged pagan gods and goddesses. 

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