My Guardian Angel News for 07-20-2018

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My Guardian Angel News for 07-11-2018

So I pray to my holy guardian angelCome what may, to my holy guardian angelSo I pray to my holy guardian angelIn the witching hour. So I pray to my holy guardian angelAt the end of the day, to my holy guardian angelSo I pray to my holy guardian angelIn the witching hour. So I pray to my holy guardian angelAt the end of the day, to my holy guardian angelSo I pray to my holy guardian angelIn the witching hourIn the witching hour. Holy guardian angelHoly guardian angelHoly guardian angelIn the witching hour. Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1926 at the corner of Mayfield and Hayes in northeast Detroit. 

Three years later, the church established a parochial school, with the first wing of School of the Guardian Angels being completed in 1929. Historic pictures are from the Guardian Angels Alumni Facebook page. Contact Us. If you would like to directly support the care of one or more of our shelter animals, the Guardian Angels program is for you. Your annual, tax-deductible Guardian Angels contribution will help underwrite the costs we incur to provide food, medical care, treatment, and enrichment for our animals. 

As a Guardian Angel, you can select a specific animal you see on our website or Facebook page or you can designate your donation for general use. You will be recognized in the shelter, on our website, and in our newsletter as a special Guardian Angels participant. This is a story of what I believe was my baby’s guardian angel. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 07-09-2018

Presently 38% of the student body receives Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Scholarships. To inquire about a Guardian Angel Scholarship contact Lori Schaub at. Financial assistance scholarship forms are available and made possible by the Guardian Angel Scholarship fund. The Jesuits established the Mission of the Guardian Angel at Chicago in 1696. This is probably where the Mission of the Guardian Angel was located. 

Angel NameDescriptionCrystal ColorAbdizuel Guardian of the Twelfth Mansion of the Moon and is associated with Leo Dk Turquoise Abrinael Guardian of the Twenty-Fourth Mansion of the Moon and is associated with Aquarius. Cassiel is also the Angel of Temperence, the Angel of Solitude, and the Angel of Tears. Gabriel is also the Angel of Pregnancies/Child Birth, the Angel of the North Wind, Creativity, and Truth. Clear Haniel Haniel or Hanael is known as the Victory Angel, the Tree of Life, the Angel of Friday, Venus, and is the Governor of the sign of Capricorn. GUARDIAN ANGELS OF THE SIGN OF TAURUS.:April 21 to 25: ACHAIAH – the angel of patience April 26 to 30: CAHETEL – One of 8 seraphim; rules over agricultural May 1 to 5: HAZIEL – A cherub invoked to obtain the pity of God. 

June 2 to July 6: NELCHAEL – Appears to be a fallen angel, teaches astronomy, July 7 to 11: YEIAYEL – One of the angels of the zodiac. The Angel of January – The January angel takes our hand as we seek glean understanding from our lessons of the past year. 

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INTRODUCTION to ANGELS & ARCHANGELS Angels: Angels are God’s helpers, and messengers of Divine wisdom. Angels love to help us with anything that we ask for and are always by our sides no matter what. For us to receive Angelic help we only need to ask for it, and be willing to allow them to help. Guardian Angels: Every person is born with at least 2 guardian angels, which stand by your side from birth to the time we depart. One angel is there to help you awaken; it’s constantly reminding you of your highest self, and life purpose, and encouraging you forward. 

The other guardian angel is there to comfort and love you, nurturing you, calling forth your best. Angelic Assistance Team: Your Angelic Assistance Team is made up of: your two guardian angels, archangels assigned to you, based on needs of the moment, ascended masters whos expertise match your soul’s path, and spirit guides, which includes deceased ancestors from our maternal and paternal bloodlines. Can also include special angels and guides as requested by you, called up for specific problems, or to learn, or improve a skill or quality. Whatever your issue, whatever your need, call upon God and the angels for support, and it will come. Michael: King of all angels, cleanses fears and lower level energies, helps with life purpose guidance. 

Metatron: Cleansing chakras, balancing energy, life purpose helping children. Sandalphon: Music angel, brings joy, increased vitality. 

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Personal Crisis Response

Guardian Angel has been that to many clients, providing a 24/7 service. You are heard, you are not alone and your Guardian Angel will be at your side. Life carries on beyond 9-5 and so does Guardian Angel, offering the help, support and service that you need. Harmonise you energetically to make you feel better and remove panic. This is not a matter of pep talk or advice but energetic calm which is instant once Guardian Angel shifts your energy in real time on the spot. 

Provide remote and direct healing throughout to remove any spiritual or physical damage done. Act directly in person as your Guardian Angel Companion to help deal with the emergency. Be there on call throughout this period until the emergency has passed, providing not just one person but an entire team for you. Spiritually and energetically manipulate your reality and of those around you to vastly reduce the likelyhood of the emergency coming to pass. Sense out and provide real-time feedback and information on what is going on as the emergency manifests, helping you to feel more on top and in control of the situation. 

Further to the above, provide guidance to ensure you make the correct decisions at the correct times in the correct ways. On occasions when you must make the right decisions and have no margin for error, Guardian Angel will help navigate you through the pathway of potential futures to greatly increase your chances of the best outcome. 

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