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The Seekers Guardian Angel Guiding Light (1997)


The Wedding Committee helps the bridal couple set-up the church and other details on the wedding day, helping things run smoothly. Members divide the duties among themselves, depending on each couples’ needs. Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest and deacon in distributing Holy Communion at Mass. Some are designated to prepare the bread and wine and arrange the vessels before Mass, and to cleanse the vessels after Mass. EM’s are required by the Diocese of Cleveland to take a class and receive certification before serving in the local parish. 

Adults are also needed who are available to serve for weekday and funeral Masses. Established in 1914 under the patronage of St. Clare, foundress of the women Franciscans, the St. Clare Altar Society serves the needs of the parish through the daily Rosary devotion, assisting in the cleaning of the church and fundraising. Helpers are needed occasionally to decorate the church for specific seasons of the church year. 

Ladder-climbers and box-carriers are especially needed. Ushers assist those who need help finding a seat at Mass, and collect and secure the offering during Mass. This is also a good ministry for families to do together. Our On-Line Prayer Group needs people committed to praying together. We invites and encourage others to share their prayer needs and as a group, we offer prayers of praise, petition and thanksgiving to God. 

The Greeters were formed in late 2009 to welcome families and individuals to Guardian Angels Church as they enter church for weekend Masses. Greeters also assist the ushers in helping handicapped or elderly parishioners as they enter and leave the church. 

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Mother looking to thank ‘guardian angel’ who helped save son at Elora Gorge

On June 30, Joanne Beckett was enjoying a walk at the gorge with her boyfriend and two young children when her eight-year-old son Zak fell and hit his head on a rock. Beckett said she had turned for just a moment to help Zak’s sister down the last step at the gorge when she heard him. Beckett reached down to pick Zak up and carried him up the 60 steps. That is when Beckett says their guardian angel appeared. Beckett says some visitors to the gorge who had been rappelling that day heard Zak’s scream, which prompted a woman to bring a military medic to the top of the stairs. 

She says the medic quickly assessed Zak before calmly and skillfully applying a bandage to his head. Beckett says he sat on the grass with Zak laid against his chest, speaking reassuringly to him until paramedics arrived. Beckett said it wasn’t until they were on the way to the hospital when she realized she didn’t ask the medic his name. Now, Beckett is looking to thank the man who helped save her son’s life. Beckett took to Facebook, telling the story in a lengthy post in the hopes that it would be shared wide enough to reach their hero. 

Beckett says she knows very little about the medic, just that he was from Toronto, was stationed in Alberta and had possibly trained last week at Canadian Forces Base Borden, just outside Barrie. Beckett’s post has now been shared more than 11,000 times on Facebook, but she has received no indication that the medic has seen it. Beckett says she never intended the post to go viral – she simply wanted to thank the medic for saving her son. 

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In the Christian religion, angels are spiritual beings who serve God. The Bible teaches that angels were created by God, but it doesn’t say when they were created. More specifically, the Bible depicts angels bringing messages to God’s people, protecting God’s people, and bringing judgment upon God’s enemies. Many people today are interested in guardian angels and whether or not the Bible teaches that God assigns every person, or every believer, a guardian angel. In 1994, 72% of Americans said they believed in angels; in 2004, 78% indicated belief in angels. 

In the New Testament, angels appear as the ministers of God and the agents of revelation; and Jesus speaks of angels as fulfilling such functions, implying in one saying that they neither marry nor are given in marriage. The distinction of good and bad angels is recognized in Scripture; for example, a good angel is Gabriel. Angels possess the beatific vision, or the unencumbered understanding of God. Some Christian traditions hold that angels are organized into three major Hierarchies which are subdivided into orders or Choirs, and list as many as ten orders of angels. Some Christian traditions also hold that angels play a variety of specific roles in the lives of believers. 

Each consecrated altar has at least one angel always present offering up prayers, and a number of angels join the congregation when they meet to pray. In many informal folk beliefs among Christians concerning the afterlife, the souls of the virtuous dead ascend into Heaven to be converted into angels. 

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