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Special Populations in Cape Coral, FL. MISSION STATEMENTThe mission of the Guardian Angels for Special Populations is: To provide the Special Populations Center in Cape Coral, Florida with the volunteers needed for its programs and events;. GUARDIAN ANGELS MEETINGSThe Guardian Angels meet monthly to receive updates on fund raising events, prepare grants and enjoy pot luck dinners. Join the current members the Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Freida B. Smith Special Populations Center, 410 Santa Barbara Boulevard, Cape Coral or contact Guardian Angels at 574-0574 for information. 

HOW WE HELP The Guardian Angels for Special Populations is a volunteer, non-profit, tax exempt 501 organization providing support to the programs at the Freida B. Smith Special Populations Center in Cape Coral, Florida. Since April 1996 the Guardian Angels for Special Populations has raised funds through community-wide fundraising events and grants. SPEAKERS FOR YOUR GROUPThe Guardian Angels for Special Populations has spoken with groups throughout the city to spread the word about the unique programs available to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the City of Cape Coral. We would be happy to provide a speaker and/or information to your group about the Guardian Angels as well as Special Populations. 

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESVolunteer your TIME assisting with programs and/or the Guardian Angels for Special Populations fundraisers. Guardian ad litem legal definition of guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem is a unique type of guardian in a relationship that has been created by a court order only for the duration of a legal action. Because states had generally modeled their civil court processes on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the role of guardian ad litem was well established. There is a resurgence among a diverse US population who believe that guardian angels not only exist, but claim to have a working relationship with them. 

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Guardian Angel Hall and the Leach College of Nursing

The Leach College of Nursing has a long history of excellence in the Joliet area, beginning with the Sisters of St. Francis of St. Mary Immaculate, who founded the University of St. Francis. Because the college outgrew its space at USF’s main campus, it will soon begin a new chapter in nursing education. 

In 2014, the university purchased the former Guardian Angel Home in Joliet from the Sisters of St. Francis. The historic building and environs, called St. Clare Campus in honor of Clare of Assisi, has been renovated to become the new home of the Leach College of Nursing. Classes began at Guardian Angel Hall in fall of 2016. 

By enhancing an already high quality of nursing education, USF will ensure its nursing students will remain the best prepared in their field and the most passionate in their profession, with the strong Franciscan values of respect, service, integrity and compassion to guide them. To ensure that USF nursing students receive a challenging, real-world education in a competitive learning environment, four new simulation laboratories have been built at Guardian Angel Hall. By increasing the number of labs and required lab time, more students will be educated at the high level of professional competency that will be desired and required by their future employers. Two of the labs contain a Laerdal SimMan, a life-sized medical mannequin with high fidelity simulators that replicate accurate physiological processes such as dilating pupils, breathing and heart sounds, and palpable pulses. Students have immediate access to the Internet, YouTube and other online resources essential to the learning process. 

There’s never been a better time to get involved in the University of St. Francis nursing program. Please call the USF Welcome Center to schedule a visit so you can tour the campus and facilities, meet instructors and students, and envision life as a University of St. Francis nurse. 

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Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery

Guardian angel tattoos are meant to do exactly what their name suggests to protect people. Religious people all over the world truly believe in the protection power guardian angel tattoos can offer and choose designs that match their desires. Let’s take for example one of the most popular forms of tattoos, one that has become even famous being adopted by numerous celebrities – angel tattoos. As said, the options regarding angel tattoos are endless, therefore we’ll turn our heads to the fallen angel tattoo, as it is a very powerful, impressive visual. The tattoo of fallen angel is usually done in a darker ink than all the other angel tattoos. 

Depending on the message you want to put out there or its significance, the angel tattoo on your back can take the form of an archangel, a guardian one or the fallen angel depiction. That’s why, in devil and angel tattoos, the angel often comes with the halo, white clouds and sometimes even beatific light rays, as to withstand his foe. A traditional devil angel tattoos is less popular, but some people prefer it. While some angel tattoos illustrate these spirit epitomes as kind, loving and peaceful heavenly figures, others tattoos place the accent on the divine strength invested in them, illustrating angels while battling demons or fulfilling their duties as guardians. Interestingly, angel tattoo designs and variations of these are equally popular among both sexes, although men generally tend to opt for angel representations belonging to the opposite sex, while women prefer depictions of powerful and more protective angel figures. 

The list of common angel tattoo variations also encompasses angel wing tattoos, archangel tattoos, fallen angel tattoos, as well as Angel of Death Tattoos. Although there are myriad ready-made angel tattoos to choose from, increasing numbers of tattoo enthusiasts nowadays opt for original, personalized, tasteful and artistic designs tailored to address their expectations and needs. 

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