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A Little Information for you…about angels…. They are pure spirits, the closest image and likeness of the Creator, were the effect of a divine act of creation. They have been given the name of angels or messengers because their most common duty is to fulfill His word to children here on earth. GUARDIAN ANGELS. Just as kings give their children a tutor, an attendant from their won court, so the King of Heaven has given men, His adoptive children through grace, tutelary spirits, guardians and protects from His own court. 

St. Bernard says that the Angels constantly surround the souls of the faithful in their charge with the most tender care and love. This becomes often manifest with little children who quite often come out of serious accidents without any injury. The mind of the little children cannot be reached with warnings and inspirations, because it is not yet functioning; and thus the Guardian Angel must take direct action in case of danger. Adult persons, in the full use of reason, are warned and cautioned by their Angel, but because they remain free to heed or to ignore such warnings of their Angel, many unfortunate things happen to them in spite of their heavenly protector. 

The entire book Tobias gives us not only an example of patience and charity in the holy man Tobais, but also revels to us the wonderful and loving ministry of our Guardian Angels. Our Guardian Angels pray for us and with us, and they offer our prayers, our suffering, and our good desires to the throne of God. Another duty of our Angels is that of praising God, and they wish us to join them in this heavenly occupation. When in need of spiritual assistance or in order to ask for prayer, they at Padre Pio’s suggestion – send their own Guardian Angel to him and often with happy results. It is at the hour of death that the good Angel shows the greatest zeal in protecting and defending the soul committed to his/her care, invoking often the assistance of other Angels against the wiles and the fury of Satan. 

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Angel Island is an island that floats through the skies of Sonic’s World, suspended by the mystical powers of the Master Emerald. The power of the magical gemstone has made the island a target for villains such as Dr. Eggman; fortunately, it is protected by its Guardian Knuckles, the last known survivor of the Echidna race. Angel Island came into being roughly 4,000 years ago, when the ancient Knuckles Tribe, an Echidna clan led by Pachamac, learned of a powerful gem, the Master Emerald, which rested at a shrine on the outskirts of their settlement, and planned to seize it in an attempt to obtain ultimate power. Much of Angel Island is populated by ancient ruins, either built before or after the island was lifted into the sky. 

After his defeat at the hands of Sonic and Tails, Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg crash landed on Angel Island, resulting in the floating island sinking down to the water’s surface. Eventually, the Master Emerald was recovered, and the island once again rose into the sky. Knuckles raced after the thief all over the island, and, after multiple encounters, successfully recovered the Master Emerald once again. With the fragments scattered across the world, Knuckles was forced to leave the island in order to recover them. 

Working together with Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and others, Knuckles succeeded in restoring the Master Emerald, Chaos was pacified and returned to its home inside the Master Emerald, and the island once again lifted into the sky. Sometime after these events, Knuckles made the acquaintance of Relic, who convinced Knuckles to let her stay on the island. In order to prevent the mad doctor from using the Emerald’s power for his latest scheme, Knuckles shattered the Emerald himself, causing the island to fall to the planet’s surface once again. The planet’s shattered state allowed Angel Island to remain aloft, but Knuckles set out almost immediately to recover the Emerald’s shards, knowing that the island would plummet yet again were the planet restored before the Master Emerald. 

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In Islam, Gabriel is an archangel whom God sent with revelation to various prophets, including Muhammad. The first 5 verses of the 96th chapter of the Quran, the Clot, is believed by Muslims to have been the first verses revealed by Gabriel to Muhammad. In the Latter-day Saint faith, the angel Gabriel is the same individual as the prophet Noah in his mortal ministry. Gabriel is not to be prayed to because only God can answer prayers and sends Gabriel as his agent. In the first passage the angel identified himself as Gabriel, but in the second it is Luke who identified him as Gabriel. 

Though the Bible mentions a trumpet blast preceding the resurrection of the dead, it never specifies Gabriel as the trumpeter. In related traditions, Gabriel is again not identified as the trumpeter. The Christian Church Fathers do not mention Gabriel as the trumpeter; early English literature similarly does not. The earliest known identification of Gabriel as the trumpeter comes in John Wycliffe’s 1382 tract, De Ecclesiæ Dominio. In the year 1455, in Armenian art, there is an illustration in an Armenian manuscript showing Gabriel sounding his trumpet as the dead climb out of their graves. 

In Latter-day Saint theology, Gabriel is believed to have lived a mortal life as the prophet Noah. As the Bible portrays Gabriel as a celestial messenger sent to Daniel, Mary, and Zechariah, so too Islamic tradition holds that Gabriel was sent to numerous pre-Islamic prophets with revelation and divine injunctions, including Adam, whom Muslims believe was consoled by Gabriel some time after the Fall. According to Muslim belief, God revealed the Quran to the Islamic prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel, and the fifty-third chapter of the text describes the angel without naming him, in a passage that Islamic commentators have unanimously interpreted as referring to Gabriel. In the volume 3 of the Japanese light novel series The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, an archangel named Gabriel appeared and is the guardian of the Sephirah Yesod. 

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