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Wakati Wa Mungu – Paul Clement & Guardian Angel (SKIZA CODE 9046099)

Angels: A Study in the Scriptures

B. Angels are supernatural beings distinctly separate from the race of man. A. Scripture speaks of those angels appointed by God to watch over the elect. IV. 

Specific duties have been assigned to angels. A. Angels minister to the physical needs of God’s people. Angels can impart physical strength to man in his time of need. C. 

Angels serve as a supernatural means of communication between God and man. D. God uses angels to execute His judgment on the unrighteous. E. Angels have a role to fulfill even after the death of a believer. 

Angels have been mistaken for men and received by men of God as guests in their own homes. F. Angels have at times been fearful to look upon. A. All the angels were created good and holy. 

E. In the end, Satan and his angels will be cast into the lake of fire forever. 

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Angel Appearances

A little girl, named Erin, appears to have had a guardian angel looking over her after just finding out she had to battle cancer for a third time. Her parents snapped a picture while they were playing with sparklers and captured what they are convinced is a heavenly being looking over her shoulder! Days after this picture was taken, Erin was given a bone marrow transplant in hopes that it would cure her deadly disease for good. Her parents believe guardian angel must have been present in the operating room, because now Erin is totally cancer-free! This picture to them is a testimony that God’s work was present to keep her alive! 

These parents believe that they are not fighting this tough battle alone, and that no matter what happens, they feel they have proof that no matter what path they are on God has angels along their side helping them each step of the way. 

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About Us

Our School Mission StatementGuardian Angels Catholic School is a vibrant expression of the spiritual, moral,intellectual, physical, and personal formation of each student, based on Catholic tradition, Christian values, and the pursuit of academic excellence. Empowering students to grow in their Christian faith through the teaching and modeling of Catholic principles and values. Providing a safe and caring learning environment for all students. Recognizing the variety of learning styles and abilities while striving to meet individual needs with an adaptable, written curriculum. Fostering respectful and open communication among parents, staff, and students. 

Encouraging students to build a strong relationship with God in order to serve their parish and the broader community. We serve the communities of Chaska, Carver, Chanhassen, Victoria, and surrounding communities. 

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Prevent Texting While Driving

SkyBloc, with patented Celltinel technology, is a device that transmits a frequency that inhibits the use of cellular handheld devices within a focused immediate area: The Driver’s Seat. It is highly directionalized, aimed at the driver’s space affecting an area limited only to their immediate vicinity. Enabling owners of vehicles who desire a higher degree of self regulation. The FCC has informed Trinity-Noble that for the general public the technology used in the SkyBloc is currently prohibited by federal statute. The SkyBloc device is not available for purchase or use by the general public in the USA. 

Currently SkyBloc can only be legally sold for use by the Government of the United States or any agency thereof pursuant to 47 U.S.C. 302 as well as internationally wherever intentional radiators are not restricted. 

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Visor Clips: Christian, Catholic Visor Clips Auto Driver Protection

Great gift for anyone who is on the road. Visor Clips Reads: Never Drive Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly. Fits most automobile visors and is made of high quality resin polystone. Be sure that you and your loved ones make it safely to their destination with our Dearly Loved Visor Clip. The Angel on this meaningful visor clip is holding a bouquet of tranquil lilies and reads ‘Please Drive Safely You Are Dearly Loved’. 

The St. Michael Police Officer visor clip features an image of St. Michael on a medal shape of a shield badge. Fighting fire is dangerous work and we pray that our firefighters stay safe. This St. 

Florian visor clip has many great features. Designed with an image of St. Florian in the center of a medallion in the shape of a shield. 

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Guardian Angel Personnel Services

Expect luxurious, timely & professional chauffeured ground transportation when evoking Guardian Angel Personnel Services. We offer an exquisite fleet of the latest & greatest from brands such as Lexus, Cadillac, & Mercedez Benz. Jorge M. was blessed to move to the Monterey Peninsula in his early teenage years & graduated from Pacific Grove High School. Shortly thereafter he embarked on his journey in hospitality while a member at the world-renowned, Post Ranch Inn, in Big Sur. 

It was at Post Ranch Inn where Jorge realized that hospitality was his calling. After more than a decade at Post Ranch Inn, Jorge decided to start a hospitality company of his own; Guardian Angel Personnel Services. 

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