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I Have a Guardian Angel! [4.23.18 & 4.24.18 – Season 5]

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Your readings may include information about your personal guardian angels and spirit guides, past lifetimes, spiritual soul mates and twin flames, the energies that you are with you currently and will be working with, children and family, finances and career, hopes and dreams , fears, realities and more. Ask Up Stairs and you will connect with the other side such as your own angels, spirit guides, your passed loved ones, Archangels and Ascended Masters. You may receive information about your personal guardian angels and spirit guides, past lifetimes, spiritual soul mates and twin flames, the energies that you are with currently and will be working with, children and family, finances and career, hopes and dreams , fears, realities and more. Our Angels know our life purpose and where we may be blocked due to stress overload, fear or worry. Every one of us has one or more guardian angels along with other beings of light and energy who surround us with love and protection. 

Here is a special opportunity to receive guidance from your guardian angels and the angelic realm at any time of the day or night, simply ask up stairs at any time for as much advise as you need. You will become more spiritually aware, and discover who is with you and guiding you in this lifetime. Our guardian angels’ messages speak in ways that encourage us to reflect and meditate on their meaning. Guardian Angels help in and assist in finding other Spiritual Guides. Find out who are your Guardian Angels, and see how they want to help you with your life. 

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The Vampire Diaries Wiki

There are several different kind of Guardians, which include: Celestial Guardians, Earthly Guardians and Principle Guardians. Guardians have special abilities and auras that uses White Power. Telepathy – Guardians can communicate non verbally, using their mental senses depending on the guardian they can communicate with someone around the world. Wings of Power – Guardians has several different wings of various colours and powers. Wings of Destruction – These wings are used to destroy things which are considered to be obstacles or possible dangers to the Guardian or his or her allies, loved ones, etc…Sacred Blood – The blood of a Guardian is the ultimate weapon used to destroy all evil creatures of the Universe. 

The Red Guardians: These Guardians have short hair with almond green eyes. The Blondes Guardians: The Guardians have blonde hair with blue eyes and a thin constitution, which oversee the City of Darkness. The Brown Guardians: These Guardians have black skin with curly hair and a lithe physique. Elena Gilbert: Elena was chosen by the Celestial Court, as a form of replacement of her late mother who was a Guardian, Elizabeth. Elena is currently fulfilling her destiny and living on Earth as an Earth Guardian, protecting humanity from darkness and evil beings. 

Elena is a loyal and loving Earth Guardian with many friends and family. There is no mention in either The Vampire Diaries or The Originals television series of the existence of angels, Guardians or other species of great power of light or benevolence. 

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A Very Small Percentage Of People Have The Guardian Angel Line On Their Palm. THIS Is What It Means

One simple, yet common, example is that we often compare and contrast left handed people with individuals who are right handed. Our palm lines can be used to examine many aspects of our lives and who we are individually because they often indicate personal things about us, including our character traits and destiny in life. If you’re further interested in the subject, this video does an excellent job describing what your guardian angel line reveals, if you have one. Those who have guardian angel lines are thought to be very lucky all throughout their lives. Not everyone has this line on their palm, they are more rare than common. 

Those who have have this extra line are thought to be blessed with a guardian angel who watches over them and keeps them from harm. Guardian angels have long been a part of humanity’s more spiritual side. When life gets tough, dangerous, or when accidents happen, our guardian angel appears and keeps vigil. Some people claim to have actually seen visions of angels, but more commonly there are reports of overwhelming feelings of re-assurance and comfort by people involved in near death experiences. Others turn to their guardian angels for advice, comforting thoughts and reassurance. 

It’s amazing to think that there are hints buried in the palm of your hand which can reveal hidden information about what your future holds. Share this with your friends and family and try reading their guardian angel lines, it’s really fun and you might learn something new about them. 

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Guardian Synonyms, Guardian Antonyms

1 a person or group that watches over someone or something the state became his guardian when he was put into protective custody Synonyms of guardian custodian, guard, keeper, lookout, minder, picket, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watcher, watchmanWords Related to guardian observer, patrol, spotter, surveillant, watchdog; bodyguard, convoy, defender, escort, honor guard; gatekeeper; hack [slang]. 2 a person who takes care of a property sometimes for an absent owner the guardians of the summer estate awaited the return of the tycoon Synonyms of guardian caretaker, custodian, janitor, keeper, warden, watchmanWords Related to guardian cocurator, curator; sexton, steward. 3 someone that protects the editor defended his newspaper’s unrelenting exposure of government corruption, arguing that it is journalism’s role to act as a guardian of democracy Synonyms of guardian custodian, defender, guard, protector, guardian angel, protectionWords Related to guardian bodyguard, champion; lookout, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watchdog, watchman; conserver, harborer, keeper, preserver, saver. 4 a person who has responsibility for the care of another when her parents died, her aunt became her legal guardian Synonyms of guardian carer, caretaker, caregiverWords Related to guardian foster parent; babysitter, minder, nanny, nurse, sitter; custodian, guard, keep, keeper, protector; attendant, chaperone, companionNear Antonyms of guardian charge, client, dependent, ward. 

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