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Hanging out With Groove Award Winner, Guardian Angel (Full Ep)

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An Angel is one of a race of creatures with origins in the Abrahamic religions, as well as Zoroastrianism. Angels who take a humanoid mien are divinely beautiful and handsome beings, taller and otherwise larger than normal humans. Though some Angels look muscular and powerful, they do not give off the impression of being brutish or savage, so much as simply radiating of physical, mental and spiritual power. Some attend the throne of God, and so they may have certain ceremonial items or attire different from other angels. Further still, angels do not always even take on a humanoid appearance. 

A Dominion is given no explicit description, beyond secular interpretation, but is believed by some to appear as the most common description of an angel; that is, a beautiful humanoid of powerful stature, with a pair of powerful wings. A Power is believed by many to be a warrior angel, strong of body, strong of voice, and strong of spirit. As befitting their name, they are associated with many verses in the Bible, which refer to a strong or mighty angel of the Lord. These are often those that people most commonly think of, when it is said that people in the Bible are visited by an Angel of the Lord. Angels are very good and orderly beings that act according to the will of the Divine, and for the benefit of the innocent and the just. 

Physical strength does not impress upon them as a sign of power; often, a higher ranking angel is afforded more respect and privilege than others simply by virtue of the rank given to them by their master. All angels possess large and powerful wings, which afford them flight at very high speeds, against high wind friction and pressure. 

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Life’s little secret

God does not lessen the condition of a people until they first change what is in their heart, but if God wills misfortune upon people, no person can avoid it. Before you can understand guardian angels, you need to learn what a child means to God because when Christ teaches us about guardian angels, He does so only in the context of God and His children. Guardian angels are not important: God’s Word here is what is important because God is trying to teach us something. Learn the Wisdom of God and part of God’s Plan for this world: to do this, you will have to rely upon the common sense you were born with. Every little child is absolutely protected from the ways of Satan and this is by God’s Plan! 

Any person with common sense can see the difference between children and adults. God’s angels are commanded to keep Satan’s ways from all children and God’s angels perform His work magnificently. This life we live truly is such a short existence, but know that the Kingdom of God is forever: God has always taught this to mankind. Your child is a great joy to God, the Father; and your child shall be blessed by seeing God’s face before the rest of us. It is only we that pursue our vanities thereby leaving the life God desires us to live. 

My friend, all this Truth of God shown here … is but a simple lesson regarding the work of God’s angels. The Wisdom of God available in this world is far beyond human understanding: only because the Glory of God is far beyond human reckoning. If we can have just a simple belief in God, then the truth and understanding available to us is limitless: IF, IF, IF we do not reject the Truth of God. 

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Senior Home Care Spokane, WA

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We tirelessly work to pair only the most suitable caregivers with clients to provide the best possible match based on skills, interests and experience. This helps to ensure your loved one receives care from someone who will work well not only on a professional level, but also a personal one. All of our caregivers are bonded and insured – we work hard to provide you and your loved one with the highest quality home care Spokane, Washington has to offer, and we think you’ll see the difference when you meet our caregivers. Contact Angel Senior Care of Spokane today and know that your loved one will receive the care they need in the comfort of their own home. 

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