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Guardian Angel Community Services, Joliet Illinois

The most important recommendation was that the Guardian Angel Home focus on these special needs, beginning with residential treatment and shelter care and expanding later into community based services for children. Guardian Angel followed its mission of service to the community and joined the Multi-Agency Survivor Services Committee of the Will County Community Services Council, which was formed to serve the storm victims. ICASA held a community meeting at the Joliet Public Library where area service providers agreed that the Guardian Angel Home was the logical provider to continue developing sexual violence services. Guardian Angel Community Services was accredited by the Council on Accreditation in 2001. Guardian Angel Community Services successfully achieved re-accreditation status through the Council on Accreditation in 2004. 

Guardian Angel Community Services successfully achieved re-accreditation status through the Council on Accreditation in 2008. In 2009 Guardian Angel Community Services established the Sue Turk Transitional Living Program – Suzy’s Caring Place to provide housing to domestic violence survivors and their children. Guardian Angel Community Services attained Department of Human Services approval for its program plan, structure, and materials. A board meeting was held on September 26, 2011, during which the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, which came into effect June 1, 2011, was discussed in terms of possible implications for our Foster Care program at Guardian Angel Community Services. Our Catholic sponsors, the Sisters of St. 

Francis of Mary Immaculate, made a decision to withdraw sponsorship when Board members present during the meeting agreed that Guardian Angel Community Services would continue to comply with all state and federal laws of non discrimination. Guardian Angel Community Services successfully achieved re-accreditation status through the Council on Accreditation in January of 2012 through 2016. Guardian Angel Community Services was notified on May 9, 2016 that the organization successfully achieved expedited re-accreditation by the Council on Accreditation through July 31, 2020. 

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Through Guardian Angel a driver’ s cell phone is paired, via an external GPS receiver, with the driver’ s vehicle. The Guardian Angel-protected phone’ s keypad will lock above the vehicle traveling above a pre-set speed and the Guardian Angel logo displayed on the phone’ s screen, preventing texting and talking while above speed. With Guardian Angel on a company-issued cell phone and that phone is paired with the company vehicle, the company has taken the precaution of ensuring that their employees are not texting and talking while driving. By installing Guardian Angel on a child’ s phone, you, as a parent, are taking the right precaution in ensuring that your child is not engaging in dangerous cell phone activity while traveling at high speeds. Guardian Angel can be easily configured to work with a Bluetooth hands-free device., Guardian Angel will prevent you from talking/texting while driving your car, but once you’ re on a bus or a train you will be able to use your phone without the keypad and phone screen being disabled. If you are a parent or fleet manager and have Administrator rights to the phone(s) with Guardian Angel installed you can receive alerts both automatically when an event occurs or audit a phone to get status. as well as download Guardian Angel for BlackBerry from BlackBerry App World or download Guardian Angel for Android from the Android Market&nbsp. If you choose to download Guardian Angel as a standalone application and utilize your cell phone’ s internal GPS, Guardian Angel will work just as effectively, however Guardian Angel will not be able to tell whether you’ re a passenger on a train or bus. Once the 911 call is initiated, Guardian Angel enters into Emergency Call mode and is deactivated for an hour so that emergency responders can call you back if necessary. &nbsp If not, Guardian Angel uses the internal GPS for speed information. &nbsp If you initially set up Guardian Angel for internal GPS and then switched to using an external Bluetooth GPS receiver or vis a versa, perform a hard reset of the phone after making the configuration changes. 

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Devine Miracles

You see, for an Angel to appear in front of your eyes it requires an awful lot of energy for the Angel to do it-they mostly prefer to show you different colour’s or feelings to represent them selves,- sometimes you hear a name in your mind, or a certain hunch you get about someone or something, that you can’t shake- These feelings, impulses and intuition are directly from your Angels guiding you forward. Angels can’t help us unless we request it! so this is where many believe they have not been helped, but have later found that they where- but was not aware of it at the time. The Angels don’t promise to stop occurrences that are part of our growth but they can help us to COPE with these hardships. What seems to be unfixable has a tendency to fix itself with blessings that can be hidden, therefore we must be reminded, that the Angels will always work for our(Everybody’s) highest good even when we feel at our utter lowest point. 

We each have a GUARDIAN ANGEL , that has been with us since before we are born and guides us gently throughout our life on earth. Our Guardian Angels are assisted in this process, by Archangel Azrael, & Archangel Michael. There is said to be around 6000 Angels for each person, and perhaps even more. We only really hear about Guardian Angels or Archangels, however I will help you to understand about ways in which you can contact a specific Angel for your needs. As soon as you connect with any Angel you will feel different-somewhat gentler and everything seems to take a smoother path, as we learn about our souls magnificent purpose. 

Regular meditation on this intention can indeed call the Angels quickly to you and soon you will be receiving loving guided messages for yourself and others. Angels themselves have no use for names, as they communicate with each other telepathically, however they understand that we like to call them something, so they may give you a name to call them. Often Angels will use a subtle approach with you like these signs above, until you start to recognize what is happening then the connection deepens. 

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