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5 Amazing facts about Guardian Angels

October 2 is observed in the Catholic Church as the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels. In 1670, Pope Clement X established this day in the universal calendar as a day to honor the angels who protect us each day. While most of the attention this day is given to personal Guardian Angels, it is a tradition in the Church that all countries, cities, dioceses, and parishes have their own Guardian Angel. We owe much to our Guardian Angels, who most of the time guard and protect us without our knowledge. 2) Guardian Angels are appointed at the beginning of life. If true, it would follow that women who are pregnant have two Guardian Angels watching over them and their child. 3) Guardian Angels have names, but God gives those names to them. 

The Church then discourages us from naming our Guardian Angels as we may receive a name in prayer, but it may not be divinely inspired. We have only three names of angels confirmed in Scripture and so any other name we receive is difficult to confirm as inspired by God. All Guardian Angels were created at the beginning of time in a single moment of creation. God had a Guardian Angel in mind for you when he created the world. Angel of God,my guardian dear,To whom God’s love.commits me here,Ever this day,be at my side,To light and guard,Rule and guide. 

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Find your Birth Angels

An Angel, is not a little being with wings, it represents symbolically the next stage of evolution of Humankind…our capacity to dream, to travel and to activate the multidimensions of our consciousness… Professor Francis L. Kaya. The First Guardian Angel corresponds to our physical body. We can identify it in Angel Calendar # 1, according to our date of birth. 

The Second Guardian Angel corresponds to our emotions and our feelings. We can find its Name in Angel Calendar # 2, according to the day we were born. The Third Guardian Angel corresponds to our intellect and concerns the world of thoughts. We can identify it in Angel Calendar # 3, according to our time of birth. According to this universal way of behaving, we take into account the local time to find our third Guardian Angel. 

The Angel Calendars are universal and can be applied in every country. The goal of working with the States of Angelic Consciousness consists in integrating not only our three Guardian Angels, but also the entire Knowledge that the Angels represent. For more info, we recommend you to read: The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by Professors Kaya and Christiane Muller. You can also discover our Books section and Musics section on Angels, Dreams, Signes & Symbols. 

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Guardian Angel Tattoo

The deceptions of the guardian angels during this time have been used by tattoo artists to create the images on skin. There are variety of guardian angel postures that are used to create tattoo designs. A guardian angel can be drawn sitting in the meditative pose, cheerful pose, erotic pose or swinging into action with hand reaching out to help one in need. St. Michael, the warrior angel is one of the most popular guardian angel designs. 

This fallen angel or Satan is supposed to be banished from heaven as he chose the wrong path against God’s will. These fallen angel tattoos are depicted with a menacing look, torn wing, horns and like pure evil. Gabriel the archangel, who acts as God’s messenger, is another guardian angel figure that you could try for your tattoo. Archangel Michael is another such figure that is commonly used to depict the guardian angel. The angel of death is another tattoo, under the dark angel tattoo group. 

As the ‘Grim Reaper’, he is pictured without wings while the angel of death is shown with wings. One popular dark angel is Lucifer, the fallen angel also called Satan. Fallen angel tattoos often show an angel with menacing eyes, horns on the head or wings. 

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Post Falls Independent Lifestyle Home

Guardian Angel Homes is an award-winning assisted living and memory care community where elderly residents can thrive in a home-like environment. We offer a wide range of care and services and each home in our community caters toward a different range and scope of resident needs. Our residents with advanced Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments often prefer our smaller homes – Tudor House, Timber House, The Cottage, or The Craftsman where the intimate environment helps them feel safe and secure. For those who desire a much more independent lifestyle, our beautiful 2-story home, The Inn at Guardian Angel Homes, offers larger suites, more privacy, and an active social environment, as well as a private billiards room and a large activity room. Each one of our staff members is professionally-trained and dedicated to the loving care of our residents. 

Each member, whether in dietary, nursing or caregiving, housekeeping, maintenance, activities or administration strives to provide the best experience possible for our residents, families, and friends. Come visit us at Guardian Angel Homes and see how we can help you or your loved one. 

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