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Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Guitar Chords – Standard Tuning

Guardian Angel: My Story, My Britain by Melanie Phillips

More than that, the heroic Phillips story depends not just on her vilification by the left but on leftwingers’ supposed fury that she was once one of them. Her rupture with the left is rich polemical territory, and Phillips has explored it before. Phillips was an only child, and she walked on eggshells. The chapter on her early childhood opens in the third person, as if such trauma could only be observed at a safe distance: the writing is melodramatic, yet the dread feels real. We see an anxious child raised to think of life in apocalyptic terms, never more than one mistake away from the mother’s descent into darkness. 

What she really can’t forgive is his failure to intervene in her childhood relationship with her mother. It would be monstrous not to feel both respect for that courage and sympathy. It’s her 16 years at the Guardian that give the book its title and heart, so it should be said that your reviewer was at primary school when Phillips joined the paper in 1977, and worked for her subsequent paper, the Observer, only after Phillips left. Her pioneering years in news editing, struggling with toddlers at home and stroppy reporters at work, sound grim: when she starts writing about how parental separation harms children, divorced friends cool on her, and party invites dry up. There’s nothing funny about an anxious, overburdened little girl growing into a conflicted adult who still cannot bear to call herself rightwing, and who weeps when interviewed 19 years later about the paper she once felt was a substitute family. 

If it all feels painfully unresolved, it’s hardly any wonder she has a love-hate relationship with the left. So her story is ultimately a reminder that politics is governed by deep emotions that even in the heat of battle deserve to be understood and respected. 

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Diocese of El Paso

Guardian Angel Church was built in 1908 on what was then considered the northern slopes of El Paso. In 1912, Guardian Angel School opened under Rev. Aloysius Blanchard with the Sisters of Loretto as the faculty. Originally called Holy Angels School, the name was changed to match the parish when a new school building was completed in 1919. In February 1918, Guardian Angel was turned over to the Mexican Jesuits. 

Guardian Angel also administered several missions throughout its history including Our Lady of Guadalupe, San Juan Bautista, St. Francis Xavier, Nuestra Señora de la Luz, and El Calvario, all of which eventually became parishes. The Jesuit Fathers continued to administer the parish until 1932 when a swap occurred between the Dioceses of El Paso and San Antonio. On July 24, 1932, the Jesuits of New Orleans assumed the administration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in San Antonio and San Antonio sent the Claretian Fathers to take care of Guardian Angel and its missions. The Claretians continued to administer Guardian Angel until August 1984. 

Guardian Angel School closed in 1973 although the building continued being used for religious education classes and parish meetings until 1991. From its beginnings, Guardian Angel has emphasized evangelization and pastoral care both by its clergy and its lay ministers. Today, Guardian Angel has 1,200 parishioners and remains under the care of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. Many city leaders were parishioners at Guardian Angel in their youth and remember the many cultural, drama, and musical events that were part of this active parish. 

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Her guardian angel rescued her from a sinking car. Now, she knows who he is.

The man, Fabio Franca, approached with his wife Victoria and youngest son Joshua. Franca, a 46-year-old Deerfield Beach resident, was driving near Modine and said he thought something was wrong when he saw her start to drive slowly and then pull over. Franca pulled Modine from her car before it sank in a lake May 19. When Franca got to Modine’s car, the front of the vehicle was mostly submerged, and the water was up to Modine’s chest. Modine said she couldn’t open her doors or windows and felt her car sinking. 

Franca managed to get the doors open and carried Modine out of the lake. Modine said she didn’t get a chance to properly thank Franca after the incident. Modine’s granddaughter tracked down Franca, and they arranged to meet. At their first meeting Sunday, the Franca family sat with Modine, talking about the rescue and what they remembered from that day. Joshua Franca said he saw a hubcap come off of Modine’s car after she hopped the curb. 

Franca said he was on his way to get lunch with Victoria but called her to tell her what happened. Franca said it was serendipitous that he was on the road at that time. 

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Guardian Angel Settlement Association Guardian Angel Settlement Association

Our food pantry provides food assistance to people living in zip codes 63104 and 63118. Fresh produce and meat are available frequently as well. Rather than provide pre-boxed food, Guardian Angel allows clients to shop for food, based on dietary and religious needs. Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

by appointment. If you have an urgent food need, you can request an emergency bag right away. Follow-up appointments are usually available within 24hrs. 

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