My Guardian Angel News for 06-16-2018

SWEET Kid On Fortnite Wants To Be My *GUARDIAN ANGEL*

Guardian Angel Program

Our Guardian Angel program was established to help special needs animals receive the care and attention they need before finding their new home. The program covers expenses associated with lab work, xrays, biopsies, dentals and other diagnostic tests and non-routine procedures. Through our Guardian Angel Program, thousands of animals each year are treated for various infections and diseases like heartworm, bordetella and upper respiratory, as well as treatment of injuries such as broken legs, torn ligaments, physical therapy and more. Your support of the Guardian Angel Program will help Placer SPCA continue to provide these necessary, and often times lifesaving, services to those animals in need. Guardian Angels can choose to help cover the costs associated with one of the animals below – or simply make a donation to the general Guardian Angel Program fund to help an animal in need. 

Any funds received in excess of an animal’s medical expenses will be directed to the general Guardian Angel Program fund to help other animals in need. 

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Guardian Angel?

Rather than waiting for some energy to talk you out of it and make things all better, do it yourself. You’re still here so I’m assuming you don’t want to be dead. Now you can get up, figure out what you really want for your life and start moving towards it. They may be little steps but move towards your goal. If you want to be a scientist, start looking into it, if you want to own you own business someday, you need to work first. 

There are all kinds of things that you can do that may seem like little things but they aim you towards something, make it something you want. You might change your mind somewhere along the line but that’s great, you just change direction. Don’t wait for someone or something else to do it for you, or tell you what you want. You decide, you guide your own actions and then there will be a lot to be proud of when you get what you want. There’s a lot to learn along the way, make sure you take the lessens one at a time, it’s easier that way. 

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Guardian angels

In life from the word go we are all appointed to meet certain people and a lot of us, whether we realise it or not, are anointed by God when we are with these certain people. A lot of people these days put this anointing and appointing down to some kind of chemistry between people, for some reason or other they feel that when they are with certain people then everything flows and comes together but then they find that when they are with other people that nothing flows and nothing comes together and they even clash. The best thing that anyone can ever do is to consider themselves as being on a path and along that path you are meant to meet certain people and in a way you could say that with some of these people you in that same sense become their guardian angel, it’s like you are appointed to be with that person and to have a strong influence upon them and you cannot do else. 

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Guardian Angel Jehoel

Guardian Angel Jehoel – also known as the angel of presence. This post is also believe to be Seraphiel’s. Guardian Angel Jehoel is the divine angel of presence. He is a great mentor in conscious raising activities. You meditation session become more proper, with Jehoel’s guidance. 

Jewish legends mention Jehoel as the Celestial Being which checks on the Leviathan and makes sure that it remains in his prison. Abraham describes the angel as a celestial choirmaster. Abraham also mentions that Yahoel accompanied the prophet on his visit to Paradise. The angel also revealed Abraham the course of human history. The author says that Jehoel is one of the earlier names of Archangel Metatron. 

In Kabbalistic lore, Jehoel or Jaoel is the celestial principle over fire. Another book that mentions the angel, also mentions his subordinates. 

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Guardian Angels ~ Did you know…

Once you become aware of Spirit in all things, you will begin to view everything around you as a beautiful, nurturing and positive place where all are looked after and loved. You have a whole psychic support system in place, just for you. Many levels of entities and spiritual forces walk with you and protect you throughout your life. The very first group to be your companion on this journey are your angels, and in particular your Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel will be the only spirit who will connect with you from the beginning of your life to the last breath you take. 

Your Guardian Angel will be your personal bodyguard, watching over you, guiding you and nurturing you, keeping you safe until its time for you to return to spirit. Your Guardian Angel will then magnificently walk you to heaven and home! 

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