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How To Play “Your Guardian Angel” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

My Guardian Angel News for 05-29-2018

Clemente and two fellow members of the all-volunteer Broward County, Fla., Guardian Angels have put their lives on hold to conduct safety patrols at the school every day since the shooting – from about 6 a.m. until afternoon dismissal around 3 p.m. Clemente, who has worked in the security field for decades, had been saving money over the years for a rainy day. Clemente and the other two angels show up each day because they think it’s the right thing to do, and they feel they’re making a difference. The Guardian Angels work separately from local law enforcement officers who are detailed to the school for protection – one of whom was scorned by some in the Parkland community for staying outside the building during the February mass shooting rather than running in to help. 

Clemente said he’s been at the school enough to know many of the students by name, and he gets high-fives and gratitude from students and parents every day. The Guardian Angels is a nonprofit group of volunteers that started in 1979 – and had its heyday in the 1980s – doing safety patrols in New York City, working to move drug dealers and violence out of city neighborhoods. Clemente was a Guardian Angel in New York and started a Broward County chapter when he moved to South Florida five years ago. He and his fellow Guardian Angels are trained in protection and take weekly martial arts classes, he said. In recent days, he said, he’s been getting calls from Guardian Angels in Texas who want advice about how to approach the Santa Fe high school where 10 people were killed and another 10 wounded last week in the most recent mass school shooting. 

Guardian Angel Black Cat runs a local gym and has largely asked his staff to take over operations there while he has detailed himself to the school. The third Guardian Angel, Yankee, temporarily gave up his job selling concessions at a ballpark, and Clemente found him a place where he can live for a few months rent-free. Marjory Stoneman Douglas parents have organized an event next Thursday to honor the Guardian Angels. Alice Modine, 94, pulls something soggy and unidentifiable out of the glove compartment of her 2007 silver Toyota Corolla at Boca Raton Towing & Recovery on Wednesday. 

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How To Meet Your Guardian Angel

In the realm of the invisible, where your Soul resides there is a Presence that you can bring into your conscious awareness that is your Guardian Angel. To begin to open your mind and your heart to a greater and more conscious awareness of the Presence of your Soul starts you on a journey of living within the full scope of your being with your Soul a part of your conscious everyday awareness. One of the benefits and blessings that come with this relationship with your Soul is that you can begin to be aware of, and access more of, the invisible world that exists beyond the material world of spirit. Within the dominion of the Soul are the angelic beings that are, like your Soul, connected with and supportive of your life. Perhaps one of the most significant of these is your Guardian Angel. 

You can connect with and develop a relationship with your Soul through Meditation by the act of invitation and invocation. You can also open your heart and your mind to the impressions and guidance of your Guardian Angel. The nature of your Soul is Love and as you develop a conscious relationship with your Soul that Love and that Healing Presence becomes ever more available to your conscious mind and awareness. Your Guardian Angel made a commitment to you, to your life, and whether or not you ever choose to become aware of that Presence consciously or not, it is there for you. In this way, your Soul Presence and your Guardian Angel are alike. 

The full extent of this incredible nature of unconditional love is beyond the typical experience of our human consciousness. It reveals the truth that God is Love, and on some level may explain some of the mystery of how God demonstrates and expresses Love to us through the emissary of your Soul and your Guardian Angel…. Continue reading. 

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Joe’s Guide to Zion National Park

Detailed Description:The hike to the South Guardian Angel can take between 10-14 hours. Hiking the Northgate Peaks Trail: The first leg of this route is the easiest part: trail hike to the end of the Northgate Peaks Trail. NGA Descent into the Subway:From the viewpoint, hike down a faint trail of use into the small valley under the East Northgate Peak and the head southwest down the wash to make your way around the peak. Hike SSE along the top of what is now a large ridge heading down towards the Subway, staying slightly to the left. Cross over the gully and hike on the shelves of the east side which will put you on top of a second smaller ridgeline. 

Scramble out the south side of the Subway:Almost directly across from where you entered the Subway is the steep gully that leads up and out the other side of the Subway; now it’s time to do some work! Look for the jughandle arch formation on the right wall of the gully and hike up the right side. Approach hike to the South Guardian Angel: Now it’s time for a break from scrambling to do some cross-country hiking. From the top-out point, hike down the pleasant little valley to join up with the sandy drywash and head up the wash. The going will be fairly easy although there may be some mild bushwhacking as you alternate between hiking in the wash and hiking along the sides. 

Summit the South Guardian Angel: Despite how imposing the South Guardian Angel looks from far away, the hike to the top actually isn’t very technically difficult, although it will make your legs burn. You will be back at the pink bump hiking cross-country back to the Northgate Peaks Trail. To hike from the Northgate Peaks Trail viewpoint to the Wildcat Trailhead, it will take roughly one hour and it will feel a lot longer than you think it should be. 

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