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GTA Vice City – Mission Demolition Man & Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Asaliah

Guardian Angel Asaliah – also known as the angel of contemplation. Guardian Angel Asaliah is one of the Malachims due to ancient Jewish texts. Guardian Angel Asaliah is the divine angel of prayer and contemplation. His responsibility is to take everyone’s prayer to God. Asaliah teaches you the importance of The Divine’s glorification. 

With his guidance, you’ll observe the divine light in every small thing. Asaliah also shows you the cosmic processes that take place around you. This beautiful angel fills you with curiosity for the esoteric knowledge. Asaliah is the protector of geniuses, creative people and strategists. Asaliah also brings divine qualities such as respect, fidelity and loyalty. 

The days between November 13 and November 17 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Asaliah. If you were born in this period, then your celestial protector is the angel of prayer. 

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Guardian Bell Praying Angel

Legend has it that Evil Road Spirits have been latching themselves on to motorcycles for as long as there have been bikes on the road. These Evil Road Spirits are responsible for mechanical problems and bad luck along a journey. Legend goes on to say that by attaching a small bell onto your bike, the Evil Road Spirits will become trapped inside the bell where the constant ringing drives them insane, making them lose their grip until they fall to the ground. Legend also has it that the mystery of the Guardian Bell carries twice as much power when it is purchased by a friend or loved one and given as a gift. Offer them defense against the Evil Road Spirits! 

Give a Guardian Bell and share the Legend of Good Luck it offers to a motorcycle and its rider! All Guardian Bells come with a key ring on top and a black velvet pouch with the Legend of the bell inside. 

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Spiritual Communication

Guardian Angel Nanael – also known as the angel of spiritual communication. Guardian Angel Nanael is the divine angel of spiritual communication of every kind. He inspires you to start a spiritual work. He brings useful knowledge about the spiritual world. Also he brings spiritual teachings of enlightened masters. 

Nanael inspires you to contemplate on spiritual topics. He brings secret and hidden knowledge about the spiritual world. Angel Nanael facilitates any way of communication with God. The days between December 13 and December 16 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Nanael. If you were born in this period, then your personality is influenced by the angel of spiritual communication. 

You feel deep passion for the spiritual realms and and their mystery. You will make sure that you gather as much spiritual knowledge as you can. 

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Guardian Angel Ornament with Boy Names

You see the name on the Guardian Angel’s dress. It’s beautiful on both sides and we carry a full line of these unique gift items. While the list of names is quite extensive, custom names are not possible. If a specific name is not available, please select a more generic name like ‘Dad,’ ‘Son’, etc. Found under item #OTHERANGEL-ORNAMENTS. 

This guardian angel ornament makes a wonderful addition to your Christmas ornament collection or decor as well as a birthday or baptism gift. Don’t underestimate the joy and presence it brings year round! Made of pewter, the guardian angel ornament has both silver and gold tones. Gold tone embellishments accent her wings, waistline, cuffs, and the hem of her flowing gown. The sheer cream ribbon is trimmed with gold and is approximately 3-1/2 inches long. 

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guardian angel coin

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Blue Angel Publishing

Loving Messages from the Angels Toni Carmine Salerno Guardian Angels are divine messengers of love and light, guiding us along life’s sacred journey. Through these cards, the Angels offer wisdom for all who seek a deeper truth along with clarity, inspiration, guidance and healing. ISBN: 978-0-9579149-7-146 heart-shaped cards, packaged in a deluxe heart-shaped box. 

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Guardian Angels ۞ Whispering Worlds

Here is a list of Guardian Angels, according to the month you were born. Please note that some names will differ worldwide, so please have patience, and if you feel a name is wrong or is missing, please contact me. Specific gemstones were also associated with the twelve guardian angels and the twelve apostles. 

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