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Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel is your companion and your friend. The Angels are pure spirits, mighty Princes of Heaven who stand before God. She said the splendor of her Angel dimmed the light of the sun and moon and stars in comparison. Often she could read her prayers by the light of her Angel. When the Angel rolled back the stone from the holy sepulcher, Sacred Scripture says that the countenance of the Angel was like lightning and his clothes white as snow. 

There are angels in Heaven and also on earth, each with different jobs to do. St Thomas Aquinas teaches us that there are Angels that guide the stars, the moon, the sun, and the planets, keeping everything in harmony according to God’s plan. It was an Angel that gave its medicinal quality to the pool at Bethesda; an Angel generated the fires on Mount Sinai; the thunder and lightning were the work of Angels; and in the Apocalypse we read of the Angels restraining the winds. Angels act as messengers as in the Annunciation when the Archangel Gabriel came to Mary, or as protectors as when Archangel Raphael helped to guide young Tobias on a dangerous journey, or as avengers as when God sent an Angel who killed 70,000 Egyptians in one night as a punishment for the Pharaoh not releasing the Hebrews from slavery. The Angels protect us from falling into temptations and avert natural disasters from befalling us – often the person never even realizes the tragedy he narrowly missed. 

In the mind of the viewer, the role of the Angel as protector and avenger fades away, replaced by a different idea. There is no spirit of fight in the fat baby angels – in fact, they are so smiling and happy that it appears nothing is amiss in their world. 

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Guardian angels: Volunteers will shield Orlando mourners from protests

As some of the first families of the Pulse shooting victims began saying final farewells, an Orlando theater company spent much of Thursday making soaring white wings that will be used to shield already grief-stricken mourners from protesters. With the Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for its stance against the LBGT community, promising to make the trip to Central Florida, the Orlando Shakespeare Theater and other arts organizations launched an angel project. The wings will be used in a 12-hour counter peace protest Saturday at Cathedral Church of Saint Luke, where services will be held for Christopher Andrew Leinonen. The wings are inspired by Romaine Patterson’s Angel Action Wings, an effort born during the Matthew Shepard case in 1999 after the 21-year-old gay student was brutally beaten to death in a hate crime. Led by a Baptist minister, a small group of protesters carrying anti-gay signs picketed Shepard’s memorial service. 

Patterson came up with the idea to use the wings during the court trials for Shepard’s killers as a peaceful protest. The strategy has since been used at funerals across the nation. In Orlando, volunteers made 11 of the 10-foot wings to be worn by 10 adults and one child. The costumes are fashioned from white fabric and PVC pipe and are based on specifications provided by Angel Action. We will have lots of people there providing love to counter those groups there with hate. 

Jim Helsinger, the theater’s artistic director. 

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Angels for You: The Guardian Angel of Where We Live

Several months ago while traveling , I came across a little booklet, The Guardian Angels. I read a wonderful recommendation that I took to heart. It was to remember that all the towns or cities we drove through have as many Guardian Angels as there are inhabitants, and to send them a loving salutation. I already knew about honoring the Guardian Angel who oversees the city where I live, but the idea of greeting the Guardian Angels as we traveled was something new. I followed this timely advice for the rest of our trip, acknowledging the Guardian Angel as we were driving by each city. 

Coming upon the sign on the highway, I would greet the Guardian Angel of Saint Augustine, Daytona Beach, DeLand, etc. Many of you may know that Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing, of Travel, of Happy Meetings, of Marriage, and of Joy. The next time you plan on taking a trip, you may want to pray to him for a smoother journey. 

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