My Guardian Angel News for 05-29-2018

Alden Richards singing Your Guardian Angel at ADNFest 2016

Guardian Angels patrol Marjory Stoneman Douglas high. Because that’s what they do.

Clemente and two fellow members of the all-volunteer Broward County, Fla., Guardian Angels have put their lives on hold to conduct safety patrols at the school every day since the shooting – from about 6 a.m. until afternoon dismissal around 3 p.m. Clemente, who has worked in the security field for decades, had been saving money over the years for a rainy day. Clemente and the other two angels show up each day because they think it’s the right thing to do, and they feel they’re making a difference. The Guardian Angels work separately from local law enforcement officers who are detailed to the school for protection – one of whom was scorned by some in the Parkland community for staying outside the building during the February mass shooting rather than running in to help. 

Clemente said he’s been at the school enough to know many of the students by name, and he gets high-fives and gratitude from students and parents every day. The Guardian Angels is a nonprofit group of volunteers that started in 1979 – and had its heyday in the 1980s – doing safety patrols in New York City, working to move drug dealers and violence out of city neighborhoods. Clemente was a Guardian Angel in New York and started a Broward County chapter when he moved to South Florida five years ago. He and his fellow Guardian Angels are trained in protection and take weekly martial arts classes, he said. In recent days, he said, he’s been getting calls from Guardian Angels in Texas who want advice about how to approach the Santa Fe high school where 10 people were killed and another 10 wounded last week in the most recent mass school shooting. 

Clemente said he and the others plan to stay at Marjory Stoneman Douglas through the end of the year. Guardian Angel Black Cat runs a local gym and has largely asked his staff to take over operations there while he has detailed himself to the school. The third Guardian Angel, Yankee, temporarily gave up his job selling concessions at a ballpark, and Clemente found him a place where he can live for a few months rent-free. Marjory Stoneman Douglas parents have organized an event next Thursday to honor the Guardian Angels. 

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She was trapped in her sinking car. Then a 'guardian angel' rescued her

The 94-year-old Boca Raton resident was driving home, eastbound on Glades Road about 2:30 Saturday afternoon, when a storm hit. The rain came down so hard she could not see through her windshield, so Modine decided to pull over just east of Florida’s Turnpike. The next thing she knew she was up to her waist in water in a lake near the Hilton Boca Raton Suites hotel. She wasn’t aware she had jumped a curb, squeezed past a guardrail and rolled about 20 to 30 feet across the grass into the water. Alice Modine, 94, pulls something soggy and unidentifiable out of the glove compartment of her 2007 silver Toyota Corolla at Boca Raton Towing & Recovery on Wednesday. 

Try as she might, Modine couldn’t open the car doors or windows. That’s when a young man appeared, opened the door to her 2007 Toyota Corolla, and told her to hold on as he led her out of the water, she said. As her car sank, he stripped off some clothes and jumped back into the water to retrieve her purse and important papers from the Toyota. Other people had gathered around and police and fire rescue had arrived to take her to the hospital. She thinks he had some rescue training because he kept calm and knew what to do. 

Modine had no physical injuries and a police officer gave her a ride home from the hospital. That luck ran out a little on Wednesday when Modine and her nephew visited what remains of her car at the Boca Raton Towing and Recovery yard. 

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Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: Guardian Angel Curtis / SUN 5-27-18 / Bygone Cambodian leader with palindromic name / Query from Judas / Shape of every Baha’i temple / Alias of rapper Sean Combs / Former Nebraska senator James

I finished very quickly, but like all painful experiences, it felt eternal. There are several reasons why a puzzle like this is never gonna be a CROWD PLEASER. First, definitions as answers … always dicey. Especially* tortured when you have to make those answers fit into 21 squares exactly. 

Thus the phrasing on precisely None of these seems just right. AGE FOR DRINKING LEGALLY is something ALIENS would say when trying to pass as humans. Further … there’s nowhere for this puzzle to go. It’s just a relentless death march of s. 

The final themer is kind of a revealer, or a twist, but even it kind of whiffs. Theme answers, longer answers, long Acrosses … say what you mean. My only serious probably came in trying to parse SPOTS ON ALL SIDES OF A DIE, and that was largely due to my writing in NECCA instead of NECCO. Then there’s the fill. 

The grid … it’s trying to have a low word count, I think, which is not a great idea. Then there’s ON A STAR, a phrase that should never stand alone. 

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