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Guardian Angel Kids

Download printable Guardian Angel Kids 2018 Submission Themes PDF. SUBMISSION:EMAIL ONLY PLEASE! Please mark the email subject line with submission title, the month submitted for, and your name. No more than two submissions per issue and please adhere to word count noted for each category. Due to the volume of submissions received, we will no longer respond to submissions that are over the word count. 

We examine all submissions EXCEPT SNAIL MAILED SUBMISSIONS. Due to the volume of submissions received, we do not give individual feedback. We reserve the right to reject any submission without explanation. For kid submissions, we will make check payments for submissions within the United States. Otherwise please provide your correct and verified PayPal email address within your email submission. 

PHOTOS: Please do not send copyrighted or licensed pictures from the internet to accompany your submission. HEARING FROM US: You will recieve an automated response that tells you that we received your submission. Submissions are NOT selected for publication until the week or a few days before the magazine is actually published so do NOT expect confirmation of publication until then. NEW! YOUNG MUSES/CHILDREN SUBMISSIONS: Guardian Angel Kids is pleased to announce we are now accepting submissions from children up to 14. 

We do not use previously published material and the accepted submissions after publication may not be recycled into any other format- for sale or otherwise. 

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Walsh’s Wonderings

Talk about a thankless job: There’s no Hallmark card for guardian angels. Not that I was all that happy to learn of them as a child. Then my Sunday School teacher informed us that every soul was assigned a guardian angel at birth. Thomas Aquinas would later add that these guardians represented the lowest order of angels. Of course they are! 

There’s no more menial job for a celestial being than watching me binge-watch Westworld for days on end. I can’t help but think my guardian angel looks upon watching over me as serving time as a cosmic lifeguard: a lot of waiting between opportunities to act. He just didn’t say much of anything positive, either. I silently thank them for slowing me down and keeping me from the accident that’s surely about to take place further up the road. I’ve grown to appreciate those extra car lengths these drivers leave between themselves and the cars ahead of them. 

I see angel zones everywhere now: in the moment the phone rings and I don’t have to answer whether Mom’s turkey tasted dry; in the party I missed that ended with everyone yelling at each other. When I add up all the times a negative has turned into a positive, I realize how hard Seamus must be working. When my wife hung the tiny angel with all the shiny moving parts on our rear-view mirror, a voice in my head told me to take it down. I want to apologize for those years I ignored him by thanking him for the work I don’t even know he’s doing on my behalf, for the thankless task of years of hidden help. 

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guardian angels

Today we celebrate the feast of the guardian angels and in times such as this it’s important to know that they’re there, they are all around, they wait for us to call on them. When it’s the will of God, when it’s done in the right way – with enough prayer – we can even ask them to do our bidding, to go on missions. When you’re down or ill, when you really need something, when you’re trying to discern, ask for their intercession. They wait for our requests, and they’re only too glad to help. Ask them to speak to the angels guarding people you may be having problems with. 

If you have sorrow ask them to remove the sorrow and if you have fear ask them to remove the fear. It’s angels who orchestrate many supernatural gifts and when we’re under attack our angels can chase off dark spirits. Ask their intercession! Last week we repeated an account of a series of dreams in which an angel who called himself Michael and two others seemed to be ministering to me. It was in a dream, which is how they often communicate. 

The more we call on angels, the more they’re there. I don’t think I had even told the neighbors yet what I did for a living. guardian angels Spirit Daily. 

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