My Guardian Angel News for 05-21-2018

“I wish my guardian angel would choose someone else.” [NoSleep] *COMPLETE SERIES*

Is there any truth to the idea that we have guardian angels who watch over and protect us?

Larry E. Dahl, associate professor of Church history and doctrine, Brigham Young University. Protect and guide the servants of God in times of trouble so that they may accomplish his purposes;. Bring comfort, instruction, and warnings to faithful individuals in times of need. Guardian angels are referred to in various Church leaders’ recorded blessings, experiences, and sermons. 

Since the early days of the Church, angels have continued to minister to the Lord’s faithful servants. He called me to come to the telephone, and he asked me how I was; and I said, ‘Well, I am very tired. Whatever the occasion or the cause, you may by faith, intensified by fasting or ‘after long abstinence’ like Paul, have standing by your side during ‘that night’ of turmoil a ‘guardian angel’ of God ‘whose you are and whom you serve. Without the help that we receive from the constant presence of the Holy Spirit, and from possible holy angels, the difficulties of life would be greatly multiplied. 1) We each have constant access to a type of guardian influence through the Light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. 2) Ministering angels are sometimes sent to guide, comfort, protect, and instruct the Lord’s servants and other faithful individuals in times of need. 3) Angels who minister in our behalf-whether seen or unseen-may include departed loved ones who are aware of our circumstances and are concerned about our welfare. 4) Faith is a critical element in the ministry of angels. 

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Guardian Angels Health Center: Pediatricians: Aurora, CO

Guardian Angels Health Center provides pediatric care to patients in the Aurora, Colorado area. Services include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder treatment, asthma treatment, treatment for allergies, care for the common cold, physical exams, and newborn care. Guardian Angels Health Center is a certified medical home in the state of Colorado. This model of medical care places the emphasis on the patient by building strong relationships between the patients and their pediatric care team. The team of pediatricians at Guardian Angels Health Center are highly experienced and skilled in working with young patients, from infancy through the teen years. 

Whether a child needs their very first well baby exam or they’re in need of urgent care, the Guardian Angels Health Center team is ready to help. At this time, Guardian Angels Health Center is accepting new patients and they look forward to meeting every child who comes to them for care. Feel free to contact the Guardian Angels Health Center team anytime to arrange an appointment. We have expanded our scope of the practice to include Primary Care for Adults. In January 2018 we began scheduling appointments for adults! 

Our team of primary care-adult practitioners will see you in our offices to establish care, see you for problem visits, and be your partner in your annual wellness physicals and exams and can treat chronic conditions. 

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Dawn Richard shares new single “Guardian Angel,” teases 2019 album

It’s a dramatic, string-rich jam with a soaring chorus, and it’s just what you need on this gloomy Friday. Listen to it now on your favorite platform(s) – which I assume is TMT, so listen below! That’s an order! That’s not all there is to this fascinating and engrossingly-written news story! Clear your calendars, Dawn Richard fans. 

I mean an actual, whole-ass calendar, because it’s gonna be some time before you hear the next album in the Dawn Richard saga. Until the clock strikes 12:00 on January 1, 2019 and we can start relentlessly barraging her Instragram with increasingly obnoxious and entitled comments asking when the new album is dropping, there’s not a whole lot more to say. 

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Security Camera Appears to Have Captured a Guardian Angel

A pastor in East Jordan, Michigan has posted photos that appear to show a guardian angel above a vehicle. The pastor says the wispy outline in the photo is evidence of God’s protection. Some believe the object captured by the security camera was only a moth, but the pastor and his church are convinced it is a sign from God, and that the temperature at the time the photo was taken was too cold for a moth to be out. Even if the image in the photo is only a moth, the fact that it looks like an angel can still be a reassurance of God’s protection and an encouragement to many. 

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Guardian Angel by Spalato Bros

Guardian Angel is a first person horror game based on strategic use of pathways and decision making. The player must complete the objectives before enemies engulf the player. The player can use the flashlight in strobe mode as a form of temporary defense against the enemy which buys time to complete objectives. The game endorses awareness of surroundings, and punishes those who hesitate. Flashlight off/on: RMB. 

Strobe Flashlight: Hold LMB. +Game pads are supported but is not recommended. 

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Guardian Angels Catholic Church is located in Northwest Denver and offers a traditional parish ministry and values-based school for pre-k through 8th grades

Guardian Angels Catholic School has provided Denver students with quality education in the Catholic tradition since 1962. We offer strong academics and a moral grounding for preschool through 8th grade youth, as well as a vibrant, active preschool childcare program. 

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