My Guardian Angel News for 05-19-2018

Guardian¨ Bells

With Guardian® Bells, you can give the gift of good fortune. Maker Adam Hizme, a second-generation jeweler, creates these handsome pewter bells in Arizona for the purpose of bestowing good luck upon their recipients. The use of bells as a channel for positive energy dates back to antiquity. Religions, bells have been rung to banish evil spirits at ceremonies, funerals, and even in everyday life. It’s considered good feng shui to have a bell on your door, which acts as a beacon for welcome news and prevents bad energy from entering. 

On the other end of the spectrum, many serious bikers attach bells to the bottom of their rides-a decades-old custom believed to ward off mishaps and mechanical failures. Thanks to Guardian® Bells, you can grant this tradition of protection upon anyone. Attach one to a backpack, keychain, boat, locker door, or anyplace else. According to legend, the bells have twice as much power when given as a gift. Choose a design that fits your loved one’s style, and present them with a double dose of good luck. 

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Another Guardian Angel Story

Yesterday, I decided to take Ol’ Smokey, my ’72 H1-B, out for a spin. When I returned, I parked it next to the REX in it’s wheel chock as always. I went back out to the garage a couple of hours later and found that it had fallen over onto my REX! It’s never happened before. The REX was on it’s side stand, and the H1 was laying on the right side of it. 

All I could think of was getting the H1 back up, putting it on it’s sidestand and cringing at what I thought was going to be a real mess. Here’s the Guardian Angel part:Ol’ Smokey’s left handlebar had hit the front tire of the REX. The REX held it up just high enough that there was no damage to my H1! The REX only had a mark on the front tire from the handlebar! No damage to either bike. 

I thought about buying a lottery ticket, but I think I’ve used up all of my luck for awhile…. I’m sure a happy man! 

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Your Guardian Angel

A beautiful angel from the realms aboveIs sending you healing from its wings of pure loveHe has been with you since the beginning of timeNow its time to acknowledge ‘This angel is mine’. He’ll guide and protect you on this journey you startAnd all that he asks is that you open your heartListen to his words and guidance my friendYour emotional pain will soon start to mend. Even if you feel your pathways not clearRemember your angel who holds you so dearKnowledge and guidance is just what you needAnd his love and support will help you succeed. So when you’re feeling lonely and blueRemember your angel who stands close to youHe’ll comfort and soothe when sleep goes awryAnd brush away your tears if you start to cry. Your beautiful angel from the realms aboveHas come to you- with Oh! 

So much loveJust know he’s close he IS very nearSo with him by your side-you’ve nothing to fear. 

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Sermon on the Holy Guardian Angels

So the Supreme Majesty has given charge to the angels. With what great reverence should you treat this word! What devotion should you proffer it; what great confidence should you place in it. Reverence because of their presence; devotion because of their benevolence; confidence because of their solicitude. Walk carefully, in all thy ways, as one with whom the angels are present as He has given them charge. 

In every lodging, at every corner, have reverence for thy Angel. Do not dare to do in his presence what you would not dare to do if I were there. In this brethren, let us affectionately love His angels as one day our future coheirs; meanwhile as counselors and defenders appointed by the Father and placed over us. This item 3074 digitally provided courtesy of 

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Guardian Angels Videos

Suggested: guardian angels – guardian angels caught on tape – guardian angels documentary – guardian angels for kids – guardian angels nyc – guardian angels are real – guardian angels catholic – guardian angels song – guardian angels the judds – guardian angels mario lanza – guardian angels. Bapse is powered by Google and Youtube technologies. 

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Guardian Angels School

Instead of the school name you can search by the school’s zip code. If you still cannot locate your school, please contact Balfour Customer Support, and we will be glad to help you. 

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Guardian Angel, Art Print by Lindberg Heilige Schutzengel at

Art Print is the result of a detailed printing process utilizing fine quality inks and paper. These methods produce prints with fine art reproduction standards. 

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Guardian Angels-Oakdale

We will explore signs, symptoms and how to talk about depression along with how common it is. 

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Guardian Angel Visor Clip

Clip attaches to your car’s visor to hold papers and provide protection in your travels. 

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