My Guardian Angel News for 05-18-2018

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Angels by Paulette

The Angels cannot interfere with free will and allowing them to create miracles for you changes your life dramatically. For 4 years I painted over 2000 free Angels for these beautiful children until I was guided to paint the Angels for everyone who wanted to see their Angels. All the children with terminal illnesses said that I painted the very Angels they see every day!I still paint free Angels for terminal adults and children. I charge for all the other Angels so that I can afford to paint these free Angels. In the last 16 years, I have painted over 20,000 angels for people all over the country and about a third I paint free to those children with terminal illnesses. 

ORDER YOUR ANGEL NOW. Your Angel is always with you to guard and protect you with unconditional love! Wonderful Thank You Letters Many thanks and gratitude for painting our Angels! My daughter and I love seeing them every day. Say thank you again for my Guardian Angel ‘Raguel’. 

His Angel, ‘George’, is very handsome and I know my grandson will appreciate knowing him. What unlimited Joy to spend the day with you while you painted my aunt’s Angels, my son’s Angels, my Dad’s Angel and my Angel. Thank you, Paulette, for the beautiful Angel painting and message. When Rose called you for Chase’s Angel, my life was very difficult and I needed my Angels. 

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Safe Life Defense Body Armor Donations

Applying to the Guardian Angel Program is not a guarantee of being granted body armor. We will NEVER share any sensitive information including your name, address, phone number, email address ect. Guardian Angel body armor recipients are selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, sexual orientation or genetics. Safe Life Defense and The Guardian Angel Program assumes no liability and bears no liability for any use, misuse or failure to perform. While Safe Life Defense body armor has been tested and rated to protect the wearer of threats within the specified NIJ rating level of your vest no armor is 100% bulletproof. 

Specialized armor piercing bullets and ultra high velocity rounds may not be stopped by your armor. No soft body armor will defeat rifle or long gun ammunition. For protection against rifle threats Safe Life Defense offers NIJ Level IV hard armor to be used in conjunction with your soft body armor. Always refer to your ballistic panel inserts to determine the level of your soft bulletproof vest. Remember your vest can only protect you when you wear it. 

Safe Life Defense Vests are designed for comfort, protection and maneuverability. Remember your vest and hard plates are bullet resistant not bulletproof. 

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Search ncs guardian angel

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San Francisco Guardian Angels

We meet at HQ at 6pm and hit street to get some street cover tonight. Tonight our own Cobra will be leading the group tonight and it will be a fun one i am sure since we all know that you never know what is going to happen in the TL. We posted up and was waiting on a member to get ready to move out. This is so we can check that everyone that is up there is ok and there is know one hurt up there since we have learn that people like to sleep up there and think it is a good place. Team is posted up waiting to move but have to wait for 4 man team to come back. 

Some lady on powell street wanted a pic with us so we are more than happy to give of pics. There was a crack pipe in there but it is gone now thanks to the team. Needles all over the TL on the street and it is like you park and you got to look before you get out the car. Cobra got this pipe from a man that was trying to fine crack to put in her pipe. It was a long night we us alot of needles off street in TL and it was 11pm time to head back to get the debief and hea home to our family. 

It was a great night seen alot and got a lot done in one night. 

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