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Alanis Morissette – Guardian (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Become a Guardian Angels Sitter

Guardian Angels Job descriptions:Guardian Angels Sitting Service is always looking for highly qualified sitters who love and understand children, the elderly and animals. If you would like to apply to our agency and feel you fit the job descriptions below, please fill out our application located at the bottom of this page. Job Description for Child, Pet, and Elderly Sitting Positions
Must comply with ALL company policies and procedures at all times. Must be emotionally, physically and intellectually stable
Report back to the office on a daily basis when on a job 
Have excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize 
Free of nicotine, alcohol or drug use/ addictions in order to perform job safely & to avoid putting others lives at risk
Provide a schedule of a min of 12 hours a week. Able to provide light cleaning for the safety and comfort of the child, pet and elder. 

Consider making overnight stays at client’s place of residence Provide direction to clients when presented with questions or concerns about their pet, child or elderly adult 
Be able to communicate with people of all ages, have great listening skills, pay attention to detail Must be responsible, trustworthy, ethical, have good morals, patience and have great interpersonal and organizational skills. Be able to lift 30LBS. BABYSITTER SPECIFIC JOB DESCRIPTION
Provide temporary custodial care of young children when the parents are not at home
Ability to interact with children, demonstrate skills for playing games and maintain their wellbeing 
Keep the children safe and entertained in fun ways that do not always include watching TV/ movies
Ability to respond to a crisis situation, communicate effectively with parents, and use CPR and First Aid skills 
Able to help with language development, potty training, social manners, homework, and more. ELDERLY COMPANION SPECIFIC JOB DESCRIPTION
Help keep clients mentally healthy and alert by having conversations with them, playing games and assisting them to be as physically active as is possible
Provide emotional support and companionship
Help the elderly client to live as independently as possible
Assist the client with activities outside the home, including driving to markets and doctor appointments. To provide invaluable peace of mind to the elderly client’s family members. 

A genuine love for animals, and concern for their health, happiness, and well being. Provide initial consultations with new clients; explain service agreement, care process, and evaluation of pet
. Provide weekly in-home pet care including but not limited to leashed walks, off leash socials, puppy potty breaks and socialization, cat care, pet taxi and other small tasks 
Able to clean up after pets and give oral/topical medications when necessary 
Ensure pets are given required amount exercise and playtime and strength to control leashed animals over 50 lbs 
Be free of allergies to animal hair/dander. 

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Guardian Angel Number 333 and 444

Angel number 333 and Angel number 444 are the numbers through which our Guardian Angels talk to us most frequently. When you see number 333 many times in a day it means that your Guardian Angel is telling you that there is something that you must do, even if you feel insecure about it or you don’t know if it will work out well, because through 333 you are told that you are encouraged and assisted to reach your goal or to make your thought happen. I tell them to have faith and trust because seeing the number 333 means that your Guardian Angel tells you that he is there for you. 333 is a reminder that the entire universe is working to help you and to keep you on the right path when you have a big problem like my friend had. The Guardian Angel number 333 means that your prayers have been heard and you have to be patient because something great is prepared for you. Number 333 is one of your Guardian Angel’s messages and he is telling you to have courage to act if you want to do something because he and God are there to help you. 

Another meaning of the number 333 is that you are always assisted by your Guardian Angel. 333 and 444 are Guardian Angel numbers that have a strong connection between them. Guardian angel number 444 means that you are guided to achieve your goal. The 444 Angel number means that you are loved and assisted by your Guardian Angel. My friend, whom I told you about above, after seeing the 333 Angel number got a job and all in his life went well. In conclusion, the 333 and 444 Angel numbers are messages sent by God and your Guardian Angel. 

There are not only the 333 and 444 Guardian Angel numbers. 

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als guardian angels

ALS Guardian Angels grants help families with expenses not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and other reimbursement programs. Recipients may apply for and receive grants up to $1,500 each. Grant approval will be based on need and available funds. RESPITE CARE FUND. This fund provides regular respite to caregivers and families for as long as the grant allows. 

The ALS Guardian Angels will work with you to locate a qualified caregiver in your area. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FUND. ALS is a progressive disease necessitating a variety of medical devices and equipment. The ALS Guardian Angels equipment fund helps PALS meet those needs. This would include the purchase or rental of communication equipment, durable medical equipment, bathing, and toileting equipment and other items that will help ease the demands of living with ALS. 

VACATION FUND. The vacation fund helps ALS families create memories that will endure forever. If traveling is not possible, the grant can be used for other opportunities such as family reunions. TRANSPORTATION FUND. This fund helps with the special transportation needs of PALS. 

This includes van modifications, special transport services, and other forms of transportation specific to the needs of PALS. HOME MODIFICATION FUND. This fund helps provide money toward making the home safe for PALS and to help CALS with the care giving process. To Apply for a Grant please fill out the form by clicking on the Grant Request Form button below. The information you provide on the Grand Request Form is confidential. 

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