My Guardian Angel News for 05-14-2018


Guardian Angels’ Wynnum Catholic Primary

The teachers of these students have been working hard to help your children to understand the processes involved with Naplan. This is fundamentally im-portant as it allows us to reiterate that these tests will allow us to see what our students know and un-derstand in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy. We understand that leading up to Naplan, some students can feel particularly anxious. We work very hard to maintain perspective and allay any fears or worries the students may experience. If you feel your child is experiencing undue tension around Naplan, please let their teacher know so that we can work together to calm these feelings. 

AspxANZAC Day March

Yesterday, several of our students and their families represented our school beautifully in the Anzac Day march. We were so proud of the manner in which our students presented; respectful and dignified, and we thank them and their parents for joining with us as we acknowledge and reflect on this most blessed, honour-filled day. Thank you also to those wonderful families who cheered us on from the sidewalk. It was so lovely to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they realised they were being cheered and supported.

It was a worthwhile discussion and after speaking with the minister, I gained a deeper understanding of the federal government’s priorities for education nationally and in QLD. It was evident that despite a lack of bipartisan support for some education policies, we all want what’s best for our children. 

A big thank you to parents who put their name forward but were not successful this time. The role of the school board is to provide guidance and support to me to enable the school to carry out the school’s Vision and Mission. 

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Home Guardian Knights MC

Thanks to a generous grant from the UPS Grant Foundation the Guardian Knights have been able to obtain a 7×12 EZ-Haul trailer along with all necessary supplies and equipment. On August 20, 2008 a group of like minded riders started an annual ride to raise money to provide packages from home to deployed PA National Guard and Reserve Troops. Since that time the Guardian Knights have raised tens of thousands of dollars and shipped thousands of packages to local soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen in harms way. The costs of organizing the event are covered by the Guardian Knights. The Guardian Knights and other supporters met to package and ship care packages filled with cookies and other homemade treats as well as toiletries and hygiene items. 

We just recently received the large quantity of care packages from yourorganization and I cannot express enough gratitude for the outpouring of support. I just recieved the packages from the Guardian Knights. 557th ERHS. 201st RHS. Operation SOSThe Guardian Knights MC has mounted a campaign to provide needed/wanted items to our PA troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Named Operation SOS, the Campaign kicked off in 2008 and includes collecting donations at various local events throughout the riding season and culminating in our Operation SOS ride in August of each year. Operation SOS has been able to provide support to hundreds of PA National Guard and Reserve Troops over the past several years. 

Operation SOS is an ongoing project of the Guardian Knights MC and will continue as long as there is community support and PA Troops in harms way. Check out the video of some of the SOS packages being distributed in Iraq. 

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Guardian Angels Dog Rescue

We are a small not for profit dog rescue in Thanet, Kent. At present we are only able to rescue and rehome in our local areas. Since Guardian Angels Dog Rescue was formed we have successfully found loving new homes to more than 300 dogs. Guardian Angels Dog Rescue is a not for profit organisation in Thanet, we are only able to keep going because of our volunteers. Being a not for profit organisation we are not able to receive funding for large businesses so we are only able to keep running through the generous donations from the public and our fundraising events. 

Before any dog is adopted from us they are chipped & neutered/spayed, they are also assessed for things like their temperment & how they react with cats & other dogs in the home & on the lead when out. Like all rescues we charge a fee for all dogs when adopted these fees help pay towards things like vet bills, chipping, food, neutering/spaying and more. We have a no kill policy and will help as many dogs as we can wether from the UK or not. We would like to make our team bigger and become a full charity. We can only do this with your help and our hard work. 

Without our volunteers & the donations we receive we would not be able to run so we woud like to say a massive thankyou to everyone that volunteers and supports us with donations etc. We would also like to hear from you if you are considering joining our team of volunteers. 

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