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Guardian Angel – Tim Timebomb and Friends

Guardian Angels: 22 Photos Of New York’s 1980s Saviors In Action

Alone, they are everyday members of society, but together they are the Guardian Angels. Founded by New York native Curtis Sliwa, the group was created as an answer to the high crime rates that plagued New York City in the 1970s. Then a night manager at a McDonald’s in the Bronx, Sliwa started giving back by initiating a group volunteer effort to clean Fordham Road. In doing so, the group not only received awards from the city but also began to witness a new found pride among their fellow community members, leading Sliwa to direct his dedicated team in a new direction. With crime and crack on the rise and budget deficits and police presence on the decline, the volunteers worked to fill in the gaps needed to keep order in the city. 

Only 13 members strong at the time, the group took to the number 4 subway train, unarmed, in search of gang activity, muggers, and drug dealers, detaining any law breakers until police could arrive. Their mere presence was said to have deterred countless criminal acts, and once people got wind of the work that Sliwa and his crew were doing, other New Yorkers wanted in. With an even larger community now behind them, on February 13, 1979, the Guardian Angels were officially formed. The group now has affiliates in more than 100 cities around the world, including Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, the latter of which is home to the organization’s second largest chapter. Their worldwide efforts have even acted in the face of terrorism, with members of the Richmond, Virginia chapter pumping gas for residents too afraid to exit their vehicles during the 2002 sniper attacks, for example. 

Today, the Guardian Angels can still be seen patrolling the streets and subways of New York, prompted to increase their presence after an uptick in subway slashings in 2016 had city residents riding in fear once again. In keeping with their primary purpose of empowering local communities, the Guardian Angels also provide self-defense classes for people of all ages, as well as youth outreach and mentoring programs which are primarily held at the Guardian Angels Community Service Center in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. For more images of a pre-gentrifying New York City, check out these photos of New York in the 1970s and 1980s as well as these 1980s images that capture the era when the New York City subway was the most dangerous place on Earth. 

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Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society

The Society’s signature event was held this year on February 10, 2018 where we honored the life and legacy of our founder, Father Joseph Champlin, who passed away 10 years ago. Father radiated a certain kind of wisdom, compassion and love that was like no other. At this year’s event, we shared the spirit of Father and his commitment to make the world a better place by educating one child at a time. Sweet Cabaret at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, also celebrated all that we have accomplished together because YOU play a pivotal part in the success of Father’s mission. Download the sponsor form for information about 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities and ads included in the event program book in tribute to the Guardian Angel Society or in memory of Father Champlin. 

Chris Cesta would support Father’s fundraising efforts by giving donors a dinner certificate to his wonderful restaurant, The Inn Between. Enjoy breakfast while special speaker, former founding Guardian Angel Society Board President, and newly appointed Development Director, Sarah J. Ioele shares her experiences, working toward Building A Path To Success for Father’s Kids since the very beginning of Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society. Presenting sponsor Money Federal Credit Union has supported an annual golf tournament to benefit the Guardian Angel Society since 2005 and has raised $149,720 for the Society! The event brought in over $2,300 for Father’s kids. 

Buy tickets here! Tickets are also available at the St. Joseph’s Church Rectory, Plaza Liquors, Guardian Angel Society office, or by calling Terry Wynne at 487-1906. For another special night of holiday music and celebration to help Father’s kids. While the plight facing many of Father’s kids isn’t funny, this night of comedy is always a ton of laughs! 

On Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 8pm, Bruno Schirripa brought his ORIGINAL WISE GUYS stand up comedy production back to The Palace Theater in Eastwood to benefit Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society. 

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Mark Bertolini: Aetna Guardian Angel Program a Lifeline for Those in Need

A new Aetna program aims to connect people to vital resources in the aftermath of such an event. Health care should be personal, and it should help us during our most vulnerable, difficult times. We are seeing this scene play out more and more frequently across the country. In order to address one of the biggest public health issues of this generation, we don’t just need to do more – we need to think differently about how to solve this problem. We have to connect with people during the times that they are most receptive to help, such as after an overdose. 

Aetna recently launched the Guardian Angel program, which is intended to reach our members during this critical time. As soon as we learn a member has had an opioid-related overdose, a specially trained case manager – a registered nurse that used to work in an addiction unit and is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor – reaches out to educate that person on treatment options in their area. While a nurse case manager can refer the member to a local health care provider, he or she also can provide access to nearby social support services. More than anything else, a nurse case manager can serve as a lifeline for members and their families. The first Guardian Angel nurse case manager has connected with hundreds of overdose victims over the past few months. 

Much more important than the numbers, we are hearing stories of people starting on a road to recovery. A 63-year-old woman from Ohio who has battled a painkiller addiction for more than a decade, agreeing to start treatment and connect with local health care specialists. 

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