My Guardian Angel News for 05-12-2018

Kevin Gates – Guardian Angel

The Narrows Senior Center – the last remaining lease-holder within the storied 140,000-square-foot, block-long Angel Guardian Home – closed its doors on Tuesday, May 8 so that the site’s sale could push forward. The home, located at 6301 12th Avenue, was sold at the end of last year by its owners, the Sisters of Mercy, to developer Scott Barone who, after month of anonymity, finally came forward at the end of April with plans of everything from affordable and senior housing to a school and even a new senior center. No matter what’s coming down the pipeline, the center must close – at least for now. She was joined at each by politicians from both sides of the aisle and members of the Guardians of the Guardian – a grassroots group of Dyker Heights residents – in calling on the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to expedite the calendaring of a Request for Evaluation they’d hoped would lead to the designation of Angel Guardian as an individual landmark. Some center-goers wore black Tuesday to mourn their last day at the space. 

However bittersweet, it was at least in part a celebration of many years of wonderful memories. The same center-goer said she’d tried other centers – some more flashy than the Narrows – but none compared. From here, Castagna told this paper, many residents will go to the Moose Lodge, 7711 18th Avenue, another center operated by Catholic Charities. For now, many seniors will give the Moose Lodge a try, though some couldn’t make the same promise. 

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Philadelphia Protestant Home

At PPH we hope that you or your loved one encounters someone, a Guardian Angel, who makes your experience special or was there when you needed them. You can recognize that PPH caregiver or other staff member by sharing your story and making a donation of $250 or more to PPH in their honor. When you donate in honor of a PPH caregiver or other staff member, your Guardian Angel name and why they earned their wings will be recognized by their supervisor with a special lapel pin they can proudly wear, posted to our Guardian Angels display board located in our Esplanade. All Guardian Angels will become part of the pool from which the newly created CSI President’s Award is chosen. This is the most prestigious award a staff member can receive and recognizes their excellence is customer service and demonstrating the PPH core values of Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Friendliness and Quality Care. 

Gifts received through the Guardian Angel Program pay tribute to a caregiver or other PPH staff member who enriched your life while also providing PPH with essential resources, so others receive the highest-quality, most compassionate care as well. Make a $250 or more gift in their honor on our secure donation form and let us know what they did that made a difference in you or your loved ones life. 

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The Skeptic’s Dictionary

An angel is a bodiless, immortal spirit, limited in knowledge and power. These bad angels were sent to Hell and are known as devils. Even though angels are spirits and devoid of a physical nature, believers in angels have had no problem depicting and describing them. Angels, say their advocates, are invisible but can take the form of visible things. Angels are usually depicted with wings and looking like human adults or children. 

Belief in angels, angel sightings and angel experiences is entirely a matter of faith. The angel is presented as being a kind of guardian, but the child will hopefully realize that the angel is also keeping track of all deeds, good and bad, even those done when mommy and daddy aren’t around. New Age mythmakers have made an industry out of angels. Dozens of books connecting angels with everything from guidance in daily life to talking to the dead to psychic healing are published every year. Sales of angel figurines and other material products are brisk. 

Survey: Vast majority of Americans believe in angels. A survey of 1,127 adult residents of the United States conducted by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University found that 77% believe angels exist. 

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Angels are very active in the Bible and are used by God as messengers, warriors, and servants. The Bible tells us that God created the angels, and that at some time in the distant past there was a rebellion in heaven; and many of the angels fell. Apparently, it was the elect angels that did not fall. The Bible says that angels were created by Christ, that they carry out the will of God, they worship God and Christ, are wise, mighty, holy, and innumerable,. Angels are not to be worshipped since they are creatures. 

Apparently, there are different kinds of angels with different characteristics and roles: cherubim, seraphim, and archangels. Cherubim were considered to be angels that guarded sacred things. On the other hand, Michael the archangel seems to be a warrior angel who does battle. Some think this means there is a hierarchy of angels as is suggested in 1 Pet. Lucifer, another archangel, rebelled against God and became the devil. 

Most scholars agree that one-third of the angels fell into sin and became demons. Whichever view you have of angels, it cannot be escaped that the Bible mentions them a lot, and that they are greatly used by God to accomplish His will. 

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