My Guardian Angel News for 05-11-2018

Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel News for 05-05-2018

Guardian Angels Job descriptions:Guardian Angels Sitting Service is always looking for highly qualified sitters who love and understand children, the elderly and animals. The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth; certain groups of human beings do actually have personal angels. No matter in what circle a human happens to be, if such an individual becomes enrolled in any of the several reserve corps of destiny, right then and there, personal seraphim are assigned, and from that time until the earthly career is finished, that mortal will enjoy the continuous ministry and unceasing watchcare of a guardian angel. Human beings in the initial or seventh circle have one guardian angel with one company of assisting cherubim assigned to the watchcare and custody of one thousand mortals. Upon your death, your records, identity specifications, and the morontia entity of the human soul -conjointly evolved by the ministry of mortal mind and the divine Adjuster-are faithfully conserved by the destiny guardian together with all other values related to your future existence, everything that constitutes you, the real you, except the identity of continuing existence represented by the departing Adjuster and the actuality of personality. 

The guardian seraphim is the custodial trustee of the survival values of mortal man’s slumbering soul as the absent Adjuster is the identity of such an immortal universe being. The Adjuster will identify you; the guardian seraphim will repersonalize you and then re-present you to the faithful Monitor of your earth days. Many of the faithful seraphic guardians of mortals are permitted to go through the ascendant career with their human wards, and many of these guardian angels, after becoming Father fused, join their subjects in taking the finaliter oath of eternity and forever accept the destiny of their mortal associates. The supreme choice of seraphim in the career of time is the post of guardian angel in order that they may attain the career of finality and be qualified for assignment to the eternal spheres of seraphic service. For ages upon ages, before man’s ascent to the level of higher spiritual volition, the Adjusters occupy the minds of these struggling creatures during their short lives in the flesh, and the moment such will creatures are indwelt by Adjusters, the group guardian angels begin to function. 

All of the differing physical types and planetary series of mortals alike enjoy the ministry of Thought Adjusters, guardian angels, and the various orders of the messenger hosts of the Infinite Spirit. If you have a personal guardian of destiny and should fail of survival, that guardian angel must be adjudicated in order to receive vindication as to the faithful execution of her trust. 

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GA Letter

The Epi Guardian Angels are a group of caring people across the USA and the world who live with dogs who have epilepsy. We have collected medical information that is viable and tested-information that can slow down seizures, make them less frequent, or in a few cases stop seizures completely. Our goals are education and support: We want to help educate owners of epileptic dogs and their vets by providing easy access to articles on canine epilepsy published by veterinarians and neurologists, and transcripts of interviews with noted veterinarians. We know, too, how loving and caring for an epi turns your life upside down, how sometimes friends or even family members cannot understand your devotion and commitment to your epi. Searching endlessly for information and help takes Herculean perseverance. 

Our support should not be considered a substitute for professional veterinary care, which every epileptic dog needs. If your epi is having an emergency, please take him/her to an emergency clinic immediately. We care deeply about you and your epi, but we are not where you should turn first in an emergency situation. The Epi Guardian Angels understand that every epi parent sometimes needs support, a few words of encouragement, and advice based on reliable, proven information. We ask only that you first go through the Table of Contents carefully, reading every article that applies to you and your dog. 

When you write, it is IMPORTANT that you INCLUDE YOUR DOG’S BREED ON THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR E-MAIL. Begin your message by referring again to your dog’s BREED, and tell us also your dog’s WEIGHT, AGE, and any MEDICATIONS he/she may be taking. One of the Epi Guardian Angels will write you back within 48 hours. 

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Guardian Angel Program

The Tabby’s Place Guardian Angel Program offers you a means to ensure that your feline companions will be cared for at the time of your disability. Under this program, you can be assured that your cats will gain immediate acceptance to the facility, where they will receive love and attention, high-quality medical care, and a peaceful, home-like environment. Sanctuary residents live in spacious suites filled with toys, scratching posts, climbing ledges, and cubbies in which to sleep. Cats can safely enjoy fresh air and sunshine in the outdoor solariums. Feline residents receive daily play sessions and cuddle time from our devoted staff and volunteers. 

While cats at Tabby’s Place live contentedly, we believe the best outcome for the majority of our residents is to be adopted into loving families of their own. We do our best to find ideal homes for our residents and perform diligent follow-up to ensure that the cats continue to be happy and healthy. If the right match does not come along, each resident has a home for life at Tabby’s Place. Our residents are given the best medical care possible. We specialize in caring for older cats and cats with special needs, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. 

The only time we euthanize a cat is if it is suffering and there is no reasonable hope of recovery. To be accepted into the Guardian Angel Program, cats must meet these requirements: test negative for FeLV and FIV, and, be able to be examined without sedation. 

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