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Your guardian angel (traduzione)

Become a Guardian Angels Sitter

Guardian Angels Job descriptions:Guardian Angels Sitting Service is always looking for highly qualified sitters who love and understand children, the elderly and animals. If you would like to apply to our agency and feel you fit the job descriptions below, please fill out our application located at the bottom of this page. Job Description for Child, Pet, and Elderly Sitting Positions
Must comply with ALL company policies and procedures at all times. Must be emotionally, physically and intellectually stable
Report back to the office on a daily basis when on a job 
Have excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize 
Free of nicotine, alcohol or drug use/ addictions in order to perform job safely & to avoid putting others lives at risk
Provide a schedule of a min of 12 hours a week. Able to provide light cleaning for the safety and comfort of the child, pet and elder. 

Consider making overnight stays at client’s place of residence Provide direction to clients when presented with questions or concerns about their pet, child or elderly adult 
Be able to communicate with people of all ages, have great listening skills, pay attention to detail Must be responsible, trustworthy, ethical, have good morals, patience and have great interpersonal and organizational skills. Be able to lift 30LBS. BABYSITTER/NANNY SPECIFIC JOB DESCRIPTION
Provide temporary custodial care of young children when the parents are not at home
Ability to interact with children, demonstrate skills for playing games and maintain their wellbeing 
Keep the children safe and entertained in fun ways that do not always include watching TV/ movies
Ability to respond to a crisis situation, communicate effectively with parents, and use CPR and First Aid skills 
Able to help with language development, potty training, social manners, homework, and more. ELDERLY COMPANION SPECIFIC JOB DESCRIPTION
Help keep clients mentally healthy and alert by having conversations with them, playing games and assisting them to be as physically active as is possible
Provide emotional support and companionship
Help the elderly client to live as independently as possible
Assist the client with activities outside the home, including driving to markets and doctor appointments. To provide invaluable peace of mind to the elderly client’s family members. 

A genuine love for animals, and concern for their health, happiness, and well being. Provide initial consultations with new clients; explain service agreement, care process, and evaluation of pet
. Provide weekly in-home pet care including but not limited to leashed walks, off leash socials, puppy potty breaks and socialization, cat care, pet taxi and other small tasks 
Able to clean up after pets and give oral/topical medications when necessary 
Ensure pets are given required amount exercise and playtime and strength to control leashed animals over 50 lbs 
Be free of allergies to animal hair/dander. 

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Guardian Angels

The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth; certain groups of human beings do actually have personal angels. No matter in what circle a human happens to be, if such an individual becomes enrolled in any of the several reserve corps of destiny, right then and there, personal seraphim are assigned, and from that time until the earthly career is finished, that mortal will enjoy the continuous ministry and unceasing watchcare of a guardian angel. Human beings in the initial or seventh circle have one guardian angel with one company of assisting cherubim assigned to the watchcare and custody of one thousand mortals. Upon your death, your records, identity specifications, and the morontia entity of the human soul -conjointly evolved by the ministry of mortal mind and the divine Adjuster-are faithfully conserved by the destiny guardian together with all other values related to your future existence, everything that constitutes you, the real you, except the identity of continuing existence represented by the departing Adjuster and the actuality of personality. The guardian seraphim is the custodial trustee of the survival values of mortal man’s slumbering soul as the absent Adjuster is the identity of such an immortal universe being. 

The Adjuster will identify you; the guardian seraphim will repersonalize you and then re-present you to the faithful Monitor of your earth days. Many of the faithful seraphic guardians of mortals are permitted to go through the ascendant career with their human wards, and many of these guardian angels, after becoming Father fused, join their subjects in taking the finaliter oath of eternity and forever accept the destiny of their mortal associates. The supreme choice of seraphim in the career of time is the post of guardian angel in order that they may attain the career of finality and be qualified for assignment to the eternal spheres of seraphic service. For ages upon ages, before man’s ascent to the level of higher spiritual volition, the Adjusters occupy the minds of these struggling creatures during their short lives in the flesh, and the moment such will creatures are indwelt by Adjusters, the group guardian angels begin to function. All of the differing physical types and planetary series of mortals alike enjoy the ministry of Thought Adjusters, guardian angels, and the various orders of the messenger hosts of the Infinite Spirit. 

If you have a personal guardian of destiny and should fail of survival, that guardian angel must be adjudicated in order to receive vindication as to the faithful execution of her trust. In the ministry of personal guardianship, the assignment of angels as destiny guardians, seraphim always volunteer their services. 

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