My Guardian Angel News for 05-01-2018

Der Test! Piexon Tierabwehrgerät Guardian Angel II im Selbstversuch!!

My Guardian Angel News for 04-27-2018

With a quick pain free install your computer will be protected by OLGA, your personal on line guardian angel. Angel Dust Hope Courage Love or Guardian bottle size: 6.5cm x 2.5cm. Hope: The Angel of Hope inspires you to see the truth in life and brings hope when it is needed. Guardian: The Guardian Angel helps to guide you through life, teaching you to love, smile and dream along the way. Children ages 5-8 invited to attend Guardian Angels Bible Camp. 

Guardian Angels has been named a 2017 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, the trusted marketing advisor to hundreds of thousands of small organizations worldwide. Show All News Join our email list to get connected with Guardian Angels! This magnificent guardian angel icon features a beautiful angel, holding a cross and sword – symbolic of Christ and the protection we receive from our guardian angels, who are always watching over us. The guardian angel image is a great gift idea for any occasion – from birth and baptism to Confirmation and graduation! At baptism, each of us receives a Guardian angel, a messenger of God, whose sole purpose it is to steer us towards the Heavenly Kingdom by constantly prodding our conscience, fighting off attacking enemies with a sword, and teaching us how to think, feel, and act in a godly manner. 

According to the Tradition of the Church, each of us has a guardian angel who protects us and helps make us aware of things, the Pope said at the Santa Marta residence. Not listening to our guardian angel’s advice, the Pope said, is like telling him to go away. Guardian Angel home care assistance and transport services for NWA. Michael Reid: PresidentMichael Reid, President and Founder of Guardian Angels Home Care, LLC has extensive skills, knowledge and training in a wide variety of healthcare settings which were obtained during many years of working with patients as a Registered Medical Assistant. Guardian Angel Financial is a Florida licensed Insurance Agency that develops asset protection plans that are tailored to the unique circumstances of Florida pre & post retirees. 

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My Guardian Angel News for 04-22-2018

Note of interest: SY Guardian Angel is a brand new Oyster 885 from the stable of the renowned British yacht builder. Palmawatch were previously looking after the owners former yacht, an Oyster 625, also named Guardian Angel and skippered by Capt. Guy Oury. Perhaps there have been times when you have chuckled to yourself over some life circumstance or situation, mentioning your Guardian Angel has been working overtime and might need a vacation. Your Council of Spiritual Souls awarded you with a Guardian Angel and several Spirit Guides. 

Such an occasion would be a moment when you could thank your Guardian Angel for coming to your rescue, knowing it was not yet your time to leave this incarnation. Your Guardian Angel is your exclusively, their spirit energy works only for you much like a private detective does, they have only one case – You! Your Guardian Angel offers guidance and brings people and opportunities into your life, like an archetypal mother she is doting and her love is unconditional like no other love you have known. Is there physical evidence your Guardian Angel has appeared for you, absolutely there is. Rest be assured you have a Guardian Angel that loves you and is watching over you each and every day. 

GUARDIAN ANGELS OF ELK RIVER INC. For over 50 years, Guardian Angels has provided the ultimate in senior health care, housing and supportive services. A faith-based, non-profit senior care organization, Guardian Angels opened its 60-bed nursing facility in November, 1965. We now offer a complete continuum of care to over 3,000 seniors annually in the northwestern metro region: Albertville, Becker, Coon Rapids, Elk River, Zimmerman and soon in Otsego! Guardian Angels offers independent senior housing; assisted living and memory care; long and short-term care and community support services including adult day care services, home health and hospice care and Club GA – a senior wellness center. 

Guardian Angels mission is to provide exceptional health care, housing and support services for seniors and their families in the spirit of Christ’s love. 

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The Catholic LeaderThe Catholic Leader

I was talking recently with a friend about the importance of teaching our children about guardian angels, and she showed herself extremely sceptical about the very existence of angels. We can be absolutely certain about the existence of guardian angels and they are not old-fashioned. God has given us an angel to guard us on the way and to lead us to the place God has prepared for us: a room in the Father’s house in heaven. A similar passage comes in the Acts of the Apostles when an angel comes to St Peter and frees him from prison, after which Peter goes to the house of Mark where a woman named Rhoda hears his voice at the door and tells the people that Peter is there. Again we see here the belief of the early Christians in a personal angel of St Peter. 

So certain is the Church of the existence of guardian angels that she gives us the annual celebration of the feast of the guardian angels on October 2. They may help us avoid a serious accident or get us out of danger, as happened to St Peter. Other times the angel may simply wake us up when the alarm failed to go off, remind us to take something we had forgotten, help us to find something we had lost, find us a parking spot, get us to our destination on time, give us the appropriate words in a conversation, or remind us of what God is asking of us at the time. How often have we heard: ‘I should do this, I should not do this, that’s not right, be careful’; so often! It is the voice of our traveling companion. 

Be sure that he will guide us to the end of our lives with advice, and so listen to his voice, don’t rebel against it. As we can see, guardian angels are a reality and they are not old-fashioned. 

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