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Welcome To Center for Youth & Family Solutions

The Guardian Angel Residential Program for Youth serves boys between the ages of 6-18 who have experienced significant abuse, neglect or sexual abuse, and are exhibiting emotional, behavioral or mental health issues that require 24-hour services to be provided in a safe, supportive living environment. The goal is to provide comprehensive intensive treatment services which will allow the youth to return to family, a relative family member, a community foster family home or independent living. Our residential program strives to provide a safe, therapeutic environment to facilitate enhanced functioning of youth in their families and community, to intervene in the cycle of abuse and neglect, and to promote the long term emotional, spiritual and social well-being of the children and families we serve. Guardian Angel Home has a storied history of serving children in need for nearly two centuries. It was originally an orphanage home for children and opened its doors in 1848 in Metamora, Illinois. 

In 1914, Guardian Angel Home moved to its present day campus in West Peoria, Illinois, due to the need for a larger building. In 1970, as orphanages were being phased out, Guardian Angel Home was transformed into a residential treatment center for boys and girls who were abused and neglected, sexually abused, and wards of the state of Illinois. Currently, Guardian Angel Home is a 16-bed, all-male, residential treatment facility that is licensed for ages 6 to 18 years of age. Referrals for intake screening are most frequently made by DCFS. Guardian Angel Home can also accept private pay clients but this requires pre-approval by their insurance company. 

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GuardianAngel™ smart phone app provides you with a 24/7 global safety net with real time location identification. GuardianAngel is a registered Public Safety Answering Point licensee with access to the NENA National 911 Registry. Our satellite based emergency assistance app provides real time monitoring and pinpointing of your location and provides a direct link to our emergency response center which is manned by veteran military special operation personnel and former law enforcement crisis management experts. Our emergency response center can direct emergency services to assist you globally, or our teams can provide support. GuardianAngel’s™ service is your personal crisis action coordinator both to enterprise, families and individuals. 

FEATURES. 100% Confidential – GuardianAngel does not collect any personal data. 24/7 Global Monitoring and response from Emergency Response Center – Manned by crisis management experts with access to the NENA 911 registry. Emergency assistance – With a push of a button you are connected with an operator at our emergency response center who can direct responders to your location. Emergency Push Notifications – Stay informed about acts of terrorism, crimes, civil unrest, natural disasters and weather with our mass notifications feature. 

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“Diagnosis Murder” Guardian Angel

When L.A. mayor George Ridgeway’s wife Lauren recognizes Benjamin Strand in the audience at a fund raiser attended by Mark and Norman, she fakes a migraine that night to sneak out, makes an appointment with him and shoots her husband at close range. Benjamin Strand is arrested by Steve as the suspect based on previous crackpot death threats he had made to the mayor, and possession of a gun that matches the killer’s caliber. Mark notices Lauren’s pretended migraine is fake, while she gets a real one when already on treatment. When Jack and Amanda go look for tramp patient Lomax’s bag, they find one with a small fortune in a dumpster in an alley behind the murder site, and traces of breaking in through a broken window, close to the Ridgeway home. 

The mayor’s anemic step-daughter Melissa Ridgeway is hospitalized, possibly anorexic, but Lauren refuses that theory even being tested. Jack tails Lauren to Dr. John Harris’s hotel room. Marc finds Lauren has a cut fitting the window break-in. 

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Guardian Angel Two Tone Charm Bangle

Guardian angels come to our aid as pure forms of energy. They enter our lives in times of need, guiding us to an abundance of adventure, blessings, and lessons. Keep the Guardian close when you seek an extra set of helping hands. Love, strength, knowledge, peace, healing, freedom, answers-there’s no shortage in what the Guardian can bring to your life. 

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Maddie Ziegler Finds Out She Has a Guardian Angel Watching Over Her on Hollywood Medium on Hollywood Medium

An emotional Maddie is overwhelmed to hear that her grandmother has been with her this whole time. Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!. 

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Guardian Angels Central Catholic

GACC had four teams compete in four events at the CEENBoT™ Robotics Showcase 2018 at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. The senior high school team earned three, 1st place trophies and one, 2nd place trophy. 

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ALS Guardian Angels

Most ALS related organizations are dedicated to finding a cure. The ALS Guardian Angels Foundation is dedicated to helping patients and their families live with ALS while maintaining the best quality of life possible. 

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Un uso muy interesante, lamentablemente una vez seleccionados los contactos puedes cambiarlos, pero no puedes quitarlos. Puedes elegir 3, si has seleccionado 3 luego no puedes dejar solo 1 para que reciba el mensaje. 

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