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Alden Richards | Your Guardian Angel | Official Music Video

Arsenal: Alexandre Lacazette has found his guardian angel

A mere two, maybe three months ago, Arsenal seemed to have written off the chances of Alexandre Lacazette. Confidence was gone, he wasn’t himself, and then Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the injury happened. Just like that, you could hear a pin drop when Lacazette was brought up. Aubameyang looked like he was going to be the kiss of death for his French counterpart. Because Aubameyang has in fact turned out to be the kiss of life for Lacazette. 

The future now couldn’t be clearer for the two of these strikers, and Lacazette is making the biggest impact of them all, as his confidence is now off the charts. Having scored just one goal since Christmas, Lacazette was in the throes of concern. When a penalty was given and Aubameyang passed up the chance at a hat trick to allow his struggling team mate a chance to get back on the score sheet, everything changed. Lacazette found himself suffocated all match, but around the hour-mark, when Aubameyang came on, everything changed. Aubameyang was out to free up Lacazette and he did his usual thing, setting up his team mate for an assist before even seeking his own attempt at goal. 

These two have struck up a clear partnership, and the effects of it have clearly had their effect on Lacazette as well, as his passed up attempt on goal that turned into a chance for Granit Xhaka seemed like something Aubameyang would do for Lacazette. Even being pushed out wide, Aubameyang is flourishing at Arsenal, and he is using this to help Lacazette flourish as well, and for someone of Lacazette’s abilities, you really don’t need much of an urging to get your arse back into gear. 

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Guardian Angel

Angel of God, My guardian dear, To whom His love commits me here Ever this day be at my side To light and guard, to rule and guide. The bad angels, too, originated from the same concept, as it was commonly believed, though non-canon, that there is a fallen angel following around people as well, as the fallen angels seem to attempt to recreate the celestial hierarchy. Zoroastrism has similar entities called Holy Guardian Angels. In fiction, the role of guardian angel is sometimes held by a dead person, who may or may not have known the person they’re guarding when they were alive, instead of by an actual angel. Expect God Was My Co-Pilot, as usually the person is not even aware that the guardian angel influenced anything or is even there. 

Sookie’s Fairy Godmother was studying up to be promoted to Guardian Angel in The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. One of these are guardian angels, who can manifest as small mouths that whisper advice into a person’s ears. In Gene Stratton Porter’s Freckles, after Freckles has let slip that he thinks she’s an angel, he gives her food and she argues that he’s her guardian angel. Charmed: A specific episode in season seven features guardian angels, named as such in series. The Latinoamerican Telenovela Un Angel Llamado Azul was about a little girl’s guardian angel who falls in love with her teacher. 

According to Bulbapedia, the Pokémon Gardevoir was actually based on the guardian angel. In PS238 having one of these is Guardian Angel’s power. 

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FDA approves Angel Medical System’s AngelMed Guardian cardiac monitor

The FDA this week approved Angel Medical Systems AngelMed Guardian implantable cardiac monitor system after the device had previously been rejected unanimously by an FDA advisory panel in 2016. The initial rejection came after the Tinton Falls, N.J.-based company presented partial data from its pivotal trial of the device in after having pulled the plug on it before completion, according to a Healio report from 2016. The panel voted 4 to 8 that the system was safe, and unanimously that the device was ineffective and that the benefits did not outweigh the risk, according to Healio. The AngelMed system is an implantable cardiac monitor designed to alert the patients with an external alarm device, and is now indicated for use in patients who have had prior acute coronary syndrome events including myocardial infarctions or unstable angina, and remain at a high risk for recurrent ACS events. The system is designed to be implanted in a procedure performed under local anesthetic. 

Angel Medical claimed that the implantation technique used with the device had an adverse event rate similar to pacemaker implants. On June 4-5, DeviceTalks Minnesota is taking over the Twin Cities medtech industry with one of the most anticipated conferences of the spring. 

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5 Amazing facts about Guardian Angels

October 2 is observed in the Catholic Church as the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels. In 1670, Pope Clement X established this day in the universal calendar as a day to honor the angels who protect us each day. While most of the attention this day is given to personal Guardian Angels, it is a tradition in the Church that all countries, cities, dioceses, and parishes have their own Guardian Angel. We owe much to our Guardian Angels, who most of the time guard and protect us without our knowledge. 2) Guardian Angels are appointed at the beginning of life. If true, it would follow that women who are pregnant have two Guardian Angels watching over them and their child. 3) Guardian Angels have names, but God gives those names to them. 

The Church then discourages us from naming our Guardian Angels as we may receive a name in prayer, but it may not be divinely inspired. We have only three names of angels confirmed in Scripture and so any other name we receive is difficult to confirm as inspired by God. All Guardian Angels were created at the beginning of time in a single moment of creation. God had a Guardian Angel in mind for you when he created the world. Angel of God,my guardian dear,To whom God’s love.commits me here,. 

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