My Guardian Angel News for 04-26-2018

Guardian Angels

The SUN Schools work together using a joint mission that was written together based on the needs of the populations they serve. The mission of Guardian Angels’ School is to serve the educational needs of urban families. Guardian Angel’s Schools is to continue the ministry of Jesus within the cultural heritage of our Catholic tradition to educate the total person: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Provide a quality religious and academic education that stresses fundamental skills and knowledge. Be open to children of all racial and national backgrounds and economic levels. 

Create a safe environment that promotes self-discipline and basic spiritual values. Foster among the students a pride in their own cultural roots and an awareness of and respect for others’ heritage. The SUN Schools recognize a special mission to educate the urban poor wherever and whenever possible. 

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Believe Clear Quartz Pendulum

Clear Quartz is an ordinary stone with an extraordinary use. It is known as the Master Healer as it can be used for virtually any ailment. Clear Quartz has a strong vibration making them the easiest crystal to programme. If you are using this Pendulum for your spiritual health, it can help you receive answers from the divine and detect blockages in your chakras. They can also be used in the same way for friends and family. 

It is best however that when you first receive your Pendulum, keep it close to you or on your person for a few days before using it. Everyone has their own signature energy and since pendulums work by amplifying energy your pendulum will give better results if it’s attuned to your unique vibration. This Pendulum is pocket sized and comes with a velvet pouch. Paired with a Believe Medal as a gentle reminder to believe in yourself, stay true and don’t doubt your healing abilities. 

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Guardian Angel

The Winona Health Foundation’s Guardian Angel program is a way you can make a difference while recognizing a physician, nurse, housekeeper or anyone at Winona Health who made a meaningful difference to you or a loved one. By making a gift in someone’s honor, you are not only recognizing them for their care or service, you’re also making a difference to other patients, residents and their families because your gift supports local healthcare programs and services. You can give a Guardian Angel gift in honor of one or more caregivers, staff members or volunteers. When you make a gift in honor of any Winona Health staff member(s), they will receive a letter notifying them of your thoughtful gift. They also will be given a special lapel pin to remind them that they made a difference to someone. 

Past Guardian Angels are listed on the Gratitude page. 

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The Guardian Angel Oracle

People who enjoy angels and angelic energy will find a new friend in this deck and little guide book. The 52 cards are divided into four suits headed by Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael,and Uriel. Each of the archangels is then broken down into 12 cards that represent particular spiritual qualities that relate to that archangel’s main quality. The edges of the cards are color-coded white, blue, green, and red. These colors are then matched in the guidebook so you can find the explanations for each card. 

We’re given an affirmation for each angel, an explanation of how they can help us as well as symbols we can use to magnify the quality in our lives. There are also sample readings to do and other ways to work with angelic energies. This is a sweet deck with friendly artwork, solid inspiration, and a good connection with the angels. 

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Guardian Angel Elemiah

Guardian Angel Elemiah, also known the holder of Divine Power. Jews consider Guardian Angel Elemiah to belong to the choir of angels called Chajoth Ha Qadesh. Elemiah shows us other perspectives to look at a problem. As a result, you will find new ways to solve your problems. Guardian Angel Elemiah reveals new paths to follow in your earthly life. 

When you are facing difficult situation, Elemiah can guide you out. This is when Elemiah comes to show you the person who betrayed your confidence. Elemiah also allows you information about your destiny. The period between April 05 and April 09 is the influential period of Guardian Angel Elemiah. This amazing angel guides you if you were born on one of those few days. 

Actually, your intuition helps you to solve those problems. Guardian Angel Elemiah brings optimism and peace into anybody’s life. 

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Guardian Angel Lehahiah

Guardian Angel Lehahiah – also known as the angel of obedience. Guardian Angel Lehahiah is the divine angel of obedience. He brings a great sense of discipline and order into everybody’s life. This beautiful angel is the protector of responsible, upright and incorruptible people. He helps us to understand and respect The Divine Justice. 

The days between September 08 and September 12 represent the influential period of Guardian Angel Lehahiah. Then your whole life is influenced by the angel of obedience. Your main purpose in this life is to become a peacemaker. Your guardian angel influences you to to become very emotional in certain situations. Let Guardian Angel Lehahiah fill you with great devotion. 

He teaches you to live a spiritual life in accordance with the Divine Laws. Live your life in harmony with all the creations of The Divine. 

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